XStudio is a flexible and scalable Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) solution that orchestrates the complete delivery of your projects and products, from start to finish: products/releases, requirements, specifications, agile planning, tests, test campaigns, test reports and defects.

If you are in search for reducting your costs (CApital and OPerating EXpenses) while improving your efficiency in deliverying high-quality solutions, then you came to the right place.

Review our basic questions below and discover how we bring a solution:

  • Are we progressing fast enough on these project(s)?
  • Are our product(s) ready for prime time?
  • Are we improving our quality standards?
  • Can we dramatically reduce costs for Tests, Requirements and Defects management tools?
  • Can we reuse our own test automated scripts or framework that prove to perfectly fit our needs?

  • and many more...
  • Does our investment in automated testing bring value?
  • Are we really addressing our major risks first?
  • Can we take advantage of newer open-source test frameworks?
  • Are we making it easy for our teams to embrace Agile, DevOps, Exploratory practices?
  • Do I have enough tests to cover my product?
  • When can I expect my test execution to finish?
  • Will we successfully pass the next quality and compliance audit?

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Reducing costs, accelerating Time To Market and Adding Value to your business and those of your customers

Are we progressing fast enough on these project(s)?

The projects are ongoing. Everybody is working hard.
How much of the expected features and evolutions have we implemented? With which level of quality?
Are we on target? Should we drop some features?

XStudio tells you, in real-time, with its smart PROGRESS LINES chart. It covers scope, testability, quality and even specification if you manage them... Never before did you get such a clear, concise, fact-based assessment !

No excuse, you know exactly what's going on... make the right decisions now.

Are our product(s) ready for prime time?

The final date is close. Someone has to make the call: are we delivering the expected value, with the right quality? Can we give it the FINAL GO?

XStudio will provide you the answer using its unique RADAR. NO gut feeling, NO guessing... just the facts !

With the RADAR, you instantly see how much scope you covered, how much you implemented and the exact quality. You even know if you are taking risks in leaving some defects.

Are we improving our quality standards?

XStudio presents the TESTS DISTRIBUTION (also called tests pyramid) for each product or project.
By visualizing the spread in test types, you can immediately assess if your development cycle supports your quality objectives.

With the test TESTS DISTRIBUTION, you also see how your team is embracing proven practices such as : Test-Driven Development (TDD), Behavorial-Driven Development (BDD), Separating unit test from integration tests...

Can we reuse our own test automated scripts or framework that prove to perfectly fit our needs?
Can we take advantage of newer open-source test frameworks?

XStudio is delivered with over 75+ out-of-the-box Launchers to drive commercial and open source test management frameworks.

But you also add your own, or aapt an existing one... in less than a day of work!

Besides, our SDK is Open Source.

Can we dramatically reduce costs for Tests, Requirements and Defects management tools?

On average our customers save over 80% on Capex as compared to the mainstream Tests and Requirements management solutions. Still you get advanced features that you don't find in those solutions (integrated e-signature, residual campaigns, smart KPI...)
XStudio also dramatically reduces Operating Expenses because it is an integrated solution and it also integrates into your existing infrastructure. Initial integration is easier, day-to-day operation is faster.
And you truly enable some practices that still seem to be unreachable by many: easy to maintain bi-directionnal traceability, test campaign content and results calculation, elastic test capacity...

We beleive XStudio bring probably the lowest Total Cost of Owenrship (TCO) among all ALM solutions.

Do I have enough tests to cover my product?

This is the first (tricky) question you'll have to answer. XStudio estimates it for you.

It takes into account all tests linked to each requirement and also allows testers to refine this coverage estimation on each individual element of the traceability matrix. We also use each item's priority to compute an as-reliable-as-possible consolidated coverage.

STOP hoping for the best ! Just make it happen.

When can I expect my test execution to finish?

Whenever you execute manual or automated tests, XStudio records the run time, for each test.

For each new campaign, XStudio can then predict how long it should take to complete it. It will even determine pretty precisely how many days, hours and minutes remain to finish an on-going campaign.

STOP waiting for miracles ! Just plan for it.

Need more?

Results Tracking: you don't need to build complicated reports yourself to track your results with XStudio.
All the results tracking indicators are available real-time.
The information is there, just under your mouse!
Requirements/Functionalities tracking: XStudio provides natively all the metrics also on each requirement. Hence, you can follow up the quality of each of your product's features independently.
Sprints tracking: the only thing you'll need to do on a daily basis is to move your task's progress sliders during the stand-up meeting. Let XStudio builds for you the burn-down/velocity chart and update the statistics!
Scheduling & Continuous Integration: you can use XStudio's integrated scheduler to execute your test campaigns whenever, wherever and however you want. You can also use the included connector to trigger automatically the execution of selected campaigns in your favorite Continuous Integration system (Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity etc.).
Comparison of results: you'll very likely need to execute at some point your tests on different computers/servers (i.e. several OS) or using different configurations (i.e. many browsers). XStudio produces consolidated results reports but can also track separatly the results of those executions so you do not mix apples and pears. However, it can be particularly interesting being able to compare the results.
Tracking of the Authoring and Automation of the tests: your first tests will very likely be exploratory or manual tests. Then you will decide to automate some of them. Even if this will go smoothly and continuously, Test Management applications don't provide any help to follow up with that. Bet what? XStudio does!
Versioning & Timeshifting: don't be afraid to modify your requirements, specifications, tests etc. XStudio keeps automatically a version of your items when you modify them. Wish to get back in time the way it was 1 year ago? just select a Timetag thanks to the Timeshifting selector. As simple as that!