Change log

Here is the complete change log of XStudio.

    * New static and dynamic libraries externally signed with GlobalSign's token
    * Better and up-to-date German localization
    * Bug-fix:
      - Fat clients must also use the signed jars of the libraries since we pre-sign them now
      - The reportDebugger application crashes at the end of the process when localizing the report
      - Possibly impossible to update
        . attributes,
        . params,
        . holidays,
        . custom fields
        after freezing or signing an item
      - Import data from XML using synchronization including external_id attribute could lead NPE
        under specific conditions
      - Possible to modify bug followers even with only view rights
      - When integrating bugs with JIRA, launching a session just after boot without having displayed
        the bugs tree leads to a connection failure
      - When generating an HTML report on Linux system, the html extension used in URL was uppercase
        hence the file not automatically opened
      - In offline mode, menu item redirecting to web URL should not be displayed
      - When importing requirements, specifications or tests from XML, if the items are provided with
        their id/external_id and are locked (frozen or digitally signed), they should NOT be updated
      - Couldn't generate PDF report using XStudio JNLP from a linux computer    
    * Architecture refactoring (again) 
    * Centralization of the rights management and server settings
    * All widgets using the appropriate rights and settings
    * Fix all contextual menus and toolbars
    * Split test classes for REST API server (and removed them from public package)
    * New methods:
      - getNodeTreeType()
      - updateBugDetails()
      - getBugAssignedTo()
      - getBugFoundIn()
      - getBugFixedIn()
      - getBugFollowers()
      - assignBugTo()
      - setBugFixedIn()
      - setBugFollowers() 
      - moveBugs()    
    * New build process using GlobalSign's new signature with eToken
    * Bug-fix:
      - Wrong issues reported when running "check timeshifting data" on systems using reusable testcases
      - Wrong signature of xstudio.jnlp
      - Incorrect refresh of "revisions" and "changes" tabs when updating reusable testcase procedure
    * Help items redirecting to sections of the web site
	* Upated testplanHTML_Table_to_copy_in_Excel.xslt to include test and testcase ids
	* Include prerequisites and description in "complete_with_stats" session paper reports
    * Bug-fix:
      - When executing a new session using the tabular manual launcher, comments are wrongly initialized
      - When quiting XAgent on error, a cosmetic error occurs in the traces
    * Externalization of the requirement types in a dedicated table (customizable)
    * Integration of new simpler list of non-functional requirement types (enabled on new install)
    * Increase size of all the UTF8 text fields
    * Big refactoring so that REST API + XStudio use exactly the same SQL engine calls
    * Replace default intro 'dancer' image with standard logo
    * New Server settings:
      - "Remember last user in login screen" allowing to disable the preset of last logged user
      - "Logout timeout" (automatic logout after a specified timeout if this setting is > 0)
    * Bug-fix: 	
      - When creating a new test, custom fields are not presented in the form
      - Functional requirement listed as null in SUT > Results > Requirements > Per type
      - Test or testcase with special characters such as '<' may have these characters hidden in the
        manual launcher's GUI
      - Couldn't open a test's revision
      - When importing links from Excel, the number of links used to compute the coverage may be wrong
      - Depending on if the specifications are enabled or not, the KPIs could possibly be mixing
        coverage in terms of requirements and/or specifications
      - In debug mode, an exception may occur when rendering the SUT, Requirement or Test trees      
    * Refactoring to maken easier the development of next modules
    * New 'generic' form generator
    * Scroll only tab content in the right pane
    * Added mandatory boolean to first column of treeview to disable it when trying to customize the tree
    * Added date input form item to support SUT's start and stop dates
    * Loading of the plugins at startup of the servlet
    * Bug-fix:
      - Fixed risk analysis widget (value not dynamically updated when moving sliders)
      - Fixed treeview toolbar missing after selecting an item
      - Fixed related requirement button position
      - Frozen items are all using read-only forms
    * When calling getSettings() trace all the session's attributes on the server's log
    * getSettings() return all properties (with default values when not explicitly set) 
    * Improve error message when custom field's values are not correct
    * Support of multi-tab forms
    * Sorting of form items server-side
    * Better error message when a wrong revision is passed to a getXXXDetailsRevision()
    * New methods:
      - linkSpecificationToSpecifications()
      - linkSpecificationToRequirements()
      - linkSpecificationToTests()
      - linkTestToRequirements()
      - linkTestToSpecifications()
      - insertSpecificationCustomFieldValue()
      - getTestLinkedSuts()
      - getTestLinkedRequirements()
      - getTestLinkedSpecifications()
      - getTestForm()
      - getTestDetails()
      - getTestDetailsRevision()
      - getTestScope()
      - getTestScopeRevision()
      - createTest()
      - updateTestDetails()
      - updateTestScope()
      - insertTestCustomFieldValue()
      - getTestcaseForm()
      - getTestcaseDetails()
      - getTestcaseDetailsRevision()
      - getTestcaseProcedure()
      - getTestcaseProcedureRevision() 
      - createTestcase()
      - updateTestcaseDetails()
      - updateTestcaseProcedure()
      - insertTestcaseCustomFieldValue()
      - insertBugCustomFieldValue()
    * Bug-fix:
      - Automatically log the login action when authenticating with the REST API
      - Rename changes wrongly inserted
      - Many audit log changes are missing when running some actions      
      - getSutTree_API() freezes when some SUT have no link to requirements
      - getDefectTree_API() throws NPE in some cases
      - getRequirementForm() throws NPE in some cases
      - Error 500 on some delete actions
      - Sorting of the custom fields sometimes wrong
      - Reading JSon boolean attribute when engine returns integer 0 or 1
    * ALL HTML reports are now also available in DOCX and PDF  
    * Test container: report on who's assigned to each test as author and developer + progress
      of each tasks
    * Test status, type and priority in paper reports whenever it makes sense
    * Test Filtering now support:
      - Test Status
      - Test Type
      - Test Priority
    * Requirement Filtering now supports:
      - Requirement Status
    * SSH port configurable
    * Ability to type an id in the search bar to find an item
    * New complete tests and testcases search (including criteria such as status, test type, priority
      and testcase ready for manual or automated run)
    * All search lists display ids including prefix for consistency (i.e. T_123 or R_123)
    * Import Assets from Excel: now able to import reusable testcases including for each:
      - ready for automated run
      - ready for manual run
      - complete procedure including steps and expected results
      - any custom fields on the reusable testcase    
    * Import Tests/Testcases from Excel: now able to reference reusable testcases in a test and
      import testcase's param values
    * Test Scanner improvments:
      - support searching for tests OR testcases based on folders OR files
      - Test relative path (where to import in XStudio)
      - Test description
      - Testcase description
      - By default, set the relative path identically as the canonical path (replace . and \ by / on the fly)
        to get the test organized in XStudio the same way as on the disk
    * Squish scanner
    * QFTest scanner support discovering tests + testcases
    * Bug-fix: 	
      - Invalid error message when executing session on several parallel thread on the same agent
        with "in a row" synchronization
      - When disabling specifications, new links are not associated to LATEST tag
      - Filtering process using < or > comparator were actually using <= and >= comparators
      - QFTest launcher does not generate report in temp directory
      - When a redmine project is empty, the right panel is empty too
      - User preferences screen displayed cached values when logging off and on with a different user
      - Modifying a test's description, reinitialize its custom field's values 
      - Ranorex launcher: when using runType="Test case", Ranorex command line is wrongly interpreted
      - Major issues when trying to set a time to a schedule when timezone set in XStudio configuration is different
        from the actual timezone of the client
      - Missing localization on sprint backlog panel
      - Missing refresh when creating+linking a new bug to a failed test in a session
      - Wrong localization for "playground" folder

    * Added SUTs management module (hidden as not completed yet)
    * Added Defects management module (hidden as not completed yet)
    * GUI polishing
    * Components factorization
    * New methods:
      - getCompanyform()
      - getCompanyDetails()
      - getCategoryForm()
      - getCategoryDetails()
      - getCompanyAttachments()
      - getCategoryAttachments() 
      - createCompany()
      - updateCompany()
      - deleteCompanies()
      - createCategory()
      - updateCategory()
      - deleteCategories()
      - downloadPdfReport()
      - createSut()
      - insertSutCustomFieldValue()
      - copySuts()
      - moveSuts()
      - updateSut()
      - getSutDetailsRevision()
      - getSutLinkedRequirements()
      - getSutLinkedSpecifications()
      - getSutLinkedTests()
      - getRequirementLinkedSuts()
      - getRequirementLinkedSpecifications()
      - getRequirementLinkedTests()
      - linkSutToRequirements()
      - linkRequirementToSuts()
      - linkRequirementToSpecifications()
      - linkRequirementToTests()
      - getSpecificationLinkedSpecifications()
      - getSpecificationLinkedSuts()
      - getSpecificationLinkedRequirements()
      - getSpecificationLinkedTests() 
    * Bug-fix: 	
      - Freeze status missing from the SUT tree
      - getSettings() returns ALL properties even if they are not set in the conf file
        (default values automatically included if not specified)
    * New KPIs:
      - Main metrics Radar
      - Test Pyramid (with results breakout)
      - Quality progress
    * New piechart showing test status breakout on test folders, categories and test tree's root node
    * Add new piechart showing test ready for manual/automated run on test folders, categories and test
      tree's root node
    * Test container stats: divides breakouts and readiness in 2 separate tabs for more clarity
    * All stackcharts have now numbers in the bar itselves
    * Test types (Unit, Integration, Functional, User-Acceptance etc.) table with predefined types:
      Undefined, Unit, Integration, Functional, Acceptance etc.
      - Test types viewable in the test tree
      - Display of test type statistics on any container in the test tree
    * Import + Export XML now supports:
      - test type
      - test status
      - test custom fields
      - test attributes
    * Synchronized XML Import/Export:
      - External ids can be stored in XStudio database
      - When exporting, internal ids + external ids are exported
	  - When importing, If internal ids or external ids are provided, new import will auto-synchronize:
	    . Automatic rename
	    . Automatic move
	    . Maintain links (Requirements -> Specifications, requirements -> Tests)
    * Better support of special characters in Import from Excel process
    * Post-processing: add the informations about the bugs linked in the XML so that it can be post-processed
    * Support max-width css attributes in the paper reports
    * Better German localization
    * More informative Warning popup when deleting items        
    * All piecharts become Donut charts
    * Make all graph a little bit bigger (+6%) and nicer + refining images sizing in paper reports
    * SUT > Results > Requirements > Per type: now an horizontal stack chart 
    * Remove all the useless CANCEL buttons        
    * Bug-fix: 
      - Refresh dynamic access-right when creating category, company or folders
      - Non-admin users can't see newly imported category/company/folder
      - URL link form item not nicely rendered
      - Wrong titles for coverage section in paper reports
      - URL link form item not nicely rendered
      - In some specific cases, when the user is warned about an item being edited (to prevent from loosing 
        current work), if the user chooses to continue anyway, he/she keeps being asked the same question 
        again and again at each new action
      - Protection against "java.sql.SQLException: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction" 
        (ability to change for one specific JDBC connection the isolation level to READ-COMMITTED and set 
        it back aftewards for reusibility of the connection
      - A few tabbed panes not using the standard colors and fonts
      - When updating tests, statistics where not all dynamically updated at upper folder layers in the tree 
      - For charts that require propagated status/priority/type/etc. the public/private track may be missing
        data in some cases
      - In some cases, incomplete procedure when importing from Excel
      - Looping when running an action requiring a refresh of a SUT node, when we selected first this SUT
        node on a KPI page
      - Mantis can sometimes return invalid SOAP XML message (i.e. containing Oxb characters).
        We workaround it by sanitizing the XML ourself before parsing it.
      - Test# column not filled in Bugs tree
      - A few warning label have not a transparent background

    * Requirements management module: Many bug-fixes
    * Bug-management module: Only the tree
    * Resizable donuts charts
    * Animation on Donut charts
    * getBugsTree() for:
      - Integrated bugs
      - Generic bugs
      - Third-party bugs:
        . Mantis
        . Mantis
        . Bugzilla
        . JIRA XML-RPC
        . JIRA REST
        . QC REST
        . VersionOne REST
    * getBugForm()
    * getBugsDetails()
    * getBugsDetailsRevision()
    * getSutsTree()
    * getSutForm(),
    * getSutDetails(),
    * getSutDetailsRevision()
    * Bug-fix: 
      - getBugsTree() malformed json
      - getChanges() does not return localized terms
      - downloadAttachmentRevision()	
    * Complete refactoring of the consolidation of coverage at folder levels in SUT, Requirements and
      specifications trees
    * Ability to sort all the main tree's items per name or per id (combobox in the tree's toolbar)
      - Server settings to specify the default sorting for all trees
      - User preferences to specify the default sorting for all trees
    * Manual testing: Assistant for bug auto-generation
      - Setting to display or not the assistant
      - Setting to expect at least one bug on each failed test
      - Available for tabular_manual, tabular_step_manual and tree_step_manual launcher
    * Requirement's results statistics in the session and SUT paper report's source XML
    * Test executability:
      - Executability percentage automatically calculated from testcase's "ready for manual/automated run" flags
      - Executability viewable directly in the tree
    * Test status
      - Tests have now a status fields allowing to track if the tests are new, under review or reviewed/approved
      - Each test status viewable directly in the tree
      - Paper reports includes test status information in summary, metrics, details, traceability matrix etc.
      - Supported in import from XML and Excel
    * Add a start and stop date for each SUT to delimit the expected boundaries for each SUT
    * New unique coverage calculation
      - At each level of the traceability matrix, all important properties are used to estimate the real coverage
        including manual estimation, status, prioritiy, executability of each item.
        More specifically:
        . Each SUT's Manual estimation of coverage in terms of requirements
          (i.e. business provided only 75% of the requirements)
        . Each requirement's Manual estimation of coverage in terms of specification or tests
        . Each requirement's status
          (new items are less taken into account than under review or approved items)
        . Each requirement's priority
          (low-priority items are less taken into account than medium or high priority items)
        . Each specification's Manual estimation of coverage in terms of tests
        . Each specification's status
        . Each specification's priority
        . Each test's status
        . Each test's priority
        . Each test's executability
      - Customization of the calculation:
        . Each status value can be associated with a custom weight
        . Each priority value can be associated with a custom weigth
    * New graph on SUTs (and SUT folders) showing progress of all coverage and quality metrics within the SUT's
      start and stop dates (auto-range if dates are left empty) (only with XStudio Business+)
        . Coverage in terms of requirements
        . Coverage in terms of specifications
        . Coverage in terms of tests
        . Quality score
        . Includes this graph in SUT paper report
    * New graph on SUTs showing testcase results per requirement type (ISO 25000 - SQuaRE)
    * Server-side historization of the metrics:
      - Scheduling of the daily process is configurable from the GUI
      - Historization daily process stores: category statistics, defect statistics, SUT coverage and quality
    * First stable version of XStudio.web for requirements (browser-based version of XStudio) including:
      - Drag'n drop ability to move items within the trees
      - Full-responsiveness with specific layouts/gestures for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)
      - 100% based on the new REST API (http/json)
      - User-right access handling
    * New panel showing detailed tests and testcases results related to each requirement as a filterable grid
    * Makes the remaining Progress number column clearer:
      - Numbers: display the NE+NA or just NE if "NA are ignored in progress and quality metrics"
      - Time: do not count NA if "NA are ignored in progress and quality metrics"
    * Progress indicator when updating the schema
    * Performance: Always run the background the refresh threads with higher priorities
    * Better robustness on the background threading (atomic concurrent access implementation)
    * Ability to establish a SSH tunnel using the credentials provided in the login screen
    * "Relative" status renamed to "Indefinite"
    * Option to pre-initialize all the steps of all testcases to Not Executed (NE) (if they have a procedure defined)
      at session creation time
    * REST API
      - More methods available ( for more details)
      - Better error management
      - Better trace formatting
    * Bug-fix:
      - Couldn't see the test and testcase results real-teim when using the tree_step_manual launcher
      - Rounding approximation could generate inconsistencies in coverage computation
      - Requirement coverage in terms of specification: wrong typing of sumPriorityXCoverageN1 (long rather than double)
        that could lead to incorrectness of the coverage index
      - Duplicate testcases in the SUT > results > requirements view in some specific cases
      - When getting quality progress on a newly created SUT with no requirement/specifications/tests attached,
        an error is popuped

    * Bug-fix:
      - Major issues when trying to set a time to a schedule when timezone set in XStudio configuration is different
        from the actual timezone of the client
      - Modifying a test's description, reinitialize its custom field's values
      - Ranorex launcher: when using runType="Test case", Ranorex command line is wrongly interpreted
    * Bug-fix:
      - Protection against "java.sql.SQLException: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction"
        (ability to change for one specific JDBC connection the isolation level to READ-COMMITTED and set it back
        afterwards for reusability of the connection
      - In some cases, there are duplicate testcases in SUT > results > requirements view
      - Better support of special characters in Import from Excel process
      - Import from XML: missing steps in rare cases    
      - Mantis can sometimes return invalid XML (i.e. containing Oxb characters).
        We workaround it by sanitizing the XML ourself.
      - Ability to configure encoding for Mantis SOAP interface 
    * Bug-fix:
      - Filter not working properly on the filterable grids (because of the new small button forwarding to the
        result contextually in the session)
      - When attribute overloading is used in a session or a schedule, if a campaign's content is modified this
        may lead to blocked session
      - Some dates & timestamps may not be stored accordingly to the preferred timezone

    * Bug-fix:
      - Problems (missing images or invalid linkes) in the packaged documentation
      - When some attributes are overloaded at session level, other original attributes are not passed
        to the launcher
      - Import from XML: ability to import the test's attribute values as well

    * REST API: new getTestRequirements() method
    * Bug-fix:
      - With SQLServer, rich-text containing backslash characters are sometimes doubled
      - Defect report may returns duplicated sessions in some cases
      - CR#1828 test generation issue
      - CR#1819 SQL report returning null values are invalid and not exportable
      - SQL error with SQLServer to retrieve ordered list of requirements

    * tabular_step launcher: Ability to set all steps with a specific status in one click
    * tree_step launcher: Ability to set all steps with a specific status in one click
    * New filter combobox with text in all filterable trees
    * First draft launcher
    * .ova generation script (from VirtualBox 5.1.18)      
    * Added a feedback when these task are executed:
      - Check integrity of stats
      - Check integrity of coverage
      - Delete orphan attachments
    * Delete orphan embedded images: now supports integrated + SAMBA file system      
    * Delete orphan attachments: now support integrated + SAMBA file system      
    * Add a help text on canonical path to specify that it's a relative path
    * Bug-fix: 
      - On sessions with tabular or tree launcher, button stop was missing in some circumstances
      - When importing some test from Excel, if the test name is repeated, testcases are all created with index=1
      - CR#1627 Unclosed [li] tags is not recognized as an issue by the XHTML validator tool
      - Excel generation from tables: if a cell contains more than 32767 characters, the cell must be cut
      - missing in the linux fat client package
      - Add XML-RPC in all the .sh as this may be necessary if an XML-RPC-based bugtracking system is used
      - Start, Pause, Stop contextual right-click menus sometimes incomplete or menu items
        incorrectly enabled/disabled
      - Issues with the grid generator in some really rare cases
      - Accentuated characters in DOCX reports are using different fonts (than the rest of the document)
      - Couldn't create a new tab in iterative configurations (i.e. for the "Proxy" launcher)
      - Better handling of import of Excel where several tests/testcases have identical names in 
        different directories
      - Anchors including '<' characters  in the docx reports are invisible
      - Discover agent Id + auto-register current agent: More robust with incorrectly configured system or
        not DNS-registered computers
      - Automatic creation of agent based on local hostname/computername (for exotic OS or wrong DNS settings) 
      - Some default SQL report are not working on SQLServer
      - Anchors in the JIRA's add'on screen use incorrect url redirecting to XStudio's items

    * Integrated SSH tunneling allowing to:
      - connect to a remote database without opening specific ports (ssh port 22 is always opened)
      - encrypt all communication with the database server
    * TestOptimal launcher: ability to customize its timeout per-test
      (by using the attribute "testoptimal.readTimeout")
    * Hide completely all the useless fields based on the bug's status
    * Dynamically update the bug's form whenever the status slider is moved by the user 
    * CR#1677 Bug reports: Traceability to sessions and requirements not supported for JIRA, Clearquest, 
      VersionOne, QC, Redmine, Mantis, Bugzilla and Trac
    * Bug-fix: 
      - PostProcessing on Tree_step_manual launcher may introduce extra XML prefix for each messages section in
        the post processed XML file
      - XStudio.web: prevents from dragging'n dropping a folder node in itself (hence making him orphan/invisible)
      - Bat_with_params launcher: log.txt attached corresponding to previous test
      - Possible to open several instances of the server settings or user preferences popups
      - Filters: when adding/updating an operator or an expression in a  filter, an invalid popup
        "null identifier" is displayed
      - No contextual menu on testcase -> reusable testcase
      - Filtering: AND/OR/NOT/Expression icons not properly sized (in reports too)
      - Filtering: when adding an operator, automatically select it

    * Report on Session's bug statistics
    * New example scripts (start/stop a VM, monitoring etc.) (using "bat_with_params" launcher)
    * Improved "generic_version_control" launcher (i.e. allowing to retrieve files such as test binaries
      from the version-control system before running a session) 
    * New update scripts on the VM
    * LDAP connector: support for paging (to retrieve more than 1000 items without having to change the LDAP
      server's default settings)
    * Automatic scan of new available tests for:
      - QTP / UFT
      - SoapUI, SoapUI Load and SoapUI Security  
    * Better Pause/Resume process
      Show Pause and Stop buttons in Session's toolbar only when this is appropriate       
    * Ability to modify/edit manually the test run estimated time in the test Details tab
    * Bug-fix:
      - Post-processing section missing in PyTest launcher's configuration file      
      - Create integrated requirement: focus not on the name field
      - Create Integrated requirement: form not organized as in the Details tab (custom fields not well located)
      - Copyright 2007-2016 corrected as 2007-2017 in the Windows installer
      - When updating a standalone version from <=3.0 to 3.1+, license is deleted
      - Statistics per age may include duplicate (on SUTs, Sessions and root folders)
      - wrong order or the requirements and requirement folders in the SUT paper report
      - Export of config files indicates a wrong path   
      - When providing invalid credentials at login time, no message is displayed
      - User preferences windows may exceend the available space on small screens.
      - XStudio.web: "Error" popup when the settings includes some certificates
      - Infinite retry when the DB access credentials are incorrect

    * VM: deployment scripts polishing
    * "More details" button in the testcase results grids to easily get the messages, attachments linked to
      this result
    * New show/hide closed bugs for the following third-party connectors:
      - JIRA (REST)
      - Redmine
      - Mantis (SOAP)   
      - trac (XML-RPC) 
      - Bugzilla (XML-RPC)
      - VersionOne (REST)
    * Display bugs with their 'keys' and not 'internal ids' in the session's Results > Tests > Defects (optional
      column) for the following third-party systems:
      - JIRA
      - ClearQuest
      - Mantis
      - Bugzilla 
      - Trac 
      - VersionOne
      - QC
      - Redmine
    * When using third-party bug-tracking connectors, bugs in the manual launcher interfaces are displayed using
      their public key and names      
    * Support for Slack in clickable URLs
    * Set by default 3 example consents for the e-signature feature
    * Much better connection pool manager:
      - Automatic cleanup of the pooled free connections after an idleTimeout (20 min)
      - Cleanup of the free connexion with a Max (10) and Min (5) boudaries (to optimize perf & server footprint) 
    * Paper report: traceability matrix on the testplans in:
      - testplanHTML_Complete_with_stats.xslt
      - testplanHTML_Complete_with_stats_execution_order.xslt
      - testplanHTML_Traceability_matrix.xslt
      - testplanDOCX_Complete_with_stats.xslt
      - testplanDOCX_Complete_with_stats_execution_order.xslt    
    * Add much more data in the Raw Data XML for bug paper reports:
      - sessions that found each bug
      - test in the session that found each bug
      - requirements impacted by each bug
    * New generic_version_control launcher (i.e. allowing to control/retrieve files such as test binaries
      before running a session)        
    * Bug-fix:
      - Paper report: support of rich-text's embedded images with #, <, >, %, {, }, [, ], ^, ~ in their names
      - Paper report: images attachments including #, <, >, %, {, }, [, ], ^, ~ in their names are properly
        displayed in paper reports
      - XStudio.web: Empty or incomplete requirement tree when some requirement's names include special
      - XStudio.web: Json encoder does escape only double-quote and char < 0x20 while it should escape also:
        slash, backslash, LF, CR and TAB
      - When using third-party bug-tracking connector, proprietary rich text are rendered without CR or LF in 
        paper reports
      - When using third-party bug-tracking connector, if a bug is created from a manual launcher and an image is
        embedded in the comments, it's not rendered in the paper reports

    * QTP/UFT launcher: support the very latest version of UFT
    * When signing an object, the user needs to provide a passphrase AND/OR a scanned signature (not necessary both)
    * E-Signature: Signature v2: all the tokens (passphrase, scanned signature) are encrypted/hashed
    * Simplification of the Windows Installer (all launchers are now installed by default)   
    * Bug-fix:
      - When an item (campaign, session, requirement, specification, SUT, test, testcase) is signed, it's still
        possible to add attachments to it 
      - File Utilities: do not add extra line separator when writing a file when using fileToString or CFileWriter
      - Can't execute manual tests with tabular_manual, tabular_step_manual or tree_step_manual launchers if the
        commentsTemplate setting is empty
      - Couldn't start XAgent when some schedule sessions are candidates (SQL Exception when retrieving
        test attributes)
      - TestOptimal and testoptimal_simple launchers: urlReport was considered as a mandatory attribute while it's
        not present by default
      - Cosmetic exception when selecting a test in the tree_step_manual launcher 
      - The Windows installer does not automatically update the previous configyration
      - The Windows installer does not delete the former "bin" directory (replaced by a "XStudio" directory
        in newer versions) 

    * Huge PERFORMANCES improvements (~6 times faster in average)
      - Background data fetching
      - Incremental loading of the trees and tabs
      - Better caching strategy   
    * Separate Free and Unfreeze rights
    * Add E-signature feature (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance)
    * JIRA both-way integration (XStudio's information are available in JIRA)
      (a new add'on must be installed in JIRA either manually or though the Atlassian Marketplace)
    * Improved REST API
    * Terminology preferences: ability to choose some more adapted terms for some of the items:
      - SUT:            Release, Product, Application
      - Requirement:    User story, Need, Specification
      - Bug:            Defect, Anomaly, Deficiency, Deviation
      - Agent:          Machine, Host
      - Comment:        Detail, Precision
    * Comments Templates (when running manual tests, the comments fields is pre-filled with a custom template) 
    * Generate residual campaign: new rule allowing to select all the tests that were never executed 
    * Add Introduction + Conclusion field on SUT's Details + reports etc.  
    * Usability: speed up creation tasks by allowing to:
      - Create a generic requirement from a generic requirement panel
      - Create an integrated requirement from an integrated requirement panel
      - Create a generic defect from a generic defect panel
      - Create an integrated defect from an integrated defect panel
      - Create a specification from a specification panel
      - Create a task from a task panel
      - At creation time, always select the newly created object when finished
    * Launcher SDK:
      - All test's attributes and all test's params available from the launcher SDK
      - Overloading is done by XAgent (not launcher's responsibility anymore)
      - New class:
        . com.xqual.xcommon.CTestcaseParam (to avoid confusion with CParam which is aimed at containing launcher
                                            configuration parameters!)
      - New fields:
        . HashMap> testAttributeValuesHashMap
        . HashMap> testcaseParamValuesHashMap
      - New methods:
        . HashMap getTestAttributeValuesHashMap()
        . HashMap getTestcaseParamValuesHashMap()
        . String getStringAttributeValue(Vector attributes, String attributeName)
        . int getIntegerAttributeValue(Vector attributes, String attributeName)
      - Updated methods:
        . public CReturnStatus preRun(int testId, String testPath, String testName,
                                      Vector attributes, String additionalInfo)
        . public CReturnStatus run(int testId, String testPath, String testName, int testcaseId,
                                   int testcaseIndex, String testcaseName, Vector params, 
                                   String additionalInfo)
      - Introduce the test attributes + the testcases params in the source XML for post-processing in launchers
    * Integrate in the post-processing source file all the steps + expected results + step result + step comments      
    * localization: CC Emails --> Followers
    * New launchers:
      - PyTest launcher
      - TestOptimal_simple (TestOptimal launcher variant where tests are mapped directly to TestOptimal's mcases)
      - Bat_with_params (more flexible version of the bat launcher allowing to pass N arguments generically)
    * Ability to configure the max number of tries authorized for the authentication
      If the user exceeds the limit, (s)he gets automatically disabled - only an admin can re-enable him/her.      
    * Replace PHP technology by JSP so that everything can run on a servlet container 
    * Add a warning message when a tab is empty because of the user profile limitation 
    * When the integrity check returns a failure, show the user where he can find the .dat files precisely           
    * Bug-fix:
      - Some localization missing in specification reports
      - Generating specifications from requirements twice on the same destination folder throws an exception
      - Generating tests from requirements or specifications twice on the same dest. folder throws an exception
      - Handle correctly incorrect entries in plugin.conf file
      - Incorrect history pager or duplicate entries when using the dashboard tasks
      - Login dialog: Provide an immediate feedback when pressing submit (sand glass cursor)
      - Help on rich-text formatting is not localized
      - Configuration parsing issue if certificate are empty in the configuration
      - XAgent cannot start session with Microsoft SQL Server when starting a session directly on this agent
      - Re-run tests linked to a bug: the button is activated in the toolbar but not in the contextual menu
      - Exception when copying a SUT folder in a SUT folder
      - Incorrect refresh on several nodes depending on the current user profile:
        . test > root
        . test > category
        . test > folder
        . campaign > root 
        . campaign > folder 
        . campaign > campaign 
        . campaign > session
        . sut > sut
      - Specific message when trying to login with a non-existing account
      - Incorrect toolbar enabling/disabling on attachments based on current user profile
      - When running a session, getting back to some previously selected SUTs or Tests some history may be missing
      - When deleting some sessions (or campaigns or campaign folders or schedules), the test traceability matrix
        on test tree's root node should be refreshed automatically
      - Missing localization
      - Wrong warning message when creating a team and forgetting to select access-rights
      - Create track based on specification button available even if specifications are disabled
      - When creating generic or integrated bugs from
        . campaign session results tab
        . exploratory session
        . manual launcher
        tabs are presented in an not logical order
      - In some specific cases, overloading of params was missing some parameters
      - If some testcases have no params, overloading should apply too

    * Bug-fix:
      - In some very specific cases (race conditions), a blank panel is displayed when refreshing a tree
      - In some specific cases, generating a residual campaign using the rule "only Not-Executed tests" or
        "only not successfull tests" is not working
      - Robot Framework v2: when  nodes don't have childs (not a CDATA section) parsing error.
      - When escaping URL, % must be escaped first or previously escaped characters will be double-escaped
      - JIRA support for 'status' or 'type' filter containing items with spaces in their names
        i.e. "In Progress" or "New Feature"
        (WARNING: starting with XStudio 3.0sp11, you must remove surrounding with simple quotes of these items in
        your settings)

    * WARNING: Starting with XStudio 3.0sp10, you must remove surrounding with single quotes of 'status' or 'type'
               filters, in your JIRA connector if you used to have some in your settings   
    * 100% German localization
    * Bug-fix:
      - Ticket#1359: When renaming a reusable testcase after it has been referenced in a testcase, the displayed
        testcase name is the old one
      - Ticket#1395: Remove the asterix automatically added when generating test cases from a parameterized
        template (* are forbidden in file names)
      - Ticket#1354/1376: sql_compare launcher does not handle well cases where the query 1 returns no row at all
      - Ticket#1368: Wrong rendering and wrong scaling on Ubuntu systems
      - Ticket#1309/1382/1387: URL escape add: <>#%{}|\^~[]`
      - Ticket#1406: Generating a residual campaign using the rules "only not executed" or "only not successful"
        generates incorrect content
      - Ticket#1418: Robot framework v2 launcher: when  nodes don't have a child (not a CDATA section), a
        parsing error is detected
      - Ticket#1404: JIRA support for 'status' or 'type' filters containing items with space in their names
        i.e. "In Progress" or "New Feature"
      - In some very specific cases (race conditions), a blank panel is displayed when refreshing a tree
      - Move SUT in a folder where one is already existing with same name but different version is refused
      - Copy SUT folder should not be authorized to root folder
      - Copy SUT folder should be authorized to company folder
      - When copying test folder to folder, category was not inherited in the table_folder table
      - Missing localization on some errors when copying a folder
      - When renaming an SUT company, an "ongoing change warning" is presented even if everything is ok
      - Asset tree does not recursively populate reusable testcases# in upper folders

    * CR#1257 Offline_generic launcher: implement the post processing the same way as for Tree_step_manual
    * CR#1319 Robot_framework_v2 launcher: more attachments
    * CR#1278 Robot_framework_v2 launcher: pass all params as variables
    * CR#1329 XContinuousIntegration: option to include or not attachments in generated reports
    * Bug-fix:
      - Ticket#1309 TestStand launcher: cropped characters in archiver report path 
      - Ticket#1354 sql_compare launcher: does not handle well cases where the query#1 returns no row at all
    * Improvements on residual campaigns filters: it now supports:
      - Tests that have never been successful in ANY of the source campaign sessions
      - Tests which latest result was not successful (among all the source campaign sessions)
      - Tests which latest result was success (among all the source campaign sessions)
      - Tests which latest result was failure (among all the source campaign sessions)
      - Tests which latest result was unknown (among all the source campaign sessions)
      - Tests which latest result was not executed (among all the source campaign sessions)
      - Tests which latest result was not executable (among all the source campaign sessions)
      - Tests that have been set as failed at least once in one of the source campaign sessions
      - Tests that have been set as unknown at least once in one of the source campaign sessions
    * XContinuousIntegration: new option "--agentsPick" to specify how to session will pick the execution agent:
      - Any agentsPick in the pool
      - All agents in the pool
      - First available agent in the pool      
    * Copy reusable testcase
    * Ability to preview the test procedure rich-text before submitting when:
      - creating a testscase/reusable testcase 
      - copying  a testscase/reusable testcase   
    * Convert testcase to reusable testcase
    * Ability to force the tester to provide mandatory comments for any results submitted using manual launchers
    * JIRA bug-tracking REST API connector: use display name ("John Doe") rather than login name ("jdoe")      
    * Many more methods available in the REST API
    * Robot_framework launcher: attach also a zip file containing all the necessary data (console, log,
      html report, .robot) on each test's first testcase
    * Launcher configuration template: ability to set "optional" attributes on the forms that are not mandatory
    * Include the report factory mechanism in the launcher_lib
      Post-processing on tree_step_manual launcher:
      - ability to select a report factory ("JUnit" or "XStudio") to generate a report at the end of the session
      - ability to provide in the configuration a http url referencing a post-processing script to be executed
        locally at the end of the session
    * Robot framework launcher: when running the test suite, the launcher now also provides the list of the
      executable test cases so that test cases marked as "not ready for automated run" are not executed
      within the test suite.
    * Automatically include build# in XStudio's GUI
    * Bug-fix:
      - With specific versions of Robot Framework, the "type" attribute of the "kw" nodes are absent from the
        output.xml report
      - Merge sessions when some are initiated by some schedules is not working
      - Using one of the 3 tabular or tree manual launchers, clicking twice on the edit/view switch button on
        a comments field, makes the comments not saved
      - Import tests from Excel is more resistant to testcase name duplicated for each step /expected results.
      - When using an XML-RPC based connector, XReportGenerator couldn't start
      - Robot_framework launcher: when passing a testsuite option, pass only it's name
      - Robot_framework launcher: when passing a test list, surrounds the tests with '' so that spaces are
        well interpreted  
      - When opening bug's rich-text field in full screen, impossible to resize/close/minimize/maximize the popup
      - When updating bugs in tabular/tabular_step/tree_step manual launcher, only bugs found in the current
        session were updated/refreshed
      - Missing or incorrect localization
      - Possible missing images in reports generated by XContinuousIntegration
      - After logging out, if we login again and change the preferred language on the fly, all the tree
        columns are still localized with the previous language
      - Create reusable testcase: add a verification to avoid duplicate names
      - Create testcase linked to a reusable testcase: add cleanup of the tree when releasing resources

    * Bug-fix:
      - When storing attachment on file-system/Samba:
        . XContinuousIntegration and XReportGenerator may generate errors if some of the attachments were stored
          on a Samba shared folder
        . Testcase execution attachments generated by automated tests were wrongly prefixed with "null1234_"
          rather than "TCE_1234_"
        . If a session is executed on a remote XAgent, execution attachments are stored in database anyway
      - Robot framework v2 launcher deletes .robot after execution (regression in 3.0sp5)

    * Ensure all columns width adjusted by the user are persistent even after a refresh
    * When deleting 1 or more items, their names are now indicated in the audit log on the deletion event.
      This is for: Folders, Categories, Companies, SUTs, Requirements, Specifications, Tests, Test cases,
                   Reusable test cases, Campaigns, Sessions, Schedules, Exploratory Sessions, Defects, Assets,
                   Projects, Sprints, Tasks, Sql reports, Users, Teams.
    * New control bar buttons to match the login screen's new design (and XStudio.web's)
    * Adjust some creation panel dimension that were too small
    * Add Servlet API to all packages to not worry about separating REST from the Rest    
    * REST API: add methods:
      - logout(),
      - getCustomFields(),
      - updateFolder(),
      - updateRequirement(),
      - getFolderForm(),
      - getRequirementForm(),
      - checkDatabaseSchemaCompatibility()
    * Bug-fix:
      - Regression in sp4: XStudio hangs if attachments are configured to be stored on shared file systems
      - Plugin not verified for freeze/unfreeze in the contextual menu
      - Packaged doc missing images in the web package
      - After selecting some specific items, a warning is always displayed when moving to another item
      - Zip-writer test the match with regular expression with file and folder path rather than file
        and folder names
      - Robot_framework_v2 launcher: .robot file included as attachment to the test case execution
      - Minor encoding issues
      - Typo in the usage text of XContinuousIntegration "--headless true"

    * New screen: Bug > Impact > Exploratory sessions
    * REST API Server: new methods available:
      - getFolderInheritedAttachments()
      - downloadAttachment()
      - uploadAttachment()
    * Selection color in trees/tables moved to light grey (to not mask some priority, severity or risk icons)
    * Robot Frameork v2 launcher: add the .robot file in the autoextractible zip report attached
    * Ability to auto-generate an XML report at the end of a session and publish it by downloading and executing
      a custom script. 2 report factories are currently available (JUnit or XQual style reports)
    * XStudio.web: Middleware URL defaulted to "/xstudio" to match default install scheme on the VM
    * Bug-fix:
      - Couldn't run XStudio standalone version with Java 8+ (build# 101+)
      - Frozen test cases are not seeable/executable with the tree_step_manual launcher
      - TestStand launcher: success reported at testcase level even if the testcase execution included some errors
      - With attachments on file-system, embedded images in rich-text are not previewable
      - When running a test forcing execution with a specific launcher, "ready for" flags are checked based on
        the original launcher(s)
      - Wrong sizing of the "create configuration" windows
      - Error when creating a testcase from a reusable testcase within a frozen test
      - Problem with UTF-8 accent in some specific cases
      - Localization typos in French
      - REST API: getInfo() should not require to be authenticated

    * TestStand launcher (support for session_id, test_id, test_name, testcase_id and testcase_name in the HTML
      report template)
    * New session paper report with "search in table" javascript functions
    * Test scanner: 2 buttons "Select all" and "Unselect all" in the list of suggestions of tests to be imported
    * Collapse all button collapses all childs recursively rather than collapsing only the first level folders
    * Bug-fix:
      - ClassCastException on some linux distribution at login time
      - In case of network failure (or other reasons), if the database is not accessible anymore, an error arises
        and the user is asked if he wants to Continue/Exit. If he Exits, several similar popups may be displayed.
      - With the standalone client, after the initial prompt for settings, the application hangs (requires to
        press Cancel to continue)
      - When updating a fat-client XStudio, some configuration parameter's values (i.e. certificates) may be lost
      - XContinuousIntegration failure because fonts not found
      - With certain languages (i.e. English) if selecting in the test results filtering panel bugs# then
        bugs (or reverse), duplicate columns were showing up

    * Better bugs handling in tabular and tree manual launchers
      - show status, severity and priority
      - separate bugs associated in the current session and bugs associated to the test in other sessions
    * TestStand launcher: customizable html report path (template)
    * Results grid: performance improvement
    * Bug-fix:
      - Critical: Attachments duplicated with automated launchers when tests includes several testcases
      - When some bugs include some special invisible characters in their name or description (i.e. 0x18),
        paper reports couldn't be generated.
      - Empty requirements -> specifications traceability matrix in paper reports when using third-part
      - With third-party requirements, in some specific cases, some duplicates may appear in the root node
        traceability matrix panels
      - Disabling some rights underneath a selected company will be displayed as selected (while it's actually not)
      - Customized .docx header and footer (page numbers) are missing
      - SUT > Results > bugs and bugs# optional columns  show all the bugs associated to the test
        (not restricting those detected on the current SUT)
      - Name not refreshed when a bug is edited and name changed from a tabular or tree manual launcher
      - With third-party bug-trackers, the "Active Defects" paper report was filtering all the bugs
      - NSIS builder: should use a local license file
      - Active defects paper report do not display any bug when using a third-party bug-tracking issue

    * Updated the VM with Tomcat 7 and updated the automatic update script accordingly
    * In the tabular, tabular_step and tree_step manual launchers, when using the integrated bug-tracking database
      bugs are displayed with status, severity and priority information
    * In the tabular, tabular_step and tree_step manual launchers bugs are split in 2 separate sections:
      - bugs linked in each test in the current session
      - bugs linked in each test in other sessions   
    * Adjust CSS based on new graphical charter
    * Test canonical path + Test additional infos can now accept any character
    * Improved NI TestStand launcher   
    * Additional traces to track update campaign content (especially about tests ordering update mechanism)
    * Login screen (invisible focus)
    * Bug-fix:
      - Rich-text in view mode does not wrap long text
      - Couldn't start XAgent from JNLP (the "login" parameter had by default the "*" value which is invalid)
      - NPE when no login information are passed in XAgent via JNLP
      - Exception when copying a session and keeping some results, if there is not test with NE state in the copy
      - Invalid french localization on session's progress bar: "1 cas de test a été exécuté sur les {1} existant"
      - Missing localization for reports in English and French
      - Localization issues (missing terms, typos)
      - Incorrect progress metrics when the tests have their estimated duration changing (regression due to a
        change to support ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY in the recent version of MySql)

    * New icons + new splash screen + new login page + new JNLP home page
    * Dedicated GUI to easily reorder test cases within a test
    * NI TestStand launcher
    * Performances: retrieve the launcher list only at start time and cache it to speed up category loading
    * Copy session: ability to select if we want to keep a few results from the source session (stage1)
    * Ability to pass username + password to XAgent (even in headless mode) so that it can connect to third-party
      systems based on user preferences if necessary
    * Rich-text full screen viewer (non-modal, minimizable, maximizable) on all the rich-text components
    * Attachments: auto-extractable zipped html folder support
    * Launcher SDK: ability for any launcher (manual or automated) to insert some rich-text messages including
      some images
    * REST API progress:
      - Almost all requirement methods implemented + session cookie handler
      - More robust session handling
      - Add getInfo() method (to make it easy to quickly test the server from a browser w/o POST authentication)
    * New settings in server preferences + user preferences to customize the height of specific rich-text fields:
      - Default Rich Text Height
      - Description Rich Text Sut Height
      - Description Rich Text Req Height
      - Description Rich Text Spec Height
      - Description Rich Text Test Height
      - Description Rich Text Test case Height
      - Description Rich Text Bug Height
      - Step-to-reproduce Rich Text Bug Height
    * Move the requirement's type and category fields after the risk (to make the description more accessible)
    * Windows installer does not verify anymore the installed Java
    * Robot_framework_v2 launcher: improved reporting including all generated screenshots and images
    * Better css to display tables in rich-text fields and in paper reports
    * Better presentation of the figures columns in the Dashboard's tasks panel
    * Replaced deprecated addAttachment() call by addTestcaseMessageAttachment() in all the launchers
    * Bug-fix:
      - Support of ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY in MySql's sql_mode setting (included by default starting with MySql 5.7.5)
      - Missing localization in some charts of the paper reports
      - Tree_step_manual launcher: For each test in the tree, display the test cases sorted by index
      - Deal with a limitation in Redmine that prevents from fetching more than 100 issues or project at a time
      - If a Redmine project has not the "issue tracking" module activated, all modules in XStudio are empty
      - Rich-text height customization
      - Sand-glass cursor frozen when a configuration is detected as deprecated
      - When checking if a former configuration is still ok, do not consider types "string" and 
        "unrestricted_string" different
      - Server Settings and user preferences windows too tall (Submit and Cancel button hidden by the task bar
        in some windows/screen configuration)
      - Various problems at login with Chinese language
      - When selecting an item through a search by name, search by id or by clicking a node in the dashboard
        the action was not recorded in the page history
      - When clicking on a test in the dashboard the test was well selected but the test case list not updated
      - On newly created systems using third-party bug-trackers, generating a report on the bug root folder was
        not possible

    * Several improvements for FDA part#11 compliance:
      - couldn't tamper a result if the session is locaked
      - audit log on the user profile creation/modification
      - audit log on the user's new profile association
      - parameter value changes tracked in audit log
      - test's author and developer changes tracked in audit log
      - Warn the user when he delete some tests including some that contain frozen testcases
    * Include test operator on each test in the Complete_with_stats reports (on sessions)
    * Setting to authorize manual session re-run or not
    * Complete new mechanism to load and resize HD icons
    * Complete new set of 350 high definition icons
    * Much better adaptability to Retina/4K screens
    * Customizable welcome page
    * Expired licenses: more explicit warning when there are events recorded in the future in the database.
      2 possible causes:
      - you may have some users who voluntarily changed their computer's date in the future at one point
      - or your computer has an incorrect date in the past
    * Additional getters in the REST APIs
    * Increase Max grid row number to 9999
    * Improved style for charts in paper reports
    * New APIs in the launcher SDK:
      - public void addSessionMessageAttachment(File file)
      - public void addSessionMessageAttachments(Vector files)
      - public void addSessionMessageAttachmentFolder(File file)
      - public void deleteSessionMessageAttachments()
      - public Vector getSessionMessageAttachments()
      - public void clearSessionMessageAttachments()
      - public void addTestMessageAttachment(File file)               (not enabled - schema change necessary) 
      - public void addTestMessageAttachments(Vector files)     (not enabled - schema change necessary) 
      - public void addTestMessageAttachmentFolder(File file)         (not enabled - schema change necessary) 
      - public void deleteTestMessageAttachments()                    (not enabled - schema change necessary) 
      - public Vector getTestMessageAttachments()               (not enabled - schema change necessary) 
      - public void clearTestMessageAttachments()                     (not enabled - schema change necessary) 	
      - public void addTestcaseMessageAttachment(File file)           (replacing deprecated addAttachment)
      - public void addTestcaseMessageAttachments(Vector files) (replacing deprecated addAttachments)
      - public void addTestcaseMessageAttachmentFolder(File file)     (replacing deprecated addAttachmentFolder)
      - public void deleteTestcaseMessageAttachments()                (replacing deprecated deleteAttachments)
      - public Vector getTestcaseMessageAttachments()           (replacing deprecated getAttachments)
      - public void clearTestcaseMessageAttachments()                 (replacing deprecated clearAttachments)
      - 3 protected variables (accessible from any launcher):
        . Vector sessionMessageAttachments
        . Vector testMessageAttachments
        . Vector testcaseMessageAttachments                     (replacing the former attachments)
    * Bug-fix:
      - When editing a test case procedure, whatever if we submitted the change or not, we are asked to verify we submitted.
      - When retrieving user's folder rights, do not use the Max grid row number 
      - New bug severity/priority/status par age included in paper reports
      - New testing coverage (requirements tested completely, partially etc.) pie charts in paper reports
      - New icons in paper report too

    * SUT + Campaign root folder + Campaign folder + Campaign: 2 stackcharts + 2 piecharts available in tracks
    * SUT + Bug root folder: 3 stackcharts available in tracks
    * Bug-fix:
      - Workaround Oracle's bug in Java 1.8u91+
      - When creating a session, initialize the NE tests only once (to avoid duplicate key)
      - When some tests were never executed they do not appear in the session report paper
      - With a very large number of custom fields the Test and testcases search panel can exceed the screen resolution hence making impossible to search
      - Search testcase: anchors do not work
      - Search testcase: display "ready for manual test" and "ready for automated test" as icon (it was not obvious what the checboxes were exactly)
      - Label truncated in form if they have also an icon associated
      - Some white borders effect in SUT paper report's traceability matrix if specifications are enabled
      - Localization of the global search terms

    * Shareable URL in all the "Details" tabs
    * Highlight of all the fields that are being or have been edited in a form
    * Warning when exiting a not saved Details panel
    * Extension Tracks to Requirements, Specifications, Tests, Campaigns, Session and Bugs
    * Create campaign: filter on bugs
    * Create campaign: filter on specifications
    * Verify bug button to automatically create a campaign to verify a bug-fix
    * When deleting an item, select a sibling item or parent folder
    * Session > Results > Tree view > Test > Testcase: completely new messages tab with scroll capability and
      background colors to identify status
    * Session > Results > Tree view > Test > Testcase: completely new attachments tab
    * Add a column for user's email (in all the trees where some users need to be selected)
    * Attributes are now presented sorted per type then alphabetically
    * Do not expand by default anymore the trees in access rights page
    * New side bar, new visuals
    * ~300 new high definition icons for high-dpi displays
    * Preview rich text in a separate window (i.e. useful when it includes big screenshots etc.)
    * Reordering testcases
    * Improvements of the audit log: all changes (creation, modification, copy, move, import, deletion etc.)
      on SUTs, requirements, specifications, tests, test cases, tasks, exploratory sessions, sessions, schedules, 
      users, teams, assets, traceability matrix links, server settings, user preferences etc. are logged with
      all the details
    * All the user's login and logout are now also tracked in the audit log
    * Ability to freeze items on demand (SUTs, requirements, specifications, tests, test cases, campaigns
      and sessions)
    * Audit log show by default only the last 100.000 last changes in history (for performances reasons)
    * A new column in the main test tree showing the number of bugs associated to each test in the tree
    * A new column in the main bug tree showing the number of tests associated to each bug in the tree
    * All the piecharts + Grid panels: when the user filters the items in the grid, the piechart shows
      statistics on filtered items
    * Test results grid panels: ability to add 2 new (filterable) optional columns: "Bugs" and "Bug#"
    * "Bug#" columns filterable with min/max values
    * SUT: a new Results > History panel displaying some statistics on the results history:
      - a stack chart showing for each sessions in the timeline the results breakout
      - a stack chart showing for each day in the timeline the results breakout
      - two pie charts showing the results breakout at test and test case levels
    * SUT: three new tabs displaying some comparison grids:
      - a grid showing all the results compared per configuration
      - a grid showing all the results compared per agent
      - a grid showing all the results compared per operator
    * SUT: new stack charts:
      - severity breakout per active bug's age
      - priority breakout per active bug's age
      - status breakout per active bug's age
    * SUT > Results > Requirements and Specification: add a piechart + explanation text
    * Requirement tree root: a new Traceability matrix showing the requirements-tests matrix
    * Specification tree root: a new Traceability matrix showing the specification-tests matrix
    * Test tree root: a new Traceability matrix showing:
      - the tests-bugs matrix
      - the tests-requirements matrix
      - the tests-specifications matrix
    * Test tree root: three new tabs displaying some comparison grids:
      - a grid showing all the results compared per configuration
      - a grid showing all the results compared per agent
      - a grid showing all the results compared per operator
    * Test tree root: a new Traceability matrix showing the tests-requirements matrix
    * Test tree root: a new Traceability matrix showing the tests-specifications matrix
    * Reusable testcase: a new tab to detail all the tests refering to this reusable test case
    * Campaign + folder + root: a new Results > History panel displaying some statistics on the results history:
      - a stack chart showing for each sessions in the timeline the results breakout
      - a stack chart showing for each day in the timeline the results breakout
      - two pie charts showing the results breakout at test and test case levels
    * Campaign + folder + root: three new tabs displaying some comparison grids:
      - a grid showing all the results compared per configuration
      - a grid showing all the results compared per agent
      - a grid showing all the results compared per operator
    * Campaign + folder + root: a new Per Session panel displaying the results statistics per session
    * Campaign > Results > Requirements and Specification: add a piechart + explanation text
    * Session > Results > Requirements and Specification: add a piechart + explanation text
      - Bug tree root: a new Traceability matrix showing the bugs-tests matrix
      - Bug tree root: new stack charts:
            * severity breakout per active bug's age
            * priority breakout per active bug's age
            * status breakout per active bug's age
      - Bug: a new tab to detail all the tests associated to this bug
      - Bug: the Impact tab includes a new Campaign/Session panel showing in which session(s) the bug has been
    * All launcher's configurations are now using unrestricted text fields ('' or '"' are now accepted!)
    * Use the status RESULT_INFO in all the launchers when a log is not returning a success or a failure
    * SQL_compare and SQL_select launchers:
      - Each testcase can now have some custom params used to replace placeholders in the SQL query before
      - Testcase name is used instead of testcase index to find the physical script.
    * 2 new SoapUi launchers dedicated to performance and security tests
    * A new Tape launcher (for javascript tests)
    * Offline-launcher: reports better results at testcase level (not all failed if one step failed)
    * Sahi60 launcher: support uploading screenshots + 6.0 pro version
    * QTP/UFT launcher support of the new naming convention of the UFT v12.50+ versions
    * New launcher VisualStudio CodedUi
    * TestOptimal launcher: add "chrome" and options in browser selection
    * Ranorex launcher: protection against if something goes wrong in the activities (not tests) during test
    * Improve perfs of the tree_step_manual launcher
    * Sikulix launcher: pass all the parameters as arguments to the script
    * Bug-fix: Sikulix launcher does not handle correctly Win64 hosts
    * Manual launchers: bug ids + visible name should be displayed
    * Manual launchers: We should be able to distinguish bug found in this session from those found on another
      session in
      - manual launchers (and handle correctly links on closed ones)
    * Integration Redmine
    * Standalone XImporter command-line tool to programmatically import some data (SUTs, requirements,
      - specifications, tests, test cases, campaigns and sessions)
    * Extended REST-API
      - Better authentication.
      - All timeshifting, settings/parameters, folders and requirements APIs available.
    * New methods available in the launcher API:
      - public HashMap getTestcaseParamValuesHashMap();
      - public Vector getSessionParamsVector();
      - public Vector getTestcaseParamValues(int testcaseId);
    * Prototype of XStudio.web focusing initially on requirements management
    * Improve reports (icons, nicer .docx, thinner margins on .docx, no more white-border effect, better
      borders etc.)
    * A few new reports on test and campaign trees
    * Session reports include all step, expected results, step results and comments
    * Better Session JUnit report transform (including much more details about potential failures)
    * New testplan report "Coverage and hierarchy"
    * The requirements and specification reports can now take advantage of the inner links (relationship) ids
    * Generate a report on a 1 or N selected tests (or testcases)
    * Bug-fix: GlyphView: Stale view: javax.swing.text.BadLocationException when using UDNO / REDO feature
      - in some specific cases (especially item lists)
    * Ability to specify if the status NOT_EXECUTABLE is included in all the "latest results" based reports
    * Option to NOT display defect progression statistics on:
      - Bugs tree's root node
      - Bugs tree's folder nodes
      - SUT tree's SUT nodes
       (hence improving largely the performance of global refresh or even selection of the items above)
    * Faster search (last modified in settings + search in all revisions)
    * Many other minor bug-fixes...

    * Bug-fix:
      - Workaround Oracle's bug in Java 1.8u91+
    * Memory leak + general performances retrieving the trees and getting data in general
    * SQL_compare and SQL_select launchers:
      - Each testcase can now have some parameters which are used to replace placeholders in the SQL query
        before execution. These parameters can of course be overloaded at session level to customize your
        campaign run.
      - Testcase name is used instead of testcase index to find the physical script
    * Bug-fix:
      - Exception when a license key has some invisible characters at the end
      - Exception when parsing specific xml files generated by robot-frameworks
      - When some testcase are not executed at all, the session reports shows missing cells
      - With manual testing when the steps and checks include parameters, they are not replaced with their
        values in the session report
      - Sikulix launcher: does not handle correctly Win64 hosts     
      - Sikulix launcher: pass all the parameters to the script
      - SOAPUI launcher: console file couldn't be created if the user is not administrator 
      - Deadlock if the user choose "execute on Any agent" with agents ready
      - Custom fields wrongly passed to the launcher

    * 2 new SoapUI launchers dedicated to performances and security testing
    * SQL launcher can use parameters to customize the query dynamically
    * Bug-fix:
      - Ranorex launcher stalled if a wrong path is provided
      - Exception if a license key is provided with some extra invisible characters at the end
      - Exception with Robot Framework lauincher in some very specific cases
      - Session report missing parameter values in the messages when executed manually with a step launcher
    * Bug-fix:
      - Some XSLT reports not working (regression introduced in 2.4sp7)
      - Errors reported by SQL Server when using exotic collations at server level

    * Bug-fix:
      - [CRITICAL] for instance using SQL Server: some foreign keys constraints are missing in the database
        schema which could lead to orphan objects after deleting some parent objects
      - Ability to provide X.509 certificate for the email notification mechanism (using SSL or TLS SMTP
      - Ranorex launcher: if something goes wrong in the activities (not tests) during test execution, a false
        positive was returned.

    * Sahi60 launcher: support uploading screenshots + 6.0 pro version
    * TestOptimal launcher: add "chrome" and  options in browser selection
    * New launcher for Microsoft VisualStudio CodedUi
    * New paper reports:
      - on test tree: Simple_template_for_manual_results (on any container)
      - on campaign tree: Simple_template_for_manual_results (on a campaign)
      - on campaign tree: Simple (on a session)
    * New style for paper report: "Noddy"
    * Improvements on HTML paper reports:
      - no more "white border" effect
      - Session's reports include steps, checks and messages along with their results (if executed by a
        xxx_step manual launcher)
    * Improvements on DOCX paper reports:
      - thinner margins
    * New methods available in the launcher API:
      - public HashMap getTestcaseParamValuesHashMap();
      - public Vector                getSessionParamsVector();
      - public Vector                getTestcaseParamValues(int testcaseId);
    * Bug-fix:
      - Couldn't create a bug with the tabular_step_manual launcher when testcases have no step
      - Exception when starting XAgent when it's connected with a third-party requirement or bugtracking system
        in SSL and you have specified a X.509 certificate in the conf.
      - Remove LDAP password from the console
      - QTP/UFT launcher does not support the new naming convention of the UFT v12.50+ versions
      - Additional protection against "can't specify target table for update" 
        (couldn't drop links starting with MySQL 5.7+ (because of a change in MySQL))
      - In some specific cases, DOCX format couldn't be generated (table with no tr or td in it)
      - In .docx generated paper report the shareabale URL was visible while only a clickable button was
        supposed to be visible
      - French localization: "Succés" --> "Succès"
      - When moving some steps using the testcase tree procedure, the step is unselected on the way
      - Links when clicking on tree's anchors are not tracked in the page history
      - Refreshing session's results tree view while a session is being executed throws an exception when
        no test or testcase are selected
    * Improve reports (icons, better Docx)
    * New testplan report "Coverage and hierarchy"
    * Bug-fix:    
      - TestExecute v2 launcher: configuration parsing issues is some cases
      - Sahi60 launcher: Exception thrown when some "Additional Infos" fields are empty
      - Clearcase connector: bigger page size (to workaround a bug in old version of Clearcase)
      - When tampering successively some testcase results, in some cases multiple windows could be opened
      - No feedback when moving one or several folders in a folder already containing child folder(s) with the
        same name (the moving was not possible but the user had no warning or information about the reason).  

    * Mocha/MochaJs launcher
    * Neotys NeoLoad launcher
    * User preferences: add a settings to force the scaling of the GUI (Auto, 100%, 200% etc.)
    * Better protection against windows outside visible area (i.e. switching computers 2 screens -> 1 screen)
    * New settings (server + user preferences) to control if you want to automatically close the real-time
      progress details frame after a session execution is completed
    * SDK changes:
      - ZIP utilities in the SDK: allows adding individual files to an existing zip
      - File utilities in the SDK: allows creating temporary file with a specific extension
      - Make the "attachments" vector visible from any launcher
    * Bug-fix:      
      - Sessions > Results > Tree View: when linking a bug to a test, when clicking on the name of the bug we
        get a invalid ID error message
      - Impossible to link a bug to an exploratory session at run time
      - When exporting a grid list to Excel, if we provide manually a wrong path, an exception is thrown
      - When exporting a grid list to Excel, if we provide a path that cannot be automatically created
        (i.e. missing rights), an exception is thrown
      - Rename testoptimal.xml (if used on a linux system it could be a problem)
      - When modifying a testcase results from session > Results > tree view, test and testcase should be
        reselected afterwards
      - When searching for a node in a tree in the right panels, we shouldn't be redirected but just highlight
        the right node. If the node is an anchor, the user can then manually click on it.
      - Incorrect build scripts / missing libraries for a couple of launchers
      - Some missing or incomplete documentation on some launchers (TestOptimal, Mocha, NeoLoad, QF-Test,
        Selenese, Offline Generic...)
      - In synchronousmode and if run on a headless computer, XContinuousIntegration fails to generate the
        report after the session is completed
      - When using SSL with Clearquest or QC bugtracking connectors, the "accept all certificate" parameter used
        is the one from the requirement connectors configuration
      - SDK: when calling requestAction() without any "behavior" parameter, an invalid behaviour value was passed
      - In some case, when the user has a profile not allowing to edit the details of a 
        SUT/Requirement/Specification but has the right to change the links on those, if he add some links to the
        item and if the item had no link before, then all the rich text fields (description, custom fields) are
        updated with html tags polution on this item

    * Add the requirement's path in the Raw data XML when reporting on SUT, session and testplans
    * Warning about attachments folder deletion in all the launcher's configuration that use them
    * Factorization WAPT launcher
    * A new TestExecute v2 launcher draft with 2 options: "Full project" and "Selected project and tests"
    * Increase timeout so that an expand does not select the item
    * Bug-fix:
      - Some localization missing in the manual launchers
      - When retrieving bugs from QC, they do not appear in the generated paper reports
      - Defect > impact > SUT: wrong number of SUTs
      - Perf improvment: Remove the finalization at the end of a session execution (not necessary anymore as all
        the test cases and tests are now set as not executed at session creation time)
      - When running a manual session and linking a bug to a test, the defect popup shows by default the tree
        filtered (so most of the time empty)
      - When running a manual session and linking a bug to a test, if you click on a defect name a "hidden node"
        message is displayed

    * Mantis: when using a localized account (i.e. french), many colors in graphics are defaulted to grey
    * Mantis SOAP connector: it's now possible to use the tag "project-id" in the "new-bug" URL so that the new
      bug's project is pre-selected
    * UTF-8 support on all the REST connectors
    * Bug statistics: on small screen, it's very hard to see the details of the stackbar charts - needs to be
      bigger and scrollable
    * Ability to search or redirect to JIRA by their usual PROJ-123 formatted id
    * Bug-fix:
      - Create a SUT inheriting requirements from another SUT leads to an error popup (not blocking as everything
        is done correctly)
      - In very rare occasions, reordering tests in a campaign can provoke emptying of the campaign
      - When selecting a test, then its testcase, right-clicking on the test again shows the testcase menus
      - When searching a test by name, the test is well selected but the testcase subtree is not updated
      - In some cases, with a third-party connector you may get some wrong "item does not exist anymore" message
      - With the Mantis SQL connector, when creating a new bug project_id=-1 is passed
      - With requirement and bugs coming from a third-party + with specifications enabled, NPE on SUT coverage

    * Official support of very high resolution/dpi displays (Retina, 4K, 5K)
    * Mantis SOAP Connector: Alt. implementation for the SOAP parsing (only based on XML to deal with BOM issues)
    * Bug-fix:
      - NoClassDefFoundError Exception while connecting to an http host (requirement or bugtracking third-party
        system) with SpellChecker activated 
      - Register the spell checker only after all trees are loaded 
      - On some containers or campaigns, sometimes, coverage legend in the piechart includes % in each slice while
        it actually shows the number of items
      - When opening XStudio on a particular test case (through a web URL), the parent test is not highlighted 
      - Mantis SOAP connector: depending on the configuration, some accents or special characters may not be well
        rendered in XStudio 
      - Sahi60 launcher: invalid xml template 
      - Settings screen sometimes too big for the screens

    * Completely new tree-selection engine:
      - Left-clicks and right-clicks much more reliable
      - Better refresh
      - No inconsistencies with contextual menus on right-click
      - ALL actions available on the right panel are now also available in the righ-click contextual menus
    * Delete the integrated source code of the JSON parser and include it as an independent signed lib
    * Scaling to support Hi-DPI displays (support for row's height, icons, all font sizes)
    * Improved TestOptimal launcher (to support their latest API)
    * Ranorex: handle the case where the .rxlog are not formatted specifically. In this case the launcher gets the
      most recent data file (WARNING: new configuration parameter!)
    * Ability to modify the SUT of a session after its execution.
      WARNING: requires a new specific right to do so (check your user profiles)
    * Cucumber launcher draft
    * Improved Ranorex launcher (+add regex capabilities in the ZipWriter library)
    * Add in the session reports the cumulated testcases results statistics (so that at folder level we also
      have all the results counted and not only the latest of each test case)
    * Agent name is now available from the launcher SDK API
    * Offline_generic launcher: support for Mockito and EasyMock formats
    * Ability to specify in server preferences and user preferences if we want to preselect the last SUT
      selected in the GUI when creating a new session, track or test run
    * Bug-fix:
      - All URLs pointing to XStudio objects are now working (opening directly the requested page through
        the .php)
      - JIRA REST: exception if a description is null
      - A few localization missing
      - Schema 75: remove incorrect identity/auto-increment on table_monitored_results on Oracle or SQLServer
      - Couldn't use the SNMP monitoring feature on Oracle or SQLServer
      - Incorrect testcase metrics on session's paper reports
      - Not protection against importing requirements, specification or tests with invalid priorities
        or status
      - If some data have been imported with invalid  priority or status, the trees are not loaded and a blank
        screen appear instead
      - Couldn't take an area screenshot from the testcase grid procedure
      - Spell checker exception in some rare cases
      - Couldn't edit or create new SQL report
      - QC integration: description displayed as pure html content
      - Wrong help content for the settings
    * Add all the bugs details in SUT reports + split the bugs manually set from the bug found through
      failed test
    * Settings:
      - ability to invert the order of Submit and Cancel buttons in all the dialogs/forms
      - 3 new boolean settings in the "Advanced" section:
        . Link a requirement to a SUT sets the SUT's coverage to 100% by default
        . Link a test or a specification to a requirement sets the requirement's coverage to 100% by default
        . Link a test to a specification sets the specification's coverage to 100% by default
    * When performing a dynamic search, restrict the search on visible nodes
    * Add a resize corner indicator on the screenshot tool so that it's obvious how to resize the area to capture
    * In all the requirement's results tree, add the priority + risk in the tree    
    * Improved/simplified the tabbing of the Create session and Copy session windows:
      - standardization of the tab order
      - gathering of all the monitoring tabs under a single "Monitoring" panel
      - gathering the attributes and params tabs under a single "Overloading" panel
    * Ability to rename the session while copying it
    * 'Reset all results' confirmation dialogs always centered on the launcher window
    * 'Reset comment' checkbox transparent background
    * Add all the details of the external (JIRA, Mantis, Bugzilla, Clearquest, QC, Trac, VersionOne) requirements
      and bugs in the reports (in the raw XML and in Html when possible)
    * Always include a URL with external requirements/bugs in reports
    * Ability to select some test custom fields in the test result grids
    * Remember last dashboard tab selected (i.e. when doing a refresh)
    * Better error message when the user try to upload a file which size exceed what the database server
      can accept
    * Default timeframe longer (1.5year) for results progress graphics
    * Custom styles sheet for the javadoc
    * Better labeling for Bugs found in/fixed in etc.
    * Make the dependency graph looks nicer 
    * New TestOptimal launcher
    * Bug-fix:
      - Severals issues with the integrated screenshot tool related to window's focus.
        Now, when you click on the screenshot area button, all the other XStuio's related windows (including the
        manual launcher's GUI) are minimized automatically so that you can select the area you want to capture
        right away. When the capture is done, all the XStudio windows are back in the right order. 
        The Area screen capture tool is also now always on top of all the other windows.
      - Import from Excel: path ending with / were ignored
      - Couldn't create some holidays (as the dialog is not modal and its parent is)
      - Test scanner throws an exception if the user is not admin
      - The test scanner does not cleanup old imports so could re-import the same data again and again   
	  - Attempt to fix the random "StateInvariantError: GlyphView: Stale view: length must be positive" error
	  - Exception thrown when refreshing either the public or private tracks
	  - With a session containing tests from 2 distinct categories both associated with
	    tabular_manual.jar/tabular_step_manual.jar/tree_step_manual.jar, resetting ALL the results at once
	    generates a NPE
	  - When creating a new category, an "empty" launcher is selected in the picker. One of the manual
	    launcher should be selected by default
	  - Attempt to bug-fix an extremely rare random NPE when a new popup is displayed
	    (because of the custom company icon)
	  - SUT > Bug found: the "All" category is actually containing the bugs manually set to a bug
	    (wrong labeling)
      - SUT > Bug found (Manually set): only possible using the integrated bug-tracking database, so the tab
        should be hidden with third-party bug-tracking
      - SUT > Bug fixed: only possible using the integrated bug-tracking database, so the tab should be hidden
        with third-party bug-tracking
      - Bug found/fixed: refresh button useless, so should be removed
      - Bug found/fixed: select filter should be locked to set (or it would be misleading to get all the bugs
        and not only the linked ones)
      - Missing campaign session # in summary of the SUT paper reports
      - Missing localization
      - Remove deprecated JVM options inserted in the JMeter launcher
      - Ugly java icon in the task bar when booting the program while retrieving the data
      - With generic defects, a few report may  have missed some data

    * Private tracks: custom dashboard each user can customize with its favorite metrics/charts
    * Ability for a user to reset its user preferences to factory settings
    * Progress bar indicating status just after login
    * Update launchers catalog
    * Better cookie handling on all the REST connectors (with JavaWebStart, session cookies were missing)
    * Generated .docs paper reports now include style definitions for Heading 1 to Heading 7
      In addition, <h1>, <h2> etc. tags are now automatically mapped to Heading 1, Heading 2 etc.
      So for example, it's now possible to generate a summary table on the generated reports
    * Remove keep-alive threads for:
      - VersionOne (Requirements + Bugs)
      - JIRA (Requirements + Bugs)
      - QC (Bugs)
    * Better protection against missing conf file(s)
    * Bug-fix:
      - For some connectors, a few settings fields were inappropriately set as available
      - JMeter launcher: throws an exception when no config files are provided in the configuration
      - JMeter launcher: support for  and  nodes in  the .jtl files
      - Tracks: some localization missing
      - When requirements or bug-tracking settings are wrong and the "Check requirement/bug-tracking server
        settings before user preferences are applied" settings are not set, an exception is thrown after login
        and the user needs to press Continue to start XStudio
      - Keep-alive message attempted to be sent to third-party requirements/bug-tracking system even if the
        connector settings are incorrect

    * Customizable points of interests in the dashboard (that we call "Tracks") allowing to follow some
      customizable metrics on specifically selected SUTs
    * Contextual menus (on right-click) on all the nodes on all the main trees
    * Test scanner: tool allowing to scan the local disk to find/suggest automated tests/scripts to
      automatically import in XStudio
    * Make sure the screen positions are valid for current hardware configuration (to avoid having XStudio
      window outside of the boundaries)
    * Optimization testcases/steps results on huge database (> 150.000 testcases)
    * New graphics style (simplified, better word wrapping and without any border) 
    * Harmonization colors for bug metrics (incl. third-party bug tracking systems)
    * Ability to use a local/private XStudio keystore and to import multiple X.509 trusted or self-signed
      certificates in it
    * Implementation of a local/private X.509 TrustManager in XStudio
    * New parameters in the server settings to support SSL/TLS:
      - LDAP SSL/TLS certificate (when connecting to a secure LDAP server - ldaps)
      - Third-party requirement systems:
        . SSL/TLS certificate (when connecting to a secure HTTP server - https)
        . 'Accept Any Certificate' checkbox (to autorise unsecure connections when you have no certificate)
      - Third-party bug-tracking systems:
        . SSL/TLS certificate (when connecting to a secure HTTP server - https)
        . 'Accept Any Certificate' checkbox (to autorise unsecure connections when you have no certificate)
    * New connectors:
      - Requirements: JIRA (REST-API): this is a new implementation based on REST (while the legacy
                                       implementation - still available - is using XML-RPC)
      - Bugs: JIRA (REST-API): this is a new implementation based on REST (while the legacy implementation is
                               using XML-RPC)
      - Bugs: Bugzilla (XML-RPC): this is a new implementation based on XML-RPC (while the legacy
                                  implementation - still available - is using direct SQL querying)
      - Bugs: Mantis (SOAP): this is a new implementation based on SOAP handling paging and projects and 
                             subprojects (while the legacy implementation is using direct SQL querying)
      - Bugs: QC (REST) connector (tested)
      - Bugs: trac connector with the new XML-RPC proxy
    - SSO (Single Sign-On) when using third-party requirements or bugtracking database or LDAPS
    * Offline_generic launcher (able to parse JUnit, TestNg or CSV reports)
    * TestNg launcher: better traces when exceptions arise
    * Ranorex launcher: support for test + testcase execution
    * Selenium launcher: support execution of tests (not only testsuites)
    * Sahi 6.0 launcher
    * Selenese launcher
    * Squish launcher: run the test from the squish bin folder
    * Launcher API: Ability for all the launchers to push messages including step and check attributes
    * Tabular_step_manual + Tree_step_manual launchers: results are reported in XStudio along with their
                                                        rich-text step and checks
    * SUT: add a new full integrated bugs stats + progression panel for each SUT
    * SUT: gather all bug's stat under a single tab
    * Gather major and minor severities on the same graph
    * Gather high and low priorities on the same graph
    * Defect reporting: Add status progression on Active + Passive + All
    * New metrics on integrated bugs:
      - on root folder:
        . status breakout, severity breakout, priority breakout
        . status->severity barchart, status->priority barchart
        . assignedTo->status barchart, assignedTo->severity barchart, assignedTo->priority barchart,
        . all the legacy progression charts (incl. per assignedTo or reportedBy) 
      - on folders:
        . status breakout, severity breakout, priority breakout (limited)
    * New metrics on external bugs:
      - on root folder:
        . status breakout, severity breakout, priority breakout
        . status->severity barchart, status->priority barchart
        . assignedTo->status barchart, assignedTo->severity barchart, assignedTo->priority barchart,
        . all the legacy progression charts (incl. per assignedTo or reportedBy) 
      - on folders:
        . status breakout, severity breakout, priority breakout
        . status->severity barchart, status->priority barchart
        . assignedTo->status barchart, assignedTo->severity barchart, assignedTo->priority barchart,
        . all the legacy progression charts (incl. per assignedTo or reportedBy) 
    * Automatic update when visiting defect progress or category design stats panel (no "Update" anymore)
    * New defect metrics charts in the GUI and in the paper reports
    * New CSV report to export testcase procedures only
    * New HTML report to export test and/or testcase procedures only
    * Remember the selected tabs when selecting different nodes:
      - SUT bugs (default = Statistics)
      - Bugs Progression (default = Active bugs)
      - Bugs Progressions Active (default = Status)
      - Bugs Progressions Passive (default = Status)
      - Bugs Progressions All (default = Status)
      - Design statistics (default = Test cases)
      - Test design statistics (default = Ready for automated run)
      - Test case design statistics (default = Ready for automated run)
      - Test results progress (default = test cases)
    * Remember the selected start and stop dates when selecting different nodes:
      - Defects progression
      - Results progression
      - Test design statistics
    * Tool to search and delete orphan images 
    * Dependencies information in the RAW XML reports on testplans
    * Ability to customize the .docx report headers
    * Spell checker: options to be more permissive on all CAPS words, Title case words etc.
    * When testcase statistics are not available, do not provide the single-path quality index metric
    * Increase size of storage for the test procedure (limit: 65535 -> 16777215 characters)
    * Rename the special folder "Manual" (in the campaign tree) to "[Playground]" (with a new description so
      that it's clear that it's not aimed at hosting manual tests but host results for quick-and-dirty
      execution (when the test operator run a test directly from the test tree).
    * Ability to specify the following default settings when creating a new testcase:
      - ready for manual run
      - ready for automated run
    * Bug-fix:
      - When a bug or requirement description is null keep the text field empty (GUI + report)
      - When the user edits manually in plain-text a password directly in a conf file, an exception is thrown
        (this should be nicely handled)
      - In the last 30 days of validity of a license, if some custom visuals are set, some incorrect messages
        are displayed informing that the license does not include the rights to use custom visuals
      - Several issues when using a rich-text editor in the settings
      - Check if there is a new version only if current version is NOT a beta (b*), an alpha (a*) or a
        development version (d*)
      - When creating a file if some intermediate folders where missing, the file was not created
      - JIRA: Depending on the filtering, if more than 1000 issues are retrievable from one project, none was
        actually retrieved
      - In some very rare cases, creation of local directories was failing when the full path was not existing
      - In the session report "Table_to_copy_in_Excel", messages were missing - the "Info" status was invisible
        (icon + label) in all the reports
      - More explicit message when the creation operations are blocked
      - When referencing a reusable testcase in a test from a testcase, if we do not select the source reusable
        testcase, a NPE is thrown
      - Robot framework + robot framework v2 launchers: some successful test can includes steps with failures
        (internal test that will condition how the test is supposed to continue). So, even if we continue to
        parse the whole xml log to have details steps, the global status is taken from the top test status node
      - When merging sessions, we prefer reporting at folder level or SUT level the merged results rather than
        the original results. So the merged results are stored at the original kept result's timestamp + 1s
      - Should not set lower case the XML-RPC proxy calls!
      - Better handling of creation/deletion of attachments when using a shared folder when there is networking
      - The REST-API server throws an exception during initialization when deployed on Tomcat 8 (works well on
        Tomcat 6 and 7) due to getRealPath() recent changes in Tomcat
      - When a launcher reports executionSteps without step and/or check, it should not be stored with empty
        steps and/or checks but with NO step and NO check
      - "Delete folder" rights needed to empty a folder also

    * Bug-fix:
      - Bug progression statistics with third-party systems integration: some trends (i.e. severity or priority)
        are invisible (rendered as white on white)
      - VersionOne integration some priorities are missing from the stats 
      - Gradle launcher: when using nose test type, if they are reporting errors rather than failures, the
        parser was generating a NPE

    * Optimization performances (especially for huge database with more than 150.000 test cases)
    * Add test id + testcase id in the Excel report on session
    * Gradle launcher: Ability to choose in the conf if the output file is in "nose" or "TestNG" format.
    * Gradle launcher (TestNg): try to map the test-method to the testcase name THEN to the test name
    * Gradle launcher (nose): search for failure + error nodes
    * Autodetect win32 + win64 windows platform when auto-registrating itself + new win64 option in Details tab
      (attempt: automatically convert h1/h2/etc. to Header1/Header2/etc. when generating .docx paper reports)
    * Bug-fix:
      - Couldn't delete a task folder in the project management module
      - When using SMB file sharing to host all the attachments, deletion does not actually delete the file
      - Robot Framework launchers: when there is a typo in a test case name, the launcher crashes
      - Merge of campaign sessions: when all test cases are not executed or not executable, test was set as
        Unknown while it should have been set as not-executed or not-executable
      - Need the specification edition rights to edit the agent's details
      - TestNg launcher: with tests generating large/fast traces, it may hang
      - TestNg launcher: if the result xml file is null or empty, an NPE is thrown

   * XReportGenerator extension to support generation of SUT report (--sutId xxx)
   * Update all libraries related to docx generation:
     - docx4j: nightly 20130828 (2.8.1) -> 3.2.1
     - docx4j-ImportXHTML: nightly 20130829 (2.8.1) -> 3.2.2
     - xml-graphics-commons: 1.4 -> 2.0
     - commons-io: 1.3.1 -> 2.4
     - xhtmlrenderer: 1.0.1 -> 3.0.0
   * Add the "Optional args" + "Extension" parameters to the robot_framework launcher (that runs testsuites)
   * Added protection/verification:
     - add/delete attachments only if they are files (not directory)
     - XContinousIntegration expect a report folder
   * Bug-fix:
     - Depending on the filtering, if more than 1000 issues are retrievable from one project, none was actually
     - When the screens configuration were modified (adding or removing a screen) and the saved
       locations/dimensions became invalid (outside of the new limits), the main XStudio Window may not be
       visible. The coordinates + dimensions are now automatically adapted to the new resolution/dimensions.
     - Campaign session > Bugs refresh does not work
     - When creating a third-party bug from a manual test interface, it was appearing as linked to the test in
       the "Results" > "TreeView" tab but not in the "Bugs" tab (after a refresh, it was visible though).
     - When creating a file, if some intermediate folders where missing, the file was not created
     - Typo in french localization   
     - Missing default XQual logo in reports when company icon is empty
     - XContinuousIntegration's HTML reports did not contain attachments
     - XGenerateReport's HTML reports did not contain attachments
     - Reports generation: small optimization and performance improvement
     - Generated docx may include inappropriate CR/LF within the chapter titles
     - Exception when an HTML editor form item is edited when it's at the very end of a form and some separators
       are present before
     - In the last 30 days of validity of a license, if some custom visuals are set, some incorrect messages are
       displayed informing that the license does not include the rights to use custom visuals
     - In very rare case, creation of local directories was failing when the full path was not existing

   * Connectors to third-party systems: ability to populate automatically the bug's name & description
     (editable of course) when creating it from a compatible manual launcher:
     - Integrated (was already available)
     - JIRA (new) 
     - Bugzilla (new) 
     - Mantis (new) 
     - Trac (new) 
   * When creating a bug directly from a test results, populate its name (editable).
   * QC Connector
   * Rename Kalistick to Kalistick/Coverity Test Advisor
   * New RobotFramework launcher (robot_framework_v2.jar)
     - support for running tests (rather than testsuites)
     - optional arguments
     - selectable extension (.txt or .robot)
   * 2 new parameters in the settings defining the max size of the attachments:
     - on standard items (SUT, requirements, tests etc.)
     - on test executions (uploaded by the launchers)
   * Nicer icon for the "Edit button" on third-party (JIRA, Clearquest, Mantis etc.) bugs
   * XContinuousIntegration: ability to provide a static name for the report
   * Bug-fix:
     - With Clearquest/VersionOne/Bugzilla/JIRA/QC bug-tracking connectors, if you create a bug while executing
       manual test and you cancel the project selection a NPE is generated.
     - When previewing/generating combinations using the pairwise/regular algorithm with both valid and invalid
       values and when some are null/empty an exception may occur
     - RobotFramework launcher, XML report deleted after the first testcase hence corrupting the next results.
     - Exception while trying to refresh a requirement tree under a coverage section when the requirements are
       connected with a third-party requirement management system
     - Create team: when the Manual folder is not selected, a suggestion popup is displayed to do so
     - When some campaigns/sessions contains only not executable tests and if you selected "ignore not-executable 
       in progress and quality metrics", some exception may be thrown when caculating quality metrics.
     - Test execution's messages not rendered as HTML when they contains [b], [u] etc.
     - Exception after saving the conf locally (from a web serveur)

   * Add 2 parameter in the server settings to check or not the requirement and bugtracking connector before
     the user preferences are applied
   * Allows to have some incomplete third-party connector settings and force the user to set the missing
     parts in it user preference - i.e. username/password so that each user connects with his own credentials
   * Requirement and Test filters:
     - support filter on names
     - support the "contains" filter (i.e. "name contains 'abc'")
   * Report's source XML files include revision and date of the main targetted objects (requirements,
     specifications, tests, test cases and defects)
   * Bug-fix:
     - SUT:
       . Results > Requirements/Specifications: depending on "ignore NA in progress and quality metrics",
         . Display or hide the NA in the tree (considered then as NE)
         . Compute requirements/specifications quality accordingly
       . Results > Tests          : show the latest results ignoring or not the NA (depending on "ignore NA 
                                    in progress and quality metrics")
       . Results > Testcases/steps: show the latest results ignoring or not the NA (depending on "ignore NA
                                    in progress and quality metrics")
     - Test Tree Category/Folder/Root:
       . Results > Tests          : show the latest results ignoring or not the NA (depending on "ignore NA 
                                    in progress and quality metrics")
       . Results > Testcases/steps: show the latest results ignoring or not the NA (depending on "ignore NA 
                                    in progress and quality metrics")
     - Campaign Tree Folder:
       . Results > Tests          : show the latest results ignoring or not the NA (depending on "ignore NA 
                                    in progress and quality metrics")
       . Results > Testcases/steps: show the latest results ignoring or not the NA (depending on "ignore NA 
                                    in progress and quality metrics")
     - CPanel_Campaign:
       . Results > Requirements/Specifications: depending on "ignore NA in progress and quality metrics",
         . Display or hide the NA in the tree (considered then as NE)
         . Compute requirements/specifications quality accordingly
       . Results > Tests          : show the latest results ignoring or not the NA (depending on "ignore NA 
                                    in progress and quality metrics")
       . Results > Testcases/steps: show the latest results ignoring or not the NA (depending on "ignore NA 
                                    in progress and quality metrics")
     - CPanel_CampaignSession:
       . Results > Tests          : do not filter NE or NA results
       . Results > Testcases/steps: do not filter NE or NA results     
     - tree_step_manual launcher: first node not automatically selected
     - tree_step_manual launcher: when resetting all the results at once, currently selected node is not
     - QTP/UFT launcher: couldn't close properly the test with UFT (as UFT does not support / in test path)
     - Incorrect sample import file "import_assets.xls"
     - With the "any agent" option selected, with tabular_step_manual launcher:
       . Results may not be restored when reexecuting
       . Reset all results may not work at all
     - Typos in french translation
     - Couldn't create a session or a schedule with the community edition
     - NPE when trying to reference a reusable testcase in a test forgetting to select one
     - Don't display anymore the "new version available" screen if currently running a beta
     - Silulix launcher:
       . Generate all the output on the console (to make debug easier)
       . Parse timestamp in the log (i.e. [log (2.4.2015 22:57:59)] xxxx to export this information in the
         messages in XStudio
     - Missing localization when creating a custom field with no default value

   * Bug-fix:
     - Critical: XStudio/XAgent does not start in certain cases
   * Offline mode to skip the search for update from Internet (with commercial versions)
   * Headless XAgent (option "--headless true" in the command line or similra in the .jnlp)
   * Last login name remembered on each computer
   * Ability to execute a session (or an individual test) forcing using a specific launcher and a specific
     configuration (this can be useful for instance to temporarily execute an automated test manually).
     Feature available only with XStudio Business+ and with a specific right to do so in the user profile.
   * Customizable font size in the user preferences
   * User preferences: preferred rule when downloading some files that already exist: overwrite, skip or ask
   * Overloading of most of the connector's parameters in user preferences so that each user can provide
     his own credentials for instance. Each user can also choose which projects, status to filter etc.
   * All configurations are now sorted by default (including user preferences in database)
   * Import tests/testcases from Excel: ability to import test's custom field values, test attributes values 
     and testcase's custom fields values !
   * Custom sidebar also in the UserGroup Access Rights panel
   * A few icons slightly improved
   * New (faster) way to select testcases in a testcase sub-tree
   * Bug-fix:
     - Quality index in the SUT tree was incorrect (considering only the last executed result even if the last
       result was "Not Executed")
     - When using agent with alias, a warning is displayed stating that the agent is not reachable.
     - Allway dashboard API getChannel() XML format error 
     - Cast exception with the tree_step_manual launcher in some rare configurations
     - Create SUT > edit requirement filter > NPE
     - Sikulix launcher couldn't parse the "debug level" parameter
     - Sikulix launcher: "Opt. argument" parameter should NOT be marked as mandatory (!) 
     - Sikulix parser of the sikuli traces

   * New design (new flat icons, new colors, new side bar, clearer layout, simpler GUI, better alignments etc.)
   * Risk Analysis module (wizard + manual setting, included in Search panel, reports and requirement filters)
   * Custom fields on tests and (different) custom fields on test cases
   * "ANY agent" option when creating a session (or a schedule) so that ANY agent on the network can execute 
     the session
   * New statistics panel on:
     - Requirement folders (status, priority, risk break out)
     - Specification folders (status, priority break out)
     - Test folders (status, priority, testcase# break out)
     - Defect folders (status, priority, severity break out)
   * Inner relationships in between requirements
   * Inner relationships in between specifications
   * Robot Framework launcher (final)
   * Import Assets from Excel
   * User preferences: ability to overwrite some server settings on a per-user basis + save automatically some 
     data such as:
     - The last main window position/dimension          	
     - The last split pane positions for each tree
     - Which columns to display for each tree  
   * Ability to copy a test case in a different test
   * Refactored module to automatically select some requirements/tests (i.e. while creating a campaign) using
     4 different "helpers":
	 - Ability to create or reuse an existing stored (test or requirement) filter based on:
	   . test's properties, priority, attributes etc.
	   . requirement's priority, risk etc.
	 - Ability to select 1-N SUTs (all requirements or tests linked to these SUTs will be ticked)
	 - Ability to select 1-N requirements (all tests linked to these requirements will be ticked)
	 - Ability to select 1 or more assets (all tests linked to at least one of these assets will be
	   automatically selected)
	 - All above filtering can be cumulated/executed several times to refine the selection.
     - When cumulating filterings, a widget allows picking the rule to apply: AND or OR   
   * New XReportDebugger tool allowing to test easily custom XSLT reports
   * Test and requirement filters:
     - remove the type column which is useless
     - when adding a new expression, expand the parent and reselect the parent so that it's possible to
       recreate a new expresion without any additional click
     - when editing an expression, reselect it after the modification has been submitted
   * Add a title to the user (customizable in a specific table) to meet ISO's report format requirements
   * SUT rich-text description field
   * Option to create a session per asset (i.e. if you selected several environments you may want to generate
     1 session per environment)
   * Ability to search by id Teams, Schedules, Projects, Sprints, Categories and Companies
   * TestNg launcher: support for class + methods (test=class + testcase=method)
   * New FitNesse launcher
   * New Sikulix launcher
   * Collapsible panel containing all the session information (operator, SUT, attachments and assets) on:
     - tabular_manual launcher 
     - tabular_step_manual launcher
     - tree_step_manual launcher
   * Display in the tabular_manual.jar, tabular_step_manual.jar and tree_step_manual.jar launchers the test's
   * Add the assets information in the Test and Session reports (incl. description, screenshots etc.)
   * Set the non-executable tests at session creation time so BEFORE the session is actually started
   * When modifying the assets in a session and if the session has not yet been executed, update the
     not-executable tests.
   * Improved copy process:
     - Copy SUT:           also links the new SUT with the source SUT's linked requirements
     - Copy requirement:   also links the new requirement with the source requirement's linked specifications 
                           (or tests)
     - Copy specification: also links the new specification with the source specification's linked tests
     - Copy test:          also links the new test with the source specifications (or requirements)
     - The same applies when copying entire folders
   * Custom fields, Attributes, Params panels: always pre-select a default item so that the edit button
     does something by default
   * After editing a test case custom field, refresh the asset tree (in case there is a currently selected
     reusable test case)
   * After editing a reusable test case, also refresh the test tree (in case there is a currently selected 
     test case referring this reusable test case)
   * Search tests and test cases: ability to use test and test cases custom fields as search criteria 
   * Add the test and test case's custom fields in the testplan, SUT and Session paper reports 
   * Add the assets information in the Test and Session reports (incl. description, screenshots etc.)
   * Merge: when all the source sessions are under the same campaign, create the merged session under this 
     campaign (do NOT create a new campaign then) 
   * JavaFX capabilities
   * Anchors in lists use the same mechanism than the "search by id" widget (more robust)
   * Possibility to add custom Java option in the JNLP
   * MariaDb JDB driver included by default in the REST-API Server to make deployment easier
   * Attachment: prefix changed to "AT_"
   * Default configuration for manual launchers (in new installation)
   * Include the import samples in the distribution
   * Bug-fix:
     - When refining a requirement local coverage, SUT tree should be refreshed
     - When refining a specification local coverage, SUT + Requirement trees should be refreshed
     - Test dependencies: protection against selecting source test as destination test
     - Removed useless "Custom fields" panel on Assets tree
     - When there is a %20 (space), %2f/%2F (slash) in a anchor/URL/link in rich-text, the link may not work
     - In some specific cases, when clicking on an internal anchor (i.e. in a results grid) pointing to a
       test case or an external URL (i.e. in an email notification), the redirection did not work
     - NullPointerException when running XReportDebugger with a custom company logo
     - Empty folder needs Delete folder rights
     - Track the changes when emptying a folder
     - JUnit launcher save the trace file in TestRootPath to avoid any potential issue with invalid/not-writable 
       test canonical path
     - Test filter: shouldn't be able to add an expression at root level
     - When modifying the option about which agent can execute a schedule, the change may not have been saved

   * Anchors in rich-text now supports: http, https, local file, remote shared folders, ftp
   * JUnit launcher protect from canonical path containing some slash characters
   * Addition protection on Excel import (SUTs, requirements, specifications, tests, bugs):
     - the row is skipped if a mandatory field is missing
     - the incorrectly formatted cells (priority, severity, status etc.) are set with default values if necessary
   * Added protection against an item with no current coverage when importing items that already exist
   * Robot Framework launcher (experimental)
   * Bug-fix:
     - BLOCKING: Emergency fix for the TrustCenter
       certificate revocation issue)
     - Rich-text custom fields are not rendered correctly in paper reports
     - When "Ignore Not Executable (NA) results in Progress and Quality metrics" is set, the same rules should
       apply when calculating the test's results from the testcase's results
     - prevent the user from providing a .xlsx (or any other format) file when importing data from Excel (as 
       only .xls is supported)
     - SQL error with GET_SUT_COVERAGE
     - when an auto-correcting a coverage happens (0->100 or 100->0), custom fields values are lost
   - If you have create some custom SUT reports, you may have to update them as the source XML structure
     changed a little bit!
   - All custom visuals (icons, logo, splashscreen) must now be stored in the {install_dir}/visuals folder.
   * Timestamp signed resources so that even when using an old version of XStudio, expired certificates are
     still accepted
   * Latest results are now always the latest SIGNIFICANT results. Meaning that a NOT_EXECUTED or
     NOT_EXECUTABLE result will be ignored in all the "latest results" metrics
   * XContinuousIntegration: new option to select a style for the generated report
   * New tool to remotely/programmatically generate a session report: XReportGenerator
   * SUT paper report: change the structure so that we have the traceability relationships in a separate
     section and all the Requirements, Specifications and Tests provided in their respective tree structure 
     so that you have all the details on the folders and ancestry (i.e. folder descriptions, attachments etc.).
   * Manual launchers:
     . tree_step: support also testcases with no procedure (alternative toolbar at testcase level)
     . tree_step: create/link bugs from a testcase with no step
     . tree_step: several internal simplification/optimization 
     . tree_step: clear all comments does not work when there is no step 
     . tabular_step: support also testcases with no procedure (alternative toolbar at testcase level)
     . all: trim the comments before submission
   * When modifying manually a result + message, the previous messages are initially displayed so that it's
     easier to just modify them
   * New high resolution default icons (title bar, quick launch, logo in reports, JNLP progress window, ALL
     the dialog windows etc.)
   * New web homepage to start XStudio or XAgent through JNLP
   * All the cells are now always top-aligned in the tables in XStudio
   * Simplified linux scripts (to make it more robust to all the different distribs and shell versions)
   * Removed the MacOSX specific build. It's actually easier and more reliable to use the linux distribution
     to run XStudio from MacOSX
   * xstudio.conf file is now always automatically sorted (when modified from the fat client)
   * Java properties sorted in the About dialog box
   * New report to export in CSV some tests and testcases (including their custom fields) (i.e. to import
     them in a third-party system)
   * Add requirement and specification's custom fields in the SUT report source XML
   * When importing requirements from Excel, add the type column
   * Protection from downloading images from a null input buffer
   * Protection against license key followed by space/invisible characters
   * Debug traces for the index array problem that may arises with community version
   * Third-party bug-tracking system integration: sort the project names (folders) alphabetically
   * Generate appliances HDs for Virtual and VMware automatically (different formats)
   * All buttons are now flat on ALL operating systems
   * Bug-fix:
     - Custom visuals not working when using the web server 
     - May have some issues with embedded images in rich-text on certain linux distributions
     - Exception thrown when generating a residual test campaign
     - Remove all references to TBD and ABBR in reports
     - When creating automatically a default testcase, at first execution by a manual launcher an exception
       is thrown
     - Simple_manual, Tabular_manual, Tabular_step_manual, Tree_step_manual: when there is no testcase
       description, do not display it
     - In the campaign folder or campaign tree view results, tests with UNKNOWN result where colored in white
       instead of orange 
     - When removing tests from a campaign, inform the user that the results of those tests (obtained from the
       sessions within the campaign) have to be deleted (giving him the opportunity to cancel).
     - Message "Initialization" set by default on all testcases when creating a manual test campaign with
       certain launchers
     - When rich-text on procedure is not enabled, result toolbar is not condensed (so cropped)
     - JTidy: Use error code rather than messages (subject to localization) to filter out the warnings to filter
     - On SUT paper reports, images attachments not rendered in testcases description section
     - On SUT paper reports, JIRA or VersionOne requirements were all returned rather than only the one linked
       with the SUT(s)
     - With some of the manual launchers, when there are several formatted sections in the procedure
       (i.e. colored terms, parameter values etc.) only the last one was maintained in the results message so
       as in reporting
     - With some of the manual launchers, when there are embedded images in the procedure they were ignored in
       the results messages so as in reporting
     - Wrong width for the small results toolbar in the manual step launchers. Now, dimensions of the toolbars
       in the tabular or step manual launchers auto-adjusts on ALL operating systems and with ANY skin
     - tree_step_manual launcher: reset all results does not update currently selected test case    

   * New setting: "Ignore Not Executable (NA) results in Progress and Quality metrics" impacting the results,
     progress and quality metrics:
     - all the tests, testcases and step results tables
     - the SUT tree's quality column
     - the campaign tree's progress and results columns
     - the campaign/session paper reports
   * Paper report: more robust calculation of percentage + formatting as xx,xx% rather than rounded
   * Bug-fix:
     - When selecting on a test:
       . "at least one of the test assets is available in the session"
       . "at least one of the session assets is available in the test"
       if there is no asset selected the test is marked NOT_EXECUTABLE
     - Progress graphics obtained from a folder in the campaign tree were missing results from the sessions
       automatically created by schedules
     - Exception thrown by XContinuousIntegration when generating a report
     - With a fresh install, exception thrown about "Null Input Buffer"   

   * Several performance improvements when starting/stopping manual tests execution
   * Add the method getCampaignSessionName() in the launcher API
   * Add the name of the session in the title bar of the tabular and tree manual launchers
   * Real-time progress windows: do track ONLY newly added results
   * Bigger dimension for the toolbar in the tabular and step launchers 
   * Bug-fix
     - OutOfMemoryError reported
       . When there are many attachments, building the interface of a manual launcher is very memory-consuming
       . Running manual tests using tabular, tabular_step or tree_step launchers includes a HUGE memory leak
       . Add the max-heap-size (by default set to 768 MBytes) in all the signed JNLP templates so that it's 
         possible to set the limit of memory usable by XStudio/XAgent when they are run though Java Web start
     - Tree_step_manual launcher missing from the windows fat client
     - Add the "alias" and "poolDelay" options in XAgent JNLP
     - When using the tree editor and parameters, the tabular manual launcher does not display parameters
     - Import a procedure from XML was not working in all cases. It has been fixed and verified it works now in
       all the following cases:
       . Edit testcase
       . Create testcase 
       . Copy testcase
       . Edit reusable testcaseId
       . Create reusable testcase
     - Error reported when canceling an import procedure
     - Labels in the pie charts sometimes include cut values
     - Exception thrown when trying to delete a test referencing a reusable testcase using the DEL key     

   * New Tree Step Manual launcher
   * Preset testcase status at creation time of the session based on the "ready for manual/automated run" flags
   * Real-time execution graphics are now starting using the original not-executed/not-executable statistics so
     that there is no finalization necessary at the end and the graphics are smooth
   * Ergonomy: When creating/copying a session, remember the last selected SUT
   * Do not count the NOT_EXECUTED and NOT_EXECUTABLE in the global progress bar of a session execution
   * Global progress bar shows only significant results (never go to the left anymore)
   * New JNLP arguments (ability to select an item to pre-select, force IPv4 Stack - to workaround some issues
     in sending notification emails - and override the look'n feel of the application)
   * Bug-fix: 
     - Cannot modify the backlog of a sprint
     - XContinuousIntegration: Exception when executing it synchronously to generate a report for example
     - XContinuousintegration: Default testcases and tests status were not initialized (based on ready for
       manual/automated run flags)
     - When refreshing the session results tree view, an exception may occur 
     - Double scrollbar in the testcase execution's messages panel
     - Assets not preserved when copying a session
     - When copying a session, default testcase and test status were not initialized
     - Could not set dependencies anymore (regression)

   * New import from Excel module to import:
     - SUTS, Requirements, Specifications, Tests, Bugs
     - Links in between SUT-Req, Req-Spec, Spec-Test, Req-Tests (XStudio Professional+)
     - QC export file (XStudio Professional+)
   * Removed all the "Identifier" fields from the "Details" tabs (useless since we have now the searchable id 
     in the header)
   * Assets management: added some new rules to determine if a test is executable in regards to assets linked:
     - Always executable
     - At least one of the test's assets is available in the session
     - All the test's assets are available in the session
     - At least one of the session's assets is available in the test
     - All the session's assets are available in the test
   * Test creation: ability to set the assets linked directly from the wizard
   * Session creation: ability to set the assets linked directly from the wizard
   * Improve the look and content of the global progress bar before, during and after execution
   * Reduce the foot print of the session execution
   * Perf optimization: when starting/ending a session
   * Bug-fix: 
     - When some testcases are automatically created at execution time default custom values are not created
     - When some testcases are automatically created they are not necessary returned by getTestcaseIdVector()
     - Couldn't create testcase with the community edition!
     - Localization issues with the prices in the ads
     - Just after running a session, generated paper report show empty graphics (with only not executed)
     - Couldn't remove all the assets previously set on a test or a session
     - When selecting assets it shouldn't be possible to select reusable testcases
     - When all the test are not executable, an exception may occur with both tabular launchers
     - In specific screens, rendering of "Ready for xxx" flags could have been wrong
     - In some cases, a "special" overlay icon could have been display with no valid reason
     - "Modify Result" button does not work anymore
     - When modifying a result, the tree was not refreshed correctly
     - Missing localization for the "Assets" label
     - When copying a selection of text from a rich-text field in view mode all the text was actually pasted or 
       the text was not including CR/LF characters
     - URL in notification may not work depending on the web server configuration and browser
     - When inserting a reusable testcase under a test, the last "selected" item is used instead of the last 
       radio buton ticked item (and this could lead to an exception)

   * Reusable testcases: 
     - Ability to create some reusable test cases that can be inserted/referenced by any test
     - Modifying a reusable test case updates all his references too
     - Use the same custom fields as standard test cases
     - Of course, appears also in the filterable/sortable grids and graphs
   * Improved spell checker with better dictionaries
   * Formatted string checker: better log when issues are detected
   * Added the following methods in the launcher API:
     - public LinkedHashMap testPrerequisiteLinkedHashMap;
     - public LinkedHashMap testDescriptionLinkedHashMap;
     - public LinkedHashMap testcaseDescriptionLinkedHashMap;
     - public LinkedHashMap testcaseStepsLinkedHashMap;
     - public LinkedHashMap  testcaseEditorTypeLinkedHashMap;
   * Ability to change the SUT of a schedule
   * Name of the user profile included in the title bar of the main window
   * Update of the user profile's contents/scopes (only when installing from scratch)
   * Manual + Simple_manual launchers: do not query the database server during the execution to
     improve performances (all is stored in memory)
   * New Polish localization available
   * Custom fields are kept in the indicated position even when the number of fields varies
   * Display the searchable id in the header
   * Optimization of ALL the plain-text searches + support of the reusable testcases
   * Bug-fix:
     - Grid procedure panel should be opaque with a white background
     - Remove all inner scrollbars from the tabular manual launchers
     - When trying to restart a manual campaign executed remotely on a XAgent started with an 
       alias, the session terminates immediately
     - When using SMB storage for attachments and using XStudio from the browser if you change 
       the SMB account's password, this results in saving a xstudio.conf file including the password
       in clear text (not encrypted as it should) and an exception occurs at the first attempt to
       decrypt it
     - Some progress were displayed as 1% while they was supposed to show 0%
     - Better traces when there is a problem connecting to the shared SMB drive
     - Rights necessary to see various results sub-tabs were sometime wrongly evaluated
     - When filtering a results comparison table, the resulting filtered table may refresh at the
       wrong index of the parent tabbed pane
     - Selected additional columns in the steps results grid were not memorized when selecting 
       another node including that metric. This could also lead to exception when trying to 
       unselect/preselected but not visible column from the column picker
     - On certain linux/unix computers, auto-discovery of the OS (when auto-creating an agent) was
       output "win32" instead of "linux" 
     - Prevents XAgent from running if the database version does not match (in this case a WARNING
       is displayed in the log)
     - Missing info icons in the reports (step's messages)
     - When saving a search filter with no plain text entry, reopening the search may output a NPE
     - Custom fields not stored in the custom search in some cases
     - Couldn't build the campaign tree with SQL Server with the last optimized retrieval method (perf.)
     - If there's no asset associated to a test and the rule is "at least on", the test is marked
       as not_executable
     - When running the formatted text checking for compliance with XHTML, it sometimes reported
       some errors while there was no
     - Failure in generating DOCX reports in some cases + invalid HTML generated in some circumstances
     - When deleting all the rows in an existing grid procedure an exception is thrown when recreating
       the first one
     - Problem with update from v61 to v62 of the database schema (table "table_asset_attach_data_tag" 
       not properly created)
     - Depending on the profile, some images may have been not loaded in rich-text text fields
     - When the edition of a testplan is forbidden, do not display the switch mode button
     - Couldn't generate the report at the end of a continuous integration triggered execution
     - Auto correct coverage throws an exception with specific versions of SQL server
     - Wrong progress stats in the campaign tree in some cases
     - If updated from 58 to 59, impossible to delete a session
     - With the community edition without internet access, some actions can provoke freezes

   * Option to store all the attachment on a SMB (Windows shared folder) file system
   * When downloading an attachment (not followed by a lock), ask the user where to save it
   * When downloading a file that already exists in the temp folder, don't ask for overwriting
   * Add attachments tab on user tree's company objects
   * Bigger attachment revisions windows
   * New option when copying a test folder: ability to copy or not the coverage links.
   * While copying an object, copy only the last revision of its attachments
   * Display a status at the end of an import
   * 3 new different settings in the preferences: 
     - feature.quality_in_sut_tree.enabled
     - feature.result_in_campaign_tree.enabled";
     - feature.progress_in_campaign_tree.enabled";
   * Separators in the forms
   * Better presentation of the settings
   * "Upgrade me" button in the community edition
   * Bug-fix:
     - Incorrect refresh attachments tab on sessions
     - Problems deleting attachments from Companies, Projects, Tasks, Sprints, Campaigns and
       Exploratory Sessions
     - The number of items in the footer of a filterable table shows the total number of items 
       even when a table is filtered
     - Freeze while importing from XML items with a HTML custom field

   * Ability to associate assets to tests and session as soon as at creation time
   * 2 new rules to control the executability of tests depending on tests and session's assets
   * Improved session global progress bar
   * Bug-fix:
     - Generating a report just after executing a session could include incorrect/empty results 
       graphics in the report
     - Issues when All the tests are not executable in a session at execution time
     - Exception when removing all currently selected assets from a test in some cases
   * Bug-fix:
     - Couldn't create test cases with the tree editor

   * Bug-fix:
     - When trying to restart a manual campaign executed remotely on a XAgent started with an
       alias, the session terminates immediately
     - On some configuration, couldn't select a session
     - Database Integrity errors reported
     - When running the formatted text checking for compliance with XHTML, it sometimes reported
       some errors while there was no
     - Couldn't generate the report at the end of a continuous integration trigger execution
     - Auto correct coverage throws an exception with specific versions of SQL server
     - Freeze while importing from XML items with a HTML custom field
     - Typos in french localization
     - When modifying the name of a user, refresh was only partial

   * JCIFS in build (preparation for 2.2)
   * Better organization of the settings screen

   * Filtering of the campaign sessions on the results comparison per session grid
   * Additional rights necessary to enable viewing the details of the bugs (everything apart 
     name, id and url) on integrated, generic or third-party bugs.
   * Extend the scope of the Javadoc (added constants, commons utilities libraries, 
     REST-API server etc.)
   * All background task timeouts configurable from the settings
   * Refresh rate of the Real-time Progress Details window configurable from the settings
   * New launcher picker
   * Minimize XStudio when creating a selection-area screenshot and re-maximize when it's 
   * Bug-fix:
     - Couldn't delete test case execution attachments
     - Colors for not executed and not executable mixed in the paper reports
     - Sizing issue because of the new default string field length
     - Cost cannot be null
     - When applying a style to a selected text, reselect the same portion of text to be able
       to apply another style immediately
     - Header does not render correctly if the object name contains certain special characters
       (such as < or >)
     - Category stats update thread may be frozen if some special characters are detected in
       category names 

   * Asset Management full implementation
   * Results per session matrix at:
     - campaign tree's root level
     - campaign tree's folder level
     - campaign level
   * Campaign tree: replace the quality column by a more readable/simple "Results" column
   * Campaign tree: include next to the progress column the not-executed and not-executable
   * Campaign tree: perf. improvement
   * Update of the results post-run: ability to provide some rich-text comments (incl. images)
   * Introduction of a new NOT_EXECUTABLE status (on test cases and tests)
   * Display of status NOT_EXECUTED and NOT_EXECUTABLE in test results panels
   * Engine modification so that tests and test cases are marked as NOT_EXECUTABLE when they
     cannot be executed because of missing assets or not ready for manual/automated run
   * NOT_EXECUTED and NOT_EXECUTABLE in the manual and simple_manual launchers
   * Requirement results: add NOT-EXECUTABLE status statistics
   * Tracking of NOT_EXECUTED and NOT_EXECUTABLE status in the real-time progress details
   * Change in the status consolidation algorithm:
     - testcases:            test:
     - all success        => success
     - at least 1 failed  => failed
     - all not executed   => not executed 
     - all not executable => not executable
     - other              => unknown
   * Session's results set automatically to NOT_EXECUTED before it's started
   * Test/Testcase/Step results: display separately the NOT_EXECUTED, NOT_EXECUTABLE status
   * Report + email notification support NOT_EXECUTED + NOT_EXECUTABLE status
   * GUI: Results/Charts/etc. colors factorization
   * Test execution optimization: retrieve the "Read For Manual/Automated Run" flags for
     all test cases in one shot
   * Piechart: do not show anymore the label of empty/invisible slices
   * Testcase procedure: perf. optimization (1 less query)
   * TestNg, QTP and SOAPUi launcher refactoring
   * Paper reports: templates "table to copy to Excel" used only text for the results
     (no more icon - not handy in Excel)
   * Ability to set a bug from Assigned to Resolved or Closed directly (with proper rights
     to do so)
   * Better integrity checking for MsSql and Oracle
   * Passwords now accept ANY characters
   * Sort the SUT list in the combobox in the results panel
   * Bug-fix:
     - NPE when authenticating to LDAP in some cases
     - insert change: entry_id missing
     - create session when no conf exist as test manager generate a NPE
     - docx generation fails especially when interfacing with third-party systems (JIRA, 
       VersionOne, ClearQuest, Mantis, Bugzilla, etc.)
     - The integrity checker may introduce errors in the coverage settings when executed
     - missing or misleading information in table_to_copy_to_Excel reports especially when
       using multi-agents/multi-threads sessions
     - testNg results XML file not deleted in between cases
     - testNg launcher: the whole results file is parsed for each step
     - Campaign folder > Results: progress, test/testcase/steps grids are now considering
       only underneath campaigns
     - Paper reports: in some cases, some html characters not rendered correctly
     - Notification emails couldn't be sent is the changes includes special characters
     - Campaign session stats: incorrect values in some rare cases where multiple-agent
       and multiple-instances were used

   * NEW Tabular manual launcher: layout refactoring (column resizing, no more innoportune
     scrollbars, rich-text comments incl. screenshot etc.)
   * NEW Tabular step manual launcher: based on the tabular manual but allowing to set the 
     results and comments at step level (rather than test case)
   * Session's results: messages tab support rich-text/multi-lines comments
   * Paper report: export to table for Excel: status as text rather than icon 
   * Ability to set a bug from Assigned to Resolved or Closed directly (if rights to do so)
   * Bug-fix: 
     - Errors reported with Oracle on very big databases due to an Oracle limitation
   * Bug-fix:
     - Wrong rendering of html characters in some paper reports
   * Bug-fix:
     - The integrity checker may introduce errors in the coverage settings when executed
     - Docx generation may fail with specific special characters especially interfacing with 
       third-party systems (JIRA, VersionOne, ClearQuest, Mantis, Bugzilla, etc.

   * NEW TestComplete2 launcher supporting SmartBear's project suites, projects and tests
   * Improved TestNG Launcher: detail each TestNg test's stats in the suite (reported at step 
     level in XStudio) + better messages presentation
   * Improved xls2xml_reqs_specs_tests.xls: supporting Grid and Tree mode when importing tests
   * Improved tracing system (print repeat # instead of actually repeating the traces)
   * Application keepalive (to prevent from a unappropriate schema update)
   * VersionOne connector: support for VersionOne's PrimaryWorkItem 
   * Bug-fix:
     - Problem creating schedules or sessions when configuration includes single quotes in some
       of the parameter names
     - Timeout on JIRA (keepalive adjustments)
     - Coverage reset when importing requirements/specifications/test in update mode if the items 
       already exist
     - Launchers: Use user's temporary folder for console traces (to avoid permission issues)  

   * Bug-fix:
     - NPE when selecting a freshly created category and after the background task capturing the
       stats executed in some very particular race conditions
     - Error sending kalistick messages if kalistick not enabled in some cases
     - Couldn't generate reports from XContinuousIntegration in synchronous mode
   * New column in campaign tree to show number of exploratory sessions
   * Added a new right dedicated to configuration deletion
   * Merge sessions: ability to select the target SUT and agent if necessary
   * Ability to choose how to display tables when there are many columns: fill or scroll
   * If there is only one record, make the line and percent charts display anyway an horizontal line
   * All line/XY chart's Y axis with integer ticks only
   * Refactoring/simplification of the "bug submission vs resolution" chart (bar chart)
   * Tests import (csv and xml): the author is the user importing the data (rather than "admin") 
   * Generate test cases from exploratory notes:
     - Includes charter as test description 
     - Ability to edit test description and test prerequisites at creation time
   * When removing some tests from a campaign, ask the user if he wants to delete the former
     test/testcase results 
   * Ability to create test from a test panel and test cases from a test case (ergonomy)
   * Ability to create third-party bugs (generic, Mantis, trac, Jira, Clearquest, VersionOne and
     Bugzilla) from session's result's treeview too
   * Test case revision panel: show the procedure using the view mode specified
   * Report on exploratory session folder
   * Bug-fix:
     - In certain cases, when editing the testcase procedure, custom field values are reset
     - Campaign > Results > Progress : was including also results from external sessions
     - In some rare cases, the report on "Campaign > Results > Tests" may indicate wrong values
     - Clearquest integration broken
     - Report "testplanHTML_Table_to_copy_in_Excel" does not include the steps/parameters/checks
     - Bugzilla connector: random exception when retrieving defects from a specific folder
     - Error when trying to generate tests from specifications
     - Not possible to generate SUT report when specifications are enabled

   * Undo/Redo on all the rich-text fields
   * Rename option when importing data, and when items with same name already exist
     (in CSV or XML)
   * Screenshots tools available from the test case grid procedure editor
   * Ability to create and link Generic/Mantis/Trac/Jira/Clearquest/VersionOne/Bugzilla 
     bugs from the exploratory sessions (not only integrated bugs)
   * Bug-fix:
     - Protection against exception that may happen when campaigns contain no test
     - When specifications are enabled in the life-cycle:
       . Exception while retrieving the tests covering some specifications
       . Exception while retrieving the defects possibly impacting some specifications
       . Some incorrect quality value may have been reported
     - Additional info was not included in the raw data of several reports
     - Canonical path and additional infos fields were not escaped in the report XML so having
       a canonical path or some additional infos including '&' sign may have generated problems
     - When generating a report supposed to include test/testcase/step results charts and when
       the charts have not been actually automatically generated and the user did not request
       the generation, an exception was thrown
     - Exception when selecting an exploratory session with no execution rights or an expired
       plugin license
     - A few minor refresh on coverage sub-trees not working
     - When creating XML using xls2xml_reqs_specs_tests.xls testcase index may be not
       reinitialized in some cases
     - Missing specific rights to import bugs in CSV
     - Url with no protocol prefix throwing an exception when clicked
     - When generating parametrized testcases (using pairwise algorithm or all combinations)
       and when using SQL Server and when some custom fields have empty values, then an
       exception can occur
     - Cannot modify the description or the name of a folder in the custom SQL report tree
     - Testcase not automatically created by the launcher (when there is none) by default
     - TestExecutionVector provided to the launcher does not include tests with no test case

   * Improved robustness of cookies management for VersionOne and Clearquest
   * Bug-fix:
     - Wrong specification coverage in specification folder paper reports
     - When importing test cases, XStudio checks if the testcase already exists by testing the
       testcase_index which is not the most relevant way (testing the name is)
     - In some specific cases (i.e. sessions with no configuration, campaign with no sessions),
       an SQL exception may have been raised when calculating the comparison matrix
     - VersionOne integration:
       . Retrieve the stories and defects per page of 2000 items (perf.)
       . No project filter interpreted as ALL projects
       . No status filter interpreted as ALL status

   * VersionOne integration at requirement (Story) and bug (Defect) levels
   * New web Html viewer widget (for read-only html-formatted descriptions)
   * Huge performance improvement to compute all the results comparison matrix
   * Ability to import bugs in CSV
   * Bug-fix: 
     - With specific version of Sahi 4.0, the HTML report format is different so not parseable
     - Session: with specific rights/plugins, refresh was not occurring at the right tab index
     - Session: without commercial license, the results tab was empty and it was not possible 
       to run tests
     - Merging sessions on which configurations have been deleted throws an exception
     - When submitting some modification on a test case, the system automatically selects the 
       parent test
     - Url content was not url-escaped so it might have been incorrect with specific content
     - Issues while creating some links when using Generic or JIRA requirements
     - Could not check the bugs details when Requirements AND Bugs are retrieved from JIRA

   * Track the steps with status INFO in the steps stats
   * Ensure all paper reports include ALL charts available from the GUI (incl. Progress and 
     Tests, Testcases and Steps results)
   * Default sub-tab selected always to "Progress"
   * Add values on Results Piecharts (and on paper reports)
   * Headers on the reports before charts
   * Add more verification when creating an object
   * Remove unknown and not executed status from the progress charts (meaningless) + add a
     label explaining the progress graph
   * Real-time verification of the steps and expected results when editing a rich-text test case
   * The global verification process available from the menu now verify also all test case
   * New paper report at campaign folder level (to show daily progress)
   * Small improvements in terms of memory and time footprint when calculating huge "Steps Results"
   * Bug-fix:
     - Exception thrown when selecting a campaign with SQL Server
     - Merge generate session with test execution not exactly with the same timestamp to avoid
       duplicates when getting latest results
     - Couldn't create a category
     - A SUT filter combobox appears on a SUT's results's progress panel when one modify the
       stop date
     - When creating a campaign, and parents/child are automatically added, can't leave the panel
     - XHTML verification process does not run if the auto-verification is not set in the settings

   * HUGE performances improvement on SUTs/categories/folders/campaigns/sessions
   * Dynamic generation of metrics to improve responsiveness of the GUI
   * Many performance optimizations on results metrics computation
   * Generalization of the filterable results grid views (with opt. columns) at almost all levels
     in all trees:
             Prog  Reqs  Specs  Tests  Testcase  Steps  Tree  Stats  Conf  Agent  Op.  Hist  Qual.
        SUT  x     x     x      x      x         x                                           x
       Root  x                  x      x         x                   x     x      x
        Cat  x                  x      x         x
     Folder  x                  x      x         x
       Test                            x         x                                     x
   Testcase                                      x                                     x
       Root  x                  x      x         x                   x     x      x
     Folder  x                  x      x         x                   x     x      x
       Camp  x     x     x      x      x         x                   x     x      x
    Session        x     x      x      x         x       x    x
   * All the results-related metrics now grouped in a single "Results" tab.
   * Remove SQL connection traces (can be activated later by configuration)
   * Sikuli launcher
   * Bug-fix:
     - Grid-view support params/custom fields including _ in their name
     - Inconsistent behaviour when adding/removing params/customfields alternatively in the results
     - Issues with columns ordering in the results grid-views
     - Wrong "Test cases execution#" SQL custom report after DB v58
     - Verify the length of HTML string before submitting to database and display an error message
       when too long (> 64.000 characters)
     - Wrong error message when inserting a ';' in the value of a param or an attribute
     - On small screens may be impossible to edit a rich-text fields on bug details
     - Results metrics on Root and Category were based on all tests/testcase whatever the team
       the user was member of

   * Harmonization external JIRA requirements with external JIRA bugs
   * Check regularly if the database has been updated to force the client to restart if needed
   * Tests, Testcase and Steps results grid at test folder level (incl. optional columns,
     ordering, filtering and Excel export)
   * Bug-fix:
     - No refresh while creating a new folder or copying a folder
     - Exception while creating a team when some trees are hidden
     - Delete folders not working with MariaDb
     - Problem getting requirement's content in some cases
     - MariaDb engine was missing a couple of Data treatments
     - Exception when creating/copying a folder in specific cases
     - SUT reports miss the steps and expected results descriptions
     - Misleading message mentioning SUT when reporting results on campaign or test folder

   * xls2xml_reqs_specs_tests.xls: testcase index not re-initialized in between each test import
   * Additional protection against duplicates and deadlocks in rights calculation
   * Activate the right fields in the bug-tracking settings depending on which connector we use
   * Bug-fix:
     - Couldn't get the defect stats on root folder when using the integrated bug-tracking
   * New Clearquest Integration (XStudio Business+)
   * For ALL the third-party bug-tracking database connectors (Mantis, JIRA, trac, 
     bugzilla, Clearquest):
     - Support of projects/milestone/database
     - Statistics at folder + root level
     - Reports at folder + root level
     - Reports includes much more information
   * Ask the user first the project he wish to submit is bug on when creating a
     bug from one of the three manual launchers
   * Better Excel reports:
     - Campaign: includes steps, expected results and latest results
     - Session: includes steps, expected results, results and comments
   * Do not need anymore to provide custom field's type attribute in the import XML
   * Can add some optional "custom fields" columns in the Import Excel sheet (for
     requirements, specification, tests and test cases)
   * Additional protection against duplicates and deadlocks during rights calculation
   * Order the test cases by their index in the test subtree
   * Separate creation/modification from deletion rights on params
   * Sand glass cursor when creating a new timetag or synchronizing to a timetag
   * Bug-fix: 
     - Manual & simple_manual launchers: when creating a new third-party bug, 
       actually give the opportunity to the user to link the newly created bug to the 
       currently failing test
     - Copy/paste from the test case procedure grid editor (steps or expected results)
       to a third-party text program may miss some CR/LF
     - XStudio windows fat client does not include default mariadb java client
     - Couldn't import test cases with their procedures
     - When importing test cases that already exist, the editor type was reset to tree
     - When using Generic requirement or defect (one out of the two was using a 
       wrong URL)
     - Odin axe launcher does not work as expected
     - Copyright date in help
     - Couldn't run XAgent through JNLP (from the web site)

   * MariaDB Support
   * Excel export of all the customizable/filterable tables
   * Improved MailFactory
   * Priority column on the test tree
   * Ability to filter test (i.e. when creating a campaign) on 2 additional properties:
     - number of test cases
     - test priority
   * ScreenCapture: 
     - Better screenshot interface with ability to set the dynamic scale ratio
     - Add the real-time coordinates+dimension on the screencapture area selector
     - Handle correctly the cursor over the buttons in the screencapture area selector
     - Persistance within a session of the screenshot area selector's scale parameter
   * Signed JNLP: no more Java security warning about the need to 
     - sign the embedded libraries
     - sign the JNLP
   * Testcase params matrix
     - Ability to add columns for each param in all customizable/filterable grids showing
       test cases
     - test's test cases matrix
     - SUT's test case results 
     - SUT's steps results 
     - campaign's test case results
     - campaign's steps results
   * Launchers:
     - QFTest: use CFileUtils.deleteFile (factorization)
     - Generic launcher (that works with any interpreter)
     - Odin Axe + Odin Axe Results Importer launchers
     - New TestExecute launcher
     - Updated TestComplete launcher    
   * SQL custom report: scroll only the viewport (to keep the header visible)
   * Ability to change the username (used when logging in XStudio) associated with a 
     LDAP account
   * Better warning when deleting user/profiles/groups
   * Perf. optimization on customizable/filterable grids
   * Preparation of a future configurable user preference specifying if table's columns 
     must always fill the container panel (as in previous versions) or if an horizontal 
     scrollbar is preferred (if the columns width exceed the available visible room)
   * Searches improvment
     - Borderless inner panels
     - Quicker mouse-wheel interaction with custom fields scrollable inner panels
   * Save pref. on params in the grids
   * Bug-fix:
     - Additional protection against null kalistick Uuid
     - French localization typo
     - Couldn't execute more than one test using XAgent
     - When creating a bug or linking to an existing bug from the session results, bugs panel
       is not refreshed
     - Incorrect output when searching using custom fields criteria
     - In certain cases, custom fields criteria were not saved in the custom searches
     - Linking to a JIRA bug real time during manual testing session run might generate an error
     - Exception when switching to JIRA bug-tracking with an invalid XML-RPC URL
     - Problem of display of team's access rights when empty categories/companies are selected
     - Couldn't remove all rights in certain conditions
     - While editing a bug from the manual launcher, cancel does not do anything
     - After tempering a result, when re-running a tabular manual session the former comments
       are wrongly formatted
     - Images not visibles in rich-text areas (because the _xstudio_tmp folder is deleted by
       a third-party)
     - Couldn't reorder per priority
     - couldn't modify the settings from XAgent when they are incorrect
     - While copying from a rich-text box to a plain-text third-party application (notepad, a 
       console program), line breaks are lost
     - Problem with ' in French localization on several terms
     - Couldn't open a specific revision of a SQL report
     - Font does not support Chinese (changed to logical font instead of physical font)
     - Couldn't modify the LDAP dn of a user if admin
     - Shouldn't have filter button on SQL report tree

   * Improvement: All windows visible during testing (XStudio main screen, 
     Test campaign real-time progress screen, Manual laucher's screens) are now independent 
     and visible from the OS's task bar
   * More thorough time-shifting checker 
   * Ability to include or not attachments in all the reports 
   * Specific user's rights to control is a user can or cannot modify a result (post-run)
   * Better message in case of connection failure
   * JMeter launcher: conf. properties are now optional
   * Protection against invalid UUID
   * Remove "NULL" from Oracle queries
     - allows to simplifies A LOT the "auto_increment" triggers (IBFK)
     - fix a lot of constraint issues
   * Bug-fix:
     - More robust connection pool, mainly against unexpected cases such as:
       . network failures, 
       . system waking up from stand-by/hibernation mode
       . poor perf. connecting on the server (several retries)
     - Oracle
       . Couldn't retrieving the defects stats
       . Couldn't update defect stats
       . Couldn't update history of ready for manual/automated run
	 - Couldn't create screen capture when creating a bug on the fly from the manual launcher
	 - Ranorex launcher returning test case success if the script does not exists and previous 
	   test case succeeded
     - Retrieving LDAP users with special characters could lead to an error
     - Invalid custom field's type column in the list 
     - Protection against negative execution time
   * Rich text on test case procedures
   * Timeshifting feature:
     - Ability to add a tag (timetag) on the current version of SUTs, requirements, 
       specifications, tests, test cases, bugs, exploratory sessions, sql reports,  
       ALL the attachments and ALL the links between objects on the system
     - Ability to get back in time to a specific tag (i.e. to re-run a campaign with
       requirements and tests as they were at the time of a former release) 
   * Integrated screen capture tool
     - Possibility to capture and insert screenshots directly within the rich editor widget
     - Adjustable area to capture (or just individual screens)
   * New default SQL custom reports
   * Performances improvement: retrieval of testcase procedure sentences in a background thread
   * Split Id and Names columns from the results grids
   * Configurable max number of SQL connections
   * New clearer presentation of the result's messages:
     - Highlighting of the comments in the result's messages
     - Remove the images reference in the result's messages   
   * Ranorex launcher:
     - Add a zip file of all the files generated as attachment
     - Ranorex 4.0 support
   * JUnit launcher: "info" messages instead of "unknown"
   * Add a docx report on the bugs
   * Better presentation of stacktraces in uncaught exception dialogs
   * Better way to cleanup connections withing transactional operations
   * Rights to import data in CSV/XML set in user's profiles
   * Add many OS (available for bug-tracking module) in the drop-down menu
   * Bug-fix:
     - SOAPUi launcher does not work with the SOAPUi free version
     - Exception when modifying only the details of a testcase (with rich-text procedure)
     - Horrible performances of the rich-text editor when working with long texts and Java 7  
     - Incomplete help on rich-text formatting   
     - Exception when trying to generate a report while specific rights are disabled 
     - Filtering on column with ID/Name distinction   
     - Can delete params even if rights is not granted in the user profile      
     - Rich-text was possibly very large when looking at a specific revision of an object
     - Localization missing for steps results

   * Results comparison matrix on folders and campaigns allowing to possibly identify easily 
     causes/reasons of failure
     - Results comparison depending on configuration
     - Results comparison depending on agent
     - Results comparison depending on operator
   * SUT and Campaign: new results reporting with custom filtering on all the columns (including 
     optional columns - attributes, custom fields):
     - Test results
     - Test cases results
   * Test case param string values length enlarged to 2000 characters
   * Ergonomy:
     - new flat progress bar to improve readability of ALL the metrics in XStudio
     - All combo-box's width is auto-adjusted based on the content of the combo-box
   * Bug-fix:
     - Invalid version displayed on MacOSX help
     - Campaign-session progress bar in the dashboard matches the real progress of the sessions
     - Missing column header in paper reports including tests and test cases results
   * Rich-Text editor/viewer width now never exceeds the width of the containing panel!
   * Performances: faster to generate session + testplan reports
   * Better presentation in the manual launcher:
     - White background
     - If a check is empty set it to success and do not show it in the manual.jar launcher
   * User secure properties in JNLP
   * Max length exceeded error message improved
   * Add permissions attributes to XQual's jars
   * Do not show empty operators/checks in reports
   * History item selection always refreshes the target node
   * Bug-fix: 
     - Exception when trying to generate a report while specific rights are disabled
     - Missing column header in paper report
     - Auto-adjust width on Combo-boxes
     - Real progress of campaign sessions indicated in the dashboard
     - In some very specific cases, while creating a campaign, if some of the individually suggested 
       missing parents or child tests are already included in the original list, an error message was
       displayed and the tree was not refreshed while the campaign was correctly generated.
     - Preferred language not selected correctly in user's details
     - Time form items empty on MacOSX
     - Version on MacOSX
     - Simplified/fixed xls2xml_reqs_specs_tests.xls macro
     - Wording: "This bug is linked with 2 tests" rather than "This bug is possibly impacting 2 tests"
   * Emergency patch to workaround the bug in the latest Java update (Java 7 u45)
   * Performances improvement:
     - Remove all useless selections of root node after deletion of an object
     - Auto-correct of coverage now performed in only one query (for each type) - used after
       many refresh action so improved perf. on many common actions
     - Ability to disable the coverage tab on Root, Category and Folder nodes (to improve perfs
       on very large database)
   * Up-to-date Chinese localization  
   * Up-to-date German localization
   * Ability to display terminated sessions and exploratory sessions in dashboard (not older
     than a number of days)
   * Bug-fix:
     - Couldn't import test from XML to a SQLServer database
     - Steps missing in specific cases when generating XML using xls2xml_reqs_specs_tests.xls
     - NullPointerException if settings set to not display coverage at a level and we generate
       a report at this level
     - Results charts calculated from a test folder may miss a few tests/test cases in some
       specific conditions
     - Step status not interpreted in the test case failed email notification   
   * Ability to color some text sections in rich text area
   * Test's attributes in the reports
   * Test and Test case results in the SUT and Campaign reports
   * Test, Test case and Step results piechart in the SUT and Campaign reports
   * Test case's custom fields in SUT report
   * Improvement in the presentation of the formatted text checker  
   * Updated icons (ready for manual/automated run, results) on the reports (matching XStudio's)
   * QTP Launcher: complete "Report" folder zipped and attached to the test result
   * Bug-fix:
     - Better verification of the rich text format + possibility to disable the verification
     - Exception when clicking on a dashboard item pointing to an object the user do not have
       access to
     - Typos in the formatting help

   * Validation of the formatted string at editing time to ensure all the formatted texts are
     pseudo-HTML compliant
   * Improve the reporting of the invalid formatted texts
   * Apply the verification to ALL the formatted texts (not only the requirements and 
     specifications descriptions)
   * Bug-fix:
     - MAJOR: Exception when trying to display empty sortable tables

   * Delete multiple categories, companies and folders in one shot using CTRL and Delete key
   * Option to update or skip existing items when importing from CSV or XML
   * System sound emitted when a session execution is completed to alert the user
   * New icons for "ready for manual/automated run" to make it more easy to interpret in tables
   * page break on requirements and specifications .docx export
   * Header and footers (page numbering) in generated .docx documents
   * Reorganisation/simplification of the Campaign session panel:
     - Gather all the monitoring tabs under one unique tab
     - Gather all the results tabs (test results, specification results, requirements results and 
       results statistics) under one unique section
     - New Campaign session's results tab including trees and graphics containing:
       . Requirements results/quality including all details of how many testcases with 
         success/failure/relative/not_executed results
       . Specifications results/quality including all details of how many testcases with 
         success/failure/relative/not_executed results
       . Tests/test cases results
       . Statistics
     - Remember the selected sub-tabbed pane for Results and Monitoring
   * New SUT's Results tab including trees and reorderable/sortable tables containing:
     - Requirements results including all details of how many testcases with 
       success/failure/relative/not_executed results
     - Specifications results including all details of how many testcases with 
       success/failure/relative/not_executed results
     - Tests results including all details of how many testcases with 
       success/failure/relative/not_executed results
     - Test cases results including all details of how many testcases with 
       success/failure/relative/not_executed results
     - Steps results including a visual indicator of steps results per test case
     - Quality index (2 different modes of calculation)
     - Remember the selected sub-tabbed pane for Results
     - Remember the order of the columns and their width of all tables in Results
     - Add/remove optional columns in the results table (test attributes, test case custom fields)
   * New Campaign's Results tab including trees and reorderable/sortable tables containing:
     - Requirements results including all details of how many testcases with 
       success/failure/relative/not_executed results
     - Specifications results including all details of how many testcases with 
       success/failure/relative/not_executed results
     - Tests results including all details of how many testcases with 
       success/failure/relative/not_executed results
     - Test cases results including all details of how many testcases with 
       success/failure/relative/not_executed results
     - Steps results including a visual indicator of steps results per test case
     - Quality index (2 different modes of calculation)
     - Remember the selected sub-tabbed pane for Results
     - Remember the order of the columns and their width of all tables in Results
     - Add/remove optional columns in the results table (test attributes, test case custom fields)
   * Formatted text checker (check only requirement and specification descriptions for now)
   * Bug-fix:
     - Exception while deleting a user
     - When there are extra invisible characters in an XML near the CDATA section, description of
       objects may not be imported correctly
     - In specific cases, wrong quality column in the campaign tree when specifications are enabled
     - Wrong refresh when adding a custom field for SUTs
     - Exception when no CSV/XML file are selected during import

   * Import custom field's values when importing requirements, specifications or tests from XML
   * Manual update of the results from the session's content page
   * Word (.docx) export: now support cell borders, Hn background colors, Font, Headers
     and page-breaks
   * Optimization of the testcase's results table
   * Test case's execution messages are rendered in HTML (for instance to highlight the parameters)
   * Multi-lines tooltip allowing to read multi-lines testcase execution messages
   * All launchers now provide time stamp information in their returned messages
   * New neat icons for results
   * New status RESULT_INFO to be used instead of relative for the test case execution 
     information messages
   * In JNLP mode, force explicitly the clients to always check for updates 
   * Bug-fix:
     - Sprint status not localized
     - When copying a test case with a tree editor, the changes done on the fly for the new 
       test case was also applied to the original test case
     - Cannot rename or delete a preset filter setting

   * New reporting module:
     - New wizard to generate documentation/reports
     - New reporting templates (XSLTs formatting, better look and feel, tracing of the 
       ready for manual/automated execution flags, simplification CSS etc.)
     - Factorized report localization
     - Ability to select/add some styles when generating a report
	   4 styles present by default:
	   . XQual (a colorful style based on XQual colors)
	   . Condensed (XQual with lower-sized fonts)
	   . Standard (the current default style)
	   . Crimson (a colorful style based on Crimson color)
   * Ability to generate reports in .docx format (experimental and starting from XStudio Professional)
   * New coverage metrics completed with new charts
   * Ability to customize (starting from XStudio Business):
     - the splash screen
     - the application logo (title bar + taskbar)
     - the application title (title bar + all references)
   * Add menu item to check defect stats (remove duplicates)
   * Bug-fix:
     - Duplicates in defect stats due to date in the future
     - Protect against "unauthenticated bind" security hole on LDAP connector
     - When selecting multiple items (to move/merge/etc.), the selection time get slower and slower
     - Reporting:
       . Usage of the system temp folder to generate the reports + automatic cleanup
       . No overwrite of attachments etc.
       . Dedicated folder (with automatic postfix if already exists)
       . Contains only the relevant data and no data from former reports
     - Email notification:
       . Usage of the system temp folder to generate the emails + automatic cleanup
     - SUT wrong test coverage value in the "Coverage" tab when specifications are not enabled
     - Missing localized terms in some reports

   * LDAP configurable Name attribute
   * Ability (if admin) to modify the LDAP dn of a user manually
   * PDNL Highlighting only on exploratory session notes + run panels
   * Complete redesign of the container coverage metrics
   * Completely new authored/developed graphics (based on the new chart lib)
   * Renaming of "Authored" and "Developed" flag to "Ready for Manual/Automated run"
   * Icons for "Ready for Manual/Automated run" flags
   * protection in tabular manual in case editor type or test procedure are not set
   * Bug-fix: 
     - Charts from campaign session not exported in reports
     - Charts from test categories not exported in reports
     - When editing test details (i.e. additional information field), prerequisites and scope were
       possibly affected/deleted   
     - max-heap-size set to 896m
   * PDNL (Procedure Description Natural Language):
     - automatic generation of scripted test cases from exploratory session's notes
     - syntax highlighting
   * Exploratory sessions in the dashboard
   * Grid editor auto-wrap (preferences configurable in the settings)
   * Clickable hyperlinks in the formatted texts fields (in view mode)
   * More charts in some of the reports (on campaigns, test's root folder)
   * Charts a little bit bigger in the reports (readability)
   * Don't use anymore the '-' sign to identify several checks in the grid editor (we now just
     use LF/CR)
   * Report default name factorization
   * Icons for "ready to be manually executed" and "ready to be automatically executed" (preparation) 
   * Bug-fix: 
     - In some cases, launchers are not working on linux agents
     - Some of the new charts not included in the reports
     - In some cases, the default selected editor was not used when creating a new test case
     - Exception when merging with the option 'keep instances' in some cases
     - With the xls2xml_req_specs_tests.xls macro, some expected results were not imported

   * Exploratory Session (except TPNL)
   * Support "any character" in launcher forms
   * TestNG launcher supports for both xml suite and test class execution
   * Add a auto-download JRE section in the JNLP for XStudio and XAgent
   * Tabular manual launcher: close button redirected to the terminate() action
   * Exploratory session runner: close button redirected to the cancel() action
   * New help icon + Header border adjustment
   * Unified method to set dates in the DB
   * Common utilities for generic graphs
   * New graph color/style
   * New generic graphics: campaign, test, defects
   * Bug-fix:
     - CRunner does not work on linux with path containing spaces
     - WAPT launcher wrong settings (v0.6)
     - QF-test wrong escaping on linux (v0.6)
     - Wrong consolidation in the Progress Details window
     - Missing icon for bug link

   * Support of special characters (such as '\') in launcher forms
   * Search by ID new types of items: users, documents and agents
   * More protection against execution using invalid/outdated configurations
   * New xls2xml_reqs_specs_tests.xls
   * Bug-fix:
     - Selection of items sometimes does not update the right panel
     - Sometimes refresh of a tab does not work
     - Add SQL Report management in the teams
     - After unregistering an LDAP user, couldn't re-register it anymore without restarting XStudio
     - XAgent: in case many schedules are ready to be executed, treat them in their 
       schedule_nextStartDate order
     - Copy testcase does not save the change in the procedure
     - Ability to click on the right hand-side of a node in the trees to select a node
     - Problem with configuration checking
     - Invalid campaign session status in some odd cases
     - When creating a schedule, execution configurations not validated
     - Exception when clearing the list of ccemails associated to an object
     - Incorrect refresh when modifying bug's assigned to/found in SUT
     - Wrong check to verify if tescase's details have been well modified
     - Exception: "INSERT INTO table_sess_conf VALUES"
     - Just after creation, without manual refresh, the initial change is empty for projects, 
       requirements, specifications, sprints, SQL reports, tasks and tests
     - LDAP filter couldn't accept special characters such as &
     - Make the rendering of param more robust (and apply the rule "a param must not have SPACE, LF, 
       CR or TB character in its name")
     - Escape also CR (not only LF) so that it works well on Windows, Unix or Mac in any situation
       (CR LF = Windows, LF = Unix and CR = Macintosh)
     - Missing test names in traceability matrix (in the paper reports)
     - Use the same LnF for teams's access right settings than for the sidebar
     - Priority vertical slider too wide
     - CRunner does not work on linux with path containing spaces
     - WAPT launcher wrong settings (v0.6)
     - QF-test wrong escaping on linux (v0.6)
     - Copyright date
     - Missing localization terms on SUT report
     - Typos and wrong traces labels
     - Exception when submitting import from XML or CSV when no file selected
     - Oracle specifics:
       . Exception when saving some changes
       . Exception when registering LDAP users with no email settings
       . Couldn't get any bugs stat graphs
       . Exception when trying to update the stats

   * LDAP/Active Directory integration
   * Left trees & right panels always in sync.
   * Keep context when switching between trees
   * Performance improvements:
     - Immediate expansion/collapse of any node
     - Tree expanding/collapsing/refreshing optimization
     - Better performances when switching between trees
   * Smaller icons for the side bar
   * High def. icons on the right panel header
   * When creating an item, always automatically select this item on submission
   * When deleting an item, automatically select the root node on submission 
     (except for sessions and testcases)
   * Framework preparation for exploratory testing
   * Header title in blue (more readable)
   * Bug-fix:
     - Cannot create soapUI configuration (problem while loading conf with
       unsorted ids)
     - XML Import: description not correctly imported if not in a CDATA section
     - Oracle: test_exec_message longer than 4000 characters

   * Optimization columns resizing
   * Schema update for future LDAP/Active directory integration
   * Bug-fix:
     - Do not suggest ancestor/descendant tests when there are none!
     - Cannot move up and down steps when using the tree editor 
     - Couldn't see a project just after it is created

   * Audit log feature (XStudio Business):
     - Check an history of who did what
     - Filtering on users and action type
     - Save-able filters
     - Includes deletion events on non-existing anymore objects 
   * Suggest linked tests (XStudio Professional):
     - When creating or editing a campaign, missing ancestors and descendants are
       suggested so that they can be automatically inserted
   * General performances improvements
   * Optimize the "Expand All" methods on all the trees
   * Warning the user when manually "expanding all" a tree if the tree is huge
     (maxNumberSelectedNodesAutoExpanded=800 configuration parameter to determine
     the boundary limit)
   * Import test in XML uses by default the settings's preferred editor
   * When moving several items at once, open the folder containing the first item
     by default as destination folder
   * Bug-fix:
     - Restore missing SNMP lib entry in JNLP files
     - Identical metrics for category > stats > developed and authored test cases

   * New grid procedure editor (alternative to the original tree procedure editor)
     (only available with commercial versions)
     - Removed "use Description as test procedure" parameter
   * Auto-resized formatted text boxes:
     - Automatically full-width of the parent window
     - Heights are calculated such that the available space is shared among all the
       Formatted text boxes in the current window
   * Trees have now clickable nodes when they stand on the right panels so that
     the user can always automatically jump to the data he can see
   * Multiple-selection move on ANY object in XStudio
   * Custom SQL reports tree (commercial versions) allowing to
     - Prepare custom SQL queries on XStudio's DB
     - Share the queries
     - Retrieve, order columns and sort the results the results from the GUI
     - Export the data to Excel
   * Enrichment testplan reports with more graphics
   * Switched to using a Context Class Loader (so that it's possible to develop
     launcher using third-party libs - such as spring - which load classes this way)
   * Add 3 new administration tools:
     - Check coverage: search the database for coverage inconsistencies and correct them
     - Automatic procedure when enabling specification tree server side to clean
       former links
     - Automatic procedure when disabling specification tree server side to automatically
       build the new links between requirements and tests
   * CSS improvements (reports, preview, manual launcher's GUI)
   * Ability to search for new objects (incl. folders)
   * More robust syntax coloring
   * Bug-fix:
     - While copying a campaign, the parallel_execution settings is not copied
     - When a launcher is missing and you selected the serial mode, a wrong error
       message error ("Sessions where tests from different categories are executed 
       sequentially don't support Manual tests") appears (whatever launcher you picked)
     - Schedule attributes not correctly copied to the session
     - Missing Microsoft Sql Server scripts in the package

   * Add WAPT launcher
   * GUI harmonization: table selected line color
   * Ability to delete multiple projects in one shot
   * Bug-fix:
     - Couldn't delete a folder or a user with SQLServer 2005
     - Incorrect integrity file for SQLServer
     - Copied SUT folders do not inherit the company information
     - Couldn't execute QFS-test script on Linux
     - WebUI launcher missing in web package
     - Invalid link to the online documentation
     - Additional protection on CLauncher.getParam()
     - XContinuousIntegration: protection against invalid sync conf on agents

   * Bug-fix:
     - Exception when selecting a campaign when using MySql

   * Microsoft SQLServer 2005+ support!
   * User Guide packaged and included in the web package so that it can be shared
     and accessed from the company's intranet
   * Ability to copy SUTs and SUT folders
   * Complete static coverage metrics refactoring
   * Bug-fix:
     - SQL Transactions with locking mechanism to avoid deadlock when using agents pool
       with a large number of agents and small pooling delay values  
     - Copy requirements/specifications: attachments and custom fields not copied
     - Copy tests: attachments and links to requirements/specs not copied
     - Copy test cases: attachments and custom fields not copied
     - QFTest launcher: on linux "qftest" should be used instead of "qftestc"    
     - Campaign requirement/specification coverage empty
     - Save dependencies graph (.jpg extension filter in the save as dialog box)
     - Oracle: couldn't enable/disable specification in the life-cycle
     - Oracle: copy attachment while copying an other object generates an exception
     - Oracle: copy custom fields fails
   * Add "--poolDelay" option to XAgent to specify the job pooling frequency
   * Bug-fix:
     - When use agents pools, after a session has been executed if you stay on that
       session node and press "copy session" all the original agents are pre-selected 
       while only the one that has been picked should be copied
     - When copying a test, prerequisites is copied in description and description is empty
     - Support backslash in the database server name settings
     - Wrong localization in the new report generation form ("report type")
     - Exception while emptying some folders when using some external bug-tracking database
     - Ensure we do not insert field with invalid control characters (remove them on the fly) when
       . using copy/paste in a creation wizard 
       . importing from CSV
     - Invalid SplashScreen on XAgent

   * SoapUI Launcher 1.5 (support soapUI AND soapUI Pro)
     WARNING: need to update your execution conf!
   * Bug-fix:
     - Several memory leaks (a complete audit log has been performed and the app is
       now memory leak-free)
     - Exception when changing specification enabling/requirements sources/bug sources
       settings at the first install
     - Update failed when automatic patches occurs when the user changed the specification 
       enabling settings
     - Generated by "API" when the report is generated by XContinuousIntegration
     - Do not search anymore for test case execution timestamp for license checking
     - Missing localization
     - Oracle incorrect CREATE TABLE table_attr_integer/table_attr_string statements
     - NullPointerException with DefectChooser

   * New reporting module allowing to generate ANY kind of formats
   * Add descriptions on attributes and params (blue messages)
   * New GUI style
   * Bug-fix:
     - Major memory leak when selecting a campaign in the left tree
     - Exception when creating an agent
     - Changed all linux shell scripts to support args including blank characters
     - Exception while using the params toolbar when editing them on the fly
     - Couldn't retrieve JIRA bugs when (for any reason) priority is missing from what
       JIRA returns
     - Empty description when importing tests without procedure using
       xls2xml_reqs_specs_tests.xls tool
     - Ranorex launcher: unexpected results in some cases
     - When a graph is null do not reuse previously created one
     - no bug name in bug report with JIRA connector
     - Missing localization for session params edition rights
     - Add right management for schedule attributes and params edition
     - Permit to edit fixType, fixDescription and patches when a bug is in Acknowledge status
     - Allow selection of several SUTs fixed in when resolving a bug       
     - Wrong label in defect's specification coverage

   * XContinuousIntegration:
     - synchronous (with a timeout) or asynchronous
     - capability to generate local report the end of the execution (XML or 
       Transformed using the usual XSLTs)
   * Complete reshaping of the params and attributes management
     - 2 new modules to manage (create/edit/delete) the attributes and the params 
       globally (on the test tree root node)
     - Add normal values on attributes and params to facilitate the setting of values on
       tests/test cases (create/edit/delete)
     - Possibility to also set manually a custom value to an attribute/param
       (editable combobox)
     - Ability to overload testcase params values at runtime (set at session or 
       schedule level)
     - Rendering params in the viewer and in the editor
   * Ranorex launcher 1.4
   * showRealtimeProgressDetails setting parameter to enable/disable the default 
     activation of the "Progress Details" window
   * After deleting some sessions return to the parent campaign
   * When starting a session, keep the session node selected on the campaign tree
   * Import from CSV/XML are made available only to members of the "Admins" team (to avoid 
     problem in importing data in a not visible folder)
   * Bug-fix:
     - in certain configuration, the windows installer was not detecting JAVA
     - move/copy item: compare with name of other objects at the same location with the 
       same type only
     - not localized tooltips
     - NullPointerException while displaying help messages in settings screens
     - Exception when changing the admin password
     - With the option "1 agent from the pool" the global progress bar data were wrong
     - Add a protection in getNbFormsWithName() so that if the form does not exist 
       no exception is thrown
     - When XAgent is executed from a URL, and the session is configured to execute the 
       tests in sequence it can't find the launchers
     - Can't modify prerequisites or description of a test

   * New formatted text field editor/viewer (all embedded)
   * New CSS/Style for the viewer (arial smaller font etc.)
   * Clear local temporary folder for embedded images when exiting from XStudio
   * Admin password is masked during update process
   * New launchers:
     - Sahi 4.x
     - QF-Test
     - Jar
     - QTP (new version)
       . configurable status in case there is no check point
       . double-check the last report detected is well the one corresponding to the last execution
       . additional protection during report parsing
   * Bug-fix:
     - With limited rigths and in some specific cases, Exception when selecting a test category
     - Possible escaping issues with formatted text custom fields default values
     - campaign statistics: not correctly rendered message
     - in certains cases, couldn't stop from XStudio sessions scheduled and/or executed remotely
     - exception while deleting an empty requirement folder
     - Exception with attributes including double-quotes in their values

   * Improvement in the SoapUI launcher (JUnit and PDF reports attached)
   * Bug-fix:
     - Unreliable migration of the embedded images
     - Error message when trying to execute a test individually and NOT
       having access to the "Manual" folder in the campaign tree
     - Incorrect task progress in the dashboard
       (now the progress are correct and rounded to the closest hour)
     - Exception when clicking on a progress "void" area in the backlog tab
     - Import XML: import missing various descriptions (on categories/folders)
     - Many problem with import from XML when it included some CR/LF characters
     - XML import hangs in some occasions
     - XML import hangs when the XML includes a BOM header

   * Multiple testcase, tests, SUts, requirements, specifications, defects, 
     sprint, tasks, campaigns, schedule, attachments, documents, agents, 
     users, teams deletion
   * Ability to delete items (teams, users, sut, agents, requirements, 
     specifications, tests, testcases, tasks, sprints, campaigns, sessions, 
     bugs, schedules) in the trees just by pressing the delete key
   * New simpler merge wizard (use multi-selection feat. for source sessions)
   * Better performances while emptying a test, sut, requirement, 
     specification, defect folder
   * Automatic generation of residual test campaigns (i.e. not successful tests)
   * Agents pool capability to let the system load-balance the session on the
     available agents in a pool
   * Custom search/filter can be named, saved and shared (bugs, requirements, 
     specifications, tasks, tests/testcases)
   * Add custom fields filtering in the search/filter windows 
   * All search/filter are now session-persistent (last settings remembered)
     and cached
   * Capability to generate a report from the bug search/filter window
   * Huge performance issues with bugs search/filter
   * Search/filter windows not modal either always on top but linked with the
     main window
   * Reduce the tree progress bar's width
   * XContinuousIntegration: change 'BAMBOO' option in 'JUNIT'
   * Improvement of the email notifications:
     - small style change (more compliant with the web site css)
     - includes SUT where the bugs have been found and fixed if relevant
     - includes the author of the bug modification
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Migration embedded images:
       . Progress bar also when patching (not updating) schema
       . All embedded images are now stored in a common repository
     - add missing country for US (United State of America)
     - add missing weekends for SE (Sweden)
     - SOAPUI launcher returns invalid failures
     - Ranorex launcher support new XML format returned in latest versions

   * Warning about the risks when deleting a configuration
   * Bug-fixes: 
     - Exception when copying or restarting a session where at least one of the
       assigned conf has been deleted
     - When moving a folder with more than 2 levels childs to a different 
       category, company or project, the category/company/project flags of all 
       the childs starting at the third level are not updated correctly
     - Exception thrown by xUnit launcher when xUnit generates an XML report
       with testcases that don't have "success" or "time" attributes     

   * Clearer licensing page on the help menu:
     - Plugin list scrollable
     - Indicates clearly the XStudio license purchased
   * Setting to enable/disable the quality column in the SUT/Campaign trees
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Couldn't create a configuration when starting a test individually
     - Creating SUT doesn't update coverage when requirements are added on the fly   
     - URL not accepted when they include a ending slash
     - The SoapUi launcher not supporting testsuites/tests with space char
       in their name
     - Additional protection against 2^31-1 coverage value

   * Bug-fixes:
     - Critical regression introduced in 1.6sp4: couldn't execute tests remotely
       (and a few other update operations failing)

   * Ability to create and link bugs from manual launchers when interfaced with
     JIRA, Mantis, Bugzilla, TRAC, Generic connectors
   * Include the name of the schedule in the session's name
   * Defect report: include 'Found in' and 'Fixed in' (SUTs)
   * Keep as much as possible the former order of the tests in a campaign when:
     - adding/removing some tests from this campaign
     - copying this campaign (and adding/removing tests on the fly)
   * All dialogs are now NOT modal and NOT on top anymore except for MOVE/DELETE
   * Manual launchers's dialog NOT on top anymore
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Schedule's SUT not identifiable
     - Impossible to submit a commment on not executed manual tests
     - Performance issues with Free, Pro and Business licenses
     - Now able to use "All combinations", "Pairwise", and "Import Dataset from 
       CSV" feature even with a single parameter
     - Wrong header order in the specification report
     - When creating/linking some bugs from the Tabular_manual launcher they
       do not appear in the list on the test cell    
     - Exception when retrieving tests and testcases including special characters
       in their name because of the parametrization (pairwise algo/dataset)
     - Tabular manual launcher: display DISTINCT bugs in the test cell
     - Create generic bug on the fly fails
     - Oracle db: exception while affecting a bug to session's tests
     - Localization typos  
     - Couldn't delete a bug of type "generic" 
     - Duplicate custom field values (from SUT/test cases) sent to the launcher
     - Generated tests from requirements/specs cannot be executed
     - Third-party requirement or bug-tracking system should not appear while
       editing a team's access rights 

   * Additional protection while printing the custom fields (in the launchers)
   * Additional protection on changes information length <= 255 chars
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Localization of certain terms not found in not-English languages
     - Files in the doc tree are never detected as locked (Oracle only)
     - Spanish localization
     - Some large text fields does not support > 4000 characters (Oracle only)
       * defect:      defect_description, step_to_reproduce, fix_description
       * test:        test_description, test_prerequisites, additional_info
       * test case:   testcase_steps, testcase_description, additional_info
       * requirement: requirement_description
       * specification: specification_description
     - Couldn't change the value of the defect custom fields (Oracle only)
     - Do not escape CLOBS when inserting them (Oracle only)
     - Workaround to avoid having a " " canonical path

   * New certificate (valid until 2015)
   * Read-only fields more readable
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Merge rules updated
     - Couldn't execute XAgent with an Oracle database (Exception while
       retrieving the schedule candidates)
     - XAgent don't execute the tests!   
     - Exception possibly thrown if requirements retrieved from JIRA while:
       . generating some specifications from requirements
       . generating some tests from requirements (if specs are disabled)
       . selecting requirements associated with a specification
       . selecting requirements associated with a test (if specs are disabled)
     - Scheduling of sessions not working with Oracle DB
     - xls2xml_reqs_specs_tests.xls does not support UTF-8 characters

   * Bug-fixes:
     - Corrupted Italian and Spanish localization files leading to an Exception
     - XAgent creates at each start a new XAgent in the DB
     - XAgent couldn't start with monitoring activated
     - Exception while adding dynamic attributes

   * Spanish localization
   * Italian localization
   * Capability to retrieve the SUT custom fields from the launchers (API)
   * Add some log on the connection management
   * Add delete rights to default user profile (when installing XStudio for
     the first time)
   * Selenium html launcher: add an option in the configuration to run 
     tests or test suites
   * When copying an execution configuration, ensure the format matches the 
     current version of the launcher (i.e. if a new parameter has been added
     it is automatically added)
   * Bug-fixes Oracle:
     - Import specification in XML format is throwing an exception
     - Incorrect theoretical integrity
     - Couldn't import specifications in XML  
     - Exception when starting a session with monitoring activated
     - Exception when selecting session with specification tree enabled   
   * Bug-fixes:
     - When running XAgent without the --alias option was equivalent
       to --alias "" (meaning a XAgent with an empty name was automatically
       created and the agent was listening only as this agent)   
     - QTP Launcher: may have problems to find results file is test path
       is empty
     - More explicit help on JIRA status filter
     - Escape status so that space characters are correctly URL escaped
     - More explicit error message when the JDBC driver is not found
     - Create all the folders of the report destination path (in JNLP mode)
     - Campaign stats retrieval returns empty list in some cases   
     - Changing agents in an executing session throws an exception
       (now we warn the user that former results will be deleted and ask
     - Exception when redefining the agents + instances + sync
     - While modifying some coverage settings on reqs, specs or tests
       . quality metrics needed to be refreshed manually
       . redirection to another tree occurred in some cases
     - Incorrect quality on multi-instances/multi-agents sessions
     - Missing localization terms
     - Differentiate "create campaign" and "create Kalistick campaign" buttons
     - Exception while search for defects in Oracle
     - At the end of a session in XStudio, refresh the SUT tree to update the
       quality indicators of the tested SUT
     - Dialog box centered on the application area
       . download Attachment
       . support request 
       . import error
     - Test cases steps do not appear in the test plan reports sometimes
     - Test cases don't appear with their params values replaced in the reports
     - Test cases don't appear with their params values replaced during manual
     - While editing a param, impossible to give it unrestricted character values
     - BuildAll: remove testComplete7b  

   * Separation of delete rights (WARNING: after migration, you may have to
     add the delete rights to your user profile)
   * Pass all the testcase's custom fields to the launchers at initialization
   * Huge performances improvements:
     - time to start sessions when the session contains a large number of 
       tests and test cases
     - time to load JIRA bug tree
   * Bug-fixes:
     - A few big Memory leaks
     - Missing localization for the coverage metrics
     - Misleading icon in the coverage column
     - Couldn't start XAgent without the option --alias
     - Possibility to provide ANY character in the dataset's params
     - Some params are not replaced in some conditions
     - Wrong escaping of params
     - Empty testPath could prevent a few launchers to work properly
     - Campaign report loose test order
     - Test plan report invalid priorities in the summary
     - Exception while submitting big changes on an object

   * Aliased XAgent (option --alias ) to be able to fake a name or 
     to run several instances of XAgent on a single host
   * New wording for the coverage analysis
   * New "Coverage" tab gathering all coverage information for all the
   * Detailed coverage screen on SUT, Reqs, Specs and Tests
   * Remove the integrity check at each boot (huge time saving at boot time)
     but add integrity check in the tools from the menu
   * Auto purge includes 2 new features:
     - auto-correct deprecated links
     - auto-correct coverage
   * Defect coverage (defect->SUT functional coverage)
   * Delete requirement links when switching requirement types:
     - delete sut-req links
     - setting all suts as not covered
     - if new type is integrated, setting all requirements as not covered
   * Completely new SQL queries to update the defect stats (to make the
     compatibility with Oracle cleaner)
   * Support of the new coverage metrics with generic requirements or 
     requirements from JIRA 
   * Bug-fixes:
     - MANY bug-fixes about new coverage metrics
     - Don't display 3 timse the save dialog box when changing the application
     - Don't continue if the agent is not recognized or not created in the DB
     - Exception while retrieving defect stats (Oracle only)
     - Exception from coverage computation when specifications are disabled
     - Wrong coverage percentage in some specific cases 
     - Missing refresh on update of the coverage
     - Kalistick example URL includes "egavaldo"
     - Import campaign from Kalistick support autodetect if the separator is
       comma or semi-colon
     - Wider progress bar in the dashboard
     - A few minor correction in Oracle queries
     - Couldn't copy attachment (generation of items)
     - Incorrect nb testcases in sessions
     - Exception while retrieving test requirements with Oracle (i.e. reports
     - Exception while retrieving folder tests with positions with Oracle
     - Exception while retrieving session test defects with Oracle
     - Exception while retrieving defect details with Oracle
     - Import requirements (coverage set to 25%!)
     - Init_46 script does not set version to 46
     - Incorrect coverage metrics (progress bar + coverage tab) with
       generic requirements or requirements retrieved from JIRA
     - New format for Kalistick's uuids
     - Missing translation
     - Wrong count on defect suts, defect requirements, defect specs, defect
     - Exception while building generic requirements tree

   * Unified Settings screen (only 1 screen with several tabs in it)
   * Add default folders in all the trees
   * Add "cleanup coverage" in the purge feature
   * Created defect: not anymore a modal window so that it's easier to read
     information from XStudio in parallel
   * Generation feature does support all the configuration now:
     - Generate specifications from requirements (only when specs enabled)
     - Generate tests from specifications (only when specs enabled)
     - Generate tests from requirements (only when specs disabled)
   * Allow to reduce a bit more the left panel in size
   * More padding in the form
   * New bg color for read-only textfields
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Ads link respect the new specification for the redirect link
     - Exception while generating tests
     - Test case procedure supports for very large screens
     - Exception in search defect when using FoundIn/FixedIn options
     - Wrong theoretical integrity signature for Oracle
     - Invalid create_45.sql script for Oracle
     - Can delete/move agents only with specs rights
     - Generate specifications and generate tests was authorized with other
     - Patch 44 -> 45 was not supporting Oracle
     - Exception in search test/test cases in plain text
     - Exception while computing quality index on Oracle
     - Update process not working on Oracle
     - Remove automatically the links with the requirement when
       . Delete req
       . Delete spec
     - Coverage checking triggered by:
       . Delete category
       . Delete folder
       . Empty folder
       . Delete test
       . Delete spec
       . Delete req  
     - Update only coverage on the last revison of sut, reqs, specs 
     - Exception when selecting a calendar
     - When importing tests, requirements, specifications imported elements
       are not by default visible
     - Exception when merging sessions containing attachments on the test cases

   * Quality metrics on the SUT tree
   * Quality metrics on the campaign tree
   * New unified colors for progress bars
   * New areas selector on the left-hand side
   * "Agent not responding" timeout set to 30 seconds
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Incorrect UI indicators when a session is queued too long on
       an agent
     - Session not starting when queued more than 15 minutes on a remote
       agent busy with some other sessions
     - Refresh the progress at the end of a session execution
     - Too many stats recorded: XStudio frozen when selecting the integrated
       bug-tracking root node
     - Wrong color returned for the graph in the iPhone/iPad app.
     - Incorrect statistics reported in email notifications when re-executing
       a manual session
     - Exception while selecting some folder in the Campaign's content tab in
       the upper test tree
     - Main tree refresh issues (ordering) if defect tree is not in the user
     - Exception and inconsistent behaviour when modifying sprints and backlogs
       (due to velocity chart refresh)
     - Incorrect Bamboo report generated in case of test failure with messages
       (typo in the CDATA opening tag)
     - No more timeout on the sessions that have been queued for a long time.
       The 30s timeout for "not responding agents" now applies only starting
       from the point where the session has really been started by (at least)
       one agent.
     - Wrong background in the campaign tree in some cells
     - Force the stop even when a session did not really started (in ARMED
     - setCampaignSessionAgentStatus() called only the first time
     - Error while trying t get the ascending/descending icons
     - "generate spec" vs "generate test" button depending on if the
       specifications are enabled in the PLC
     - Coverage label different in the form depending on if the specifications
       are enabled in the PLC
     - Generate specifications does not update coverage on the requirement if
     - Generate tests does not update coverage on the requirement if necessary
     - Same width on progress bars in the same tree
     - Wrong new SQL query to retrieve latest results (for quality)

   * New progress metrics visible in the main campaign tree, with a selector
     allowing to get 2 different types of indicators:
     - test cases elapsed vs test cases remaining to be executed
     - time spent vs estimated remaining time to complete the execution
     Plugin available in Professional, Business and Enterprise versions
     Recursive progress consolidation
   * Bug-fixes:
     - App. does not open in recovery mode
     - XAgent couldn't find the launchers when executed through the web browser
     - Set initially the coverage to 0% (and not to 25%)
     - Couldn't delete attachment
     - Additional protection on localization engine
     - Oracle settings in the GUI
   * Bug-fixes:
     - packaging problem provoking a NullPointerException while getting
       localized terms
     - Exception thrown while modifying a bug having a target fix date set
     - by default set all former campaign as "parallel" instead of "serial"

   * Oracle Database support (add-on)
   * Basic http/JSON REST-API server (for iPhone/iPad clients)
   * New coverage metrics:
     - Ability to specify a coverage value for leave nodes (SUTS, 
       requirements, specs)
     - Coverage immediately visible from the main trees
     - Coverage visible at different levels (drop-down menu on the
       main tree) 
     - Coverage migration patch 
   * Mixed test campaigns: can now execute different types of tests
     sequenced in a specific order (i.e. Selenium, manual and JUnit 
     tests executed in a specific order)
   * Kalistick integration (add-on)
   * Session requirement coverage
   * Clearer progress bars
   * New design for the main tabs
   * Tabs in a different order
   * Updated icons to match iPhone/iPad apps
   * Purge feature only usable by the admin user
   * More protection against finalization issues
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Attachments and bugs not appearing in the Tabular_manual launcher
     - When merging session a failed test is better than not executed
       as we atleast have a result
     - Exception when seleting a sprint with user-profile "developer"
     - If we want to change the agent then change it back to the
       original setting, we want to get back our results
     - From the tabular manual launcher, Exception while trying to link
       the same bug several times to the same test
     - Test cases not anymore created automatically when needed

   New web package html home page
   * Bug-fixes:
     - CReqTreeModel used in specification's traceability matrix
     - Cannot delete bug attachments
     - Test cases are not automatically created
     - User can assign user group's member only when he has the relevant
     - Typos in rights management tree
     - Do not truncate the test and test case path in the tabular manual
     - Auto-wrap long test and testcase names in the right panel
     - When a test name is very long, running the test directly can
       produce sql failure
     - Params: additional checks on the number of combinations
     - Pairwise algo: negative number of combinations displayed in the
       preview panel
     - Specification priority and status not imported

   * Bug-fixes:
     - Security issue: could change user profile with only view rights
     - Wrong coverage calculation especially when specification tree is
     - In some conditions, when creating a user couldn't create
       associated profile
     - Backslash in formatted text fields are not escaped when copying
       test cases, tests, requirements and specifications
     - Wrong message when inserting too many characters in a text field

   Add the sut name/version in the campaign session email notification
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Exception when refreshing a test with particular profiles
     - XContinuousIntegration couldn't be started
     - Remove the *_console.exe from the linux distribution
     - CTimoutListener returns as timeout immediately if 0 is passed
     - Couldn't generate requirement report from a requirement folder
   * Bug-fixes:
     - XContinuousIntegration is now 100% console (headless)
     - XContinuousIntegration missing --outputformat in usage
     - Sahi Launcher supports Sahi Free + Sahi pro
     - TestComplete launcher: test path MUST have \\ and not /
     - Remove "exec -a appName" from all the linux scripts (not
       supported on some unix systems)
     - Campaign sessions ordered by name then start date in the tree
     - When there is no or only 1 session in the time range selected,
       the campaign statistics display empty panels
     - Task priority always set to -1 in the dashboard
     - Better error message if the launcher xml is missing/invalid
     - Issues while editing custom fields especially multiple choices
     - xmlHashtableToObjectHashtable() does not handle empty hashtables

   * XContinuousIntegration: support of Atlassian Bamboo server
   * Default merge options to "merge to 1 single instance and keep
     latest results"
   * Robustness: add a unique key on defect_id + test_execution_id
   * Improved the labeling concerning the association SUT/Bug
   * Separate clearly the bugs found in/fixed in
   * Separate in sub tabs bugs submitted manually and those found
     through a failed test
   * Remove pre-selection of the current user as assignee when creating
     a bug
   * Bug-fix:
     - When copying a folder including several sub-folders levels, he
       can see the folder that he copied and any reqs/specs/tests in it
       but not any sub-folders. The sub-folders and their content are
       created, but the user does not get the right to see them.
     - Auto-truncation of labels in the tabular manual launcher when
       the text does not fit the available space
     - Tooltips on Test and Test cases path labels (to be able to get
       the complete path of the elements anyway)
     - When merging session, apply the bugs association as well
     - Campaign session > content > bugs linked concern only the
       instance selected
     - Incorrect merge on the last instance when selecting
       "keep all results/instances"
     - Sometime incorrect bugs show up in the "found in" tab
     - Create requirement/specification: custom values entered ignored
     - Couldn't change the agent on a schedule
     - Some custom fields do not appear on some objects
     - When changing the default value of a custom field, all the
       values are overwritten with it

   * Add the folder's description in all the reports
   * Testpan autocompletion off by default
   * Delete right for bug separated from Create, Move and Delete
   * Ability to disable the spell checker
   * soapUI launcher v1.1
   * Bug-fix:
     - Couldn't copy folders in requirements, specifications and tests
     - Couldn't generate specifications from requirements
     - Couldn't generate tests from specifications
     - Import from CSV fails when some very specific parts of the data
       imported already exist
     - Localization missing for "a user-group"
     - User groups & rights:
       . a user must always be able to see the folder containing it's
         own user-groups
       . a user must always be able to see the folder containing himself
     - Create bug from campaign session results: can provide additional
       people to be notified
     - Create bug from tabular manual launcher: can provide additional
       people to be notified
     - Custom fields values not saved while creating bug from campaign
       session results
     - Custom fields values not saved while creating bug from tabular
       manual launcher
     - Exception while retrieving ancestor path (i.e. to display inherited
       attachments) when a ancestor container includes invalid XML
     - Category description and launcher are no exported
     - Campaign statistics does not include data from scheduled sessions
     - refresh of campaign session's requirements throws an exception
     - Adding a parameter displays an erro message
     - Exception when generating a few reports

   * Hotfix:
     - All the launcher might be able to find a physical tests
       (canonicalPath & treePath were mixed up when pased to the launcher)
     - In some circumstances, NullPointerException when running a session 

   * Tabular Manual Launcher:
     - Ability to reset the status of ALL the testcases in one shot
       (success, failure, relative or not_executed)
     - Question to know if the comments must be  cleared while resetting
       all the testcases
     - Automatic submission of comments change on "focus lost"
     - Text coloring of the comments to indicate it's not commited yet
     - List the attachments of each test
     - List the bugs linked to each test
     - List the attachments of each test case
     - Ability to view/edit the details about the bugs
       (integrated, generic or JIRA/TRAC/Mantis/Bugzilla) already linked
     - Ability to open the attachments
   * Performances improvments:
     - To build the session data while starting a session (retrieval of
       versionned data apart)
     - To calculate the object's path (indexing instead of recursive calls)
   * Launchers:
     - New testcomplete launcher for TestComplete 7 and 8
     - First draft soapUI launcher
   * New data available from the launcher API:
     - flat list of all the test in the session:
       Vector getTestIdVector();
     - flat list of all the test in the session:
       Vector getTestcaseIdVector();
     - tests attachments (id, name):
       Vector getTestAttachments(int testId);
     - tests bugs (id, name):
       Vector getTestDefects(int testId);
     - testcases attachments (id, name):
       Vector getTestcaseAttachments(int testcaseId);
   * Windows package includes all exe in 2 versions
     (with or without the console)
   * Add timestamps to traces in the console version
   * Tabular Manual Launcher improvements
   * Warning dialog box when licenses are about to expire
   * Bug-fix:
     - Couldn't remove a test from a campaign
     - Impossible to delete requirement attachments
     - Exception while retrieving folder (test and test cases) results
       where no results are actually available
     - Modification SUT rights label not localized
     - Issues with correction target date on integrated bug in some
     - Exception on user profiles
     - Reports: import .png and .jpg so that those images can be use in
       custom reports
     - Custom fields change not tracked on integrated bugs in some
     - Bug modified + reminder: only includes the information relevant
       (depending from the status)
     - Integrated bug: resolution type always available
     - Custom png and jpg images are also downloaded when constructing
       HTML reports
     - Custom fields rights label (typo)

   * Global consolidated results in any container in the tests tree:
     - Root node
     - Category node
     - Folder node
   * Results in test tree support for SUT filtering
   * Rights for viewing the test results
   * Rights for viewing the category tests statistics (developped and 
   * Requirements static coverage: introduced a "partially covered" tab
     to make the metrics more "accurate"
   * Ability to modify a campaign content after it has been created (an
     additional right is necessary to do so)
   * Stats tests authored (in addition to developed)
   * Check speller
   * GRAPH_IN_REPORTS add-on included for free in SILVER support license
   * CUSTOM_FIELDS add-on included for free in NO_AD support license
   * Updated German translation (thanks Detlef!)
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Sahi launcher: support SahiFree and SahiPro (old + new versions)

   * Shareable user profiles
   * Ability to modify a campaign content after it has been created
    (an additional right is necessary to do so)
   * SUT: differentiate the bug found in the SUT manually or through a
     failed test
   * Manual test run in "1-click" (remember last settings)
   * Indicators on important/mandatory tabs
   * Requirements static coverage: introduced a "partially covered"
     tab to make the metrics more "accurate"
   * Ability to change the CCEmails (after creation) on:
     - campaign session
     - schedule
     - defect
   * CCEmails on integrated defects
   * Differentiation rights for viewing/editing of CCEmails
   * Emails duplicates are detected globally (to, cc and bcc)
   * Improved the default profiles content
   * Prototype REST-API server
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Prevent ANY invisible characters to corrupt XMLs
     - Couldn't delete SUT attachments
     - Error when changing something on a bug with a correction date
       in the past
     - Missing escaping on form names
     - Increased size for the "correction description" field

   * Ability to disable specifications tree in XStudio!
     (linking directly requirements to tests)
   * Added req-tests + test-req edit rights
   * Bug report with JIRA
   * Sahi launcher: compatible with newer SahiPro version
   * Requirements type (integrated, JIRA, etc.) in the footer
     of the GUI
   * Create a requirement in JIRA from XStudio
   * Authorize to create empty user group
   * Send "new version available" notification only to admins
     users (the ones in the "Admins" user group)
   * SDK API: timeout=0 means infinite timeout for CTimoutListener
   * New warnings
     - When the user disables the spec tree we ask him if
       he wants the system to automatically create the relationships
       between the requirements and the tests based on the current
       reqs/specs/tests relationships.
     - When the user changes the requirements source (integrated,
       generic or JIRA) we delete the previous relationships
       between reqs/specs and reqs/tests. We warn the user
       about it and let him the choice to cancel the whole operation.
     - When the user changes the defects source (integrated,
       generic, Mantis, Bugzilla, Trac or JIRA) we delete
       the previous relationships between defect/test executions. 
       We warn the user about it & let him the choice to
       cancel the whole operation.
   * Bug-fixes:
     - URLs compatibility with all PHP configurations
     - Couldn't delete or move an integrated requirement
     - Sahi launcher accepts index.html result file
     - Keepalive JIRA requirements to avoid disconnection
     - URL in settings as "unrestricted string" form item so that
       '&' character is exceptionally authorized
     - JIRA http API: escape username and password
     - Some report generation does not work with the specs disabled
     - "missing selection sut" message instead of user
     - With specific folder names, generating a report from the 
       folder was hanging
     - Cannot select a campaign (Exception thrown)
     - Cannot associate a bug to failed tests
     - Hang while generating images when specification is disabled
     - When changing a user's details setting, password was
       automatically emptied
     - Localization missing
     - Can't generate project report in 1.5a3

   * Custom fields on SUT/reqs/specs/testcases/defects
   * Restrict visibility on some projects/folder	
   * User groups to apply access rights	
   * Custom notification emails
   * XStudio objects accessible via a simple URL!
   * Object's URL in all email notifications
   * Clickable URLs & Images in Wiki-style text boxes
   * XStudio now signed using a Trusted Certificate
   * Versioning/changes tracking on SUTs and defects	
   * Attachments on SUTs, projects, etc.	
   * More detailed (default) notification emails	
   * Requirements tree opened to generic and JIRA
   * Ability to edit campaign session's operator on the fly
   * Ability to edit campaign session's agents on the fly
   * Bug's "Send reminder" button
   * Individual email notification when a test fails
   * Bug-fix description now a formatted text box	
   * Multiline textfield for steps, parameters and checks	
   * Bugs+Reqs: JIRA filters on projects/type/status	
   * Ids in trees	
   * Microsoft Word document parser	
   * Help available on demand in forms	
   * NO-AD add-on support   
   * soapUI launcher   
   * Ability to start XAgent from the browser with no install   

1.5a1, 1.5a2
   * Privately released to customers
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Couldn't run XStudio from the browser in extremely rare
     - 100% cpu issue (due to auto-ads thread)
     - Create SUT: cannot import requirements from another SUT
     - In certain conditions, merging campaign sessions was missing
     - Sort JIRA bugs by key ids
     - Remove invisible and/or forbidden characters (especially during
       import of data)
     - Cannot generate test case parameter combinations if user account's
       language different from English
     - Inconsistent manual launcher history template
     - SetTestcaseAsFailedAsSoonAsOneStepFails setting sometimes not
     - Set the getUncaughtExceptionHandler only if not already running
     - Keepalive packets not activated for JIRA and TRAC bug-tracking
     - Protection against duplicated background threads

   * Support of attachment with AutoIt launcher
   * New sprint summary XSLT report
   * Bug-fixes:
     - Should be able to minimize/maximize tabular launcher dialog window
     - Dependencies order during execution is not repected in some cases
     - Lack of escaping with JIRA/Mantis/Trac/Bugzilla with status or 
       severity name including '&' character(s)
     - All JIRA issues (not only those with type=1 - defects) should be
       listed in XStudio
     - Tabular launcher: focus should be by default on "Submit" button
     - Support of JIRA URL including not-root URI for http access

   * XUnit launcher: support of 32/64 bits + CLR 2/CLR 4 applications
     (thanks to Michel!)
   * Add an individual test timeout for python launcher
   * Bug-fixes:
     - A few missing refresh
     - Defecting uniqueIdtoId() function
     - AutoIt launcher: timeout attribute not used
     - Reports display Jira + TRAC bugs
     - Linking existing bug from manual launcher throws an exception if 
       using Jira/TRAC/Mantis/Bugzilla
     - External bugs details: use original status/severity/priority names
       with Jira/TRAC/Mantis/Bugzilla instead of converted status
     - External bugs: unknown equivalent state bugs must be visible (not 
     - Mantis: stats do not include unassigned bugs
     - Reports: Jira bug's URLs in reports not working (real id instead of
       the key in the URL)
     - Tabular launcher: move the cancel function in 2 more intuitive
       buttons in the top toolbar
     - Search by id: case insensitive
     - Merge of session fails in specific cases

   * Trac performances improvments
   * Bug-fix:
     - Remove the limit of 100 TRAC issues returned per milestone
     - Escape all attribute on APIs connecting to 3rd party BTD
     - JIRA connector crashes with & characters in issues/project names
     - More robust escaping for xml characters
     - Protection on length of the input when importing data from CSV/XML

   * launcher (with support for 32bits + 64bits application)
   * WebUI launcher
   * Shell launcher
   * Cancel button on Tabular launcher
   * Bug-fix:   
     - QTP launcher should use cscript and not wscript   
     - Sahi launcher disable proxy not working  
     - Type in NUnit launcher   
     - Wrong redirection when showing/hiding closed bugs in a tree  
     - TRAC bug tree not 100% retrieved when a milestone includes
       a '&' or a '=' sign   
     - Should verify only enabled parameters in bug-tracking settings   
     - If initialize() fails in ANY launcher, cleanup properly the
       launcher and report all tests as 'not executed'   
     - Wrong progress string in french
     - Single quote not supported in comments on Tabular Manual launcher
     - Campaign session's bugs tab not refreshed after linking a failed
       test to some bugs
     - Instance indexes must start from 1 in session content
     - Selecting test/test cases in embedded tree should not be recorded
       in history
     - Global refresh change the right panel if a test/test case was
       selected in Bug/Tests
     - Deleting a user (even if strongly discouraged) assigned to a bug
       makes this bug not accessible anymore (exception thrown)
     - Sahi launcher: do not quote the proxy enable and disable commands   
     - Test cases dynamically created are not taken in consideration in
       the email notifications   
     - SQL select launcher: add log as attachment and change default
       value conf
   * New German localization
   * New launchers for
     - TestOptimal (to be reviewed)
     - SilkTest
   * Remove deprecated TestComplete7 launcher (replaced with 
   * Oracle Test Manager Excel to XML tool
   * Bug-fix:
     - Windows pictures and Fax viewer returns immediately when opening
       picture attachments. For images and only on Windows, MSPaint is
       now used by default
     - Email notification could be sent several times to the same person
     - Security issue while merging 2 sessions; if these sessions have
       not been executed, the start and stop dates of the merged
       sessions are invalid and this prevents the tree to being
     - NullPointerException when editing a user
     - Exception thrown when selecting a bug and refreshing globally
     - Exception thrown when selecting a testcase and refreshing
     - In some particular conditions, the results/contents are not
       updated when re-executing a session
     - Import Excel sheet expect categories for requirements and specs
     - Protection against localization of "true" and "false"
     - More protection against special characters in
       bugs/projects/milestones in third-party bug-tracking systems.
	   Replace using [x24] and [x5c] instead of [] - this must be 
       "revert-able" + keep a mapping between the third-party item's
       name and the one in XStudio
     - Weird percentage results in email notification when more manual
       results submitted than number of test cases
     - Tabular launcher sends comments on any status click
     - Bug selection not tracked correctly in the history (back and
       forward buttons)
     - After generating some objects (specs or tests) the destination
       tree is not selected on the left panel + the generated items
       are collapsed by default
     - The selectNode() method is not protected against the unlikely
       case of a simultaneously deleted object
     - Details form protected against "duplicate" revisions issue
     - Add testcase index in the tabular manual launcher
     - Copy folder does not copy the folder description (tests and specs)
     - When running directly a test, the campaign+session names are
       now _

   * Selenium launchers support attchment folder settings (so that for 
     instances screenhots generated by selenium can be attached to the
     test case execution in XStudio)
   * Session progress bar visible only when it makes sense (avoid the
     confusing "0%" message on former sessions)
   * Change default name of sessions to _
   * While creating a new campaign, order the tests by default as in
     the tree
   * Possibility to move a document folder to the tree's root node
   * More traces when retrieving JIRA's bug tree
   * Bug-fix:
     - "Password changed" confirmation
     - Character * (star) now authorized (no more problems with
       parameterized testcase names)
     - Errors while merging on specific cases
     - Fake errors may occurs while creating parameterized test cases
       which prevent from continuing creating the remaining test cases
     - Inappropriate "object does not exist anymore" messages
     - Import requirements/specifications does not expect category nodes
	 - Change the default location/sizing to fit small screens (web 
     - "Found in" term not found
     - Label clarification
       * "Found in (auto)" becomes "Affected SUTs"
       * "Running ({0} results submitted/{1} test cases)"
     - Wrong localization "Managers modification" in user's rights
     - GetNodeStringValueFromXPath() protected against missing nodes
     - Merged test cases may have wrong results after merging several
     - When running a global refresh, select the actual last viewed page
     - Bad refresh target tab of attachments on test cases
     - Errors returned while searching for req/spec/tests/tasks/bugs
       when searched plain text includes single quote
     - Possible to create 2 different folders with the same name in the
       root folder of the document tree
     - Different errors while editing a folder name/description in the
       root node of the document tree
     - Projects' managers tracked in the changes tab
     - Wrong "monitored servers" localization

   * Print faulty query and stack trace when SQL fails
   * Bug-fix:
     - MAJOR bug in coverage computation
     - Bad url in JNLP index
     - New version of the Spanish localization	 
     - Initialize the last destination folder to the root of the hard
       disk where XStudio has been installed so that's it's never null
       (hence provoking weird things on recent vista versions)
     - The right RIGHT_ID_TESTCASE_CD should NOT include 
     - Additional protection on some launcher to accept log with empty
       payload message
   * New method printTestExecutionVector() available in the SDK API
   * Bug-fix:
     - Set stop date in the tree when a whole session (all agents + 
       local) completed
     - Increase the AGENT_NOT_RESPONDING_TIMEOUT to 15 minutes 
       (if a session - or a subset on a particular agent - did not 
       really start 15 minutes after the session has been armed, the
       session is stopped nicely)
     - Differentiate the import from CSV label (menu and generate
     - Wrong parsing of the ads parameters
     - Wrong message when invalid character & is provided in a UTF8
       input string
     - Missing check of estimated effort when creating a new task
     - More info while importing from an invalid XML
     - Manual, simple_manual and tabular_manual launcher dialog has
       XStudio icon
     - Tabular dialog always on top
     - Tabular dialog cannot be closed except from the submit button   
     - Sprint of 0 days reported if date selected for start and stop
       are identical (and that it is not a week-end day)   
     - Bugs manually assigned to a SUT (not through a failed test)
       are not shown in SUT > bugs
     - Change the label "SUTs" on integrated defect to "Found in
       (auto)" and move it next to "Found in" tab 
     - Sprint of 1 day does show a duration of 0 days   
   * When copying campaign/requirement/specification/test pre-select
     the current parent folder (as the copy will go 90% of the time
   * After creating a session, automatically select it
   * Add menu item pointing to online documentation
   * Remove the "(Group xxx)" string to the testcase name when
     generating parametrized testcases. When copying a testcase,
     this information would be duplicated and then would be wrong
   * Improved version of the Perl launcher (accept parameters
     and add the log as attachment)
   * Bug-fix
     - Cannot execute linux scripts
       pass all the arguments to all applications
     - Linux script use "java" to find out the java version instead
       of %JAVA
     - Cannot use the JMeter launcher under linux depending on the
       version installed. Now using directly or jmeter.bat
       depending on the OS (instead of jmeter-n-r.cmd)
     - JMeter launcher: new parsing allowing to refine the logic to
       determine if the test is passed or failed (new optional 
       attribute to set to the tests)
     - Add simple quote to the firefox profile path for the "option"
       parameter (-profile 'C:/Program Files/sahi/userdata/browser/
	   ff/profiles/sahi(dollar)threadNo' -no-remote)
     - JMeter follow up (remove rm attribute)
     - Copy test: creates a commonly shared template content shared
       among all or just a subset of the copied parametrized
       testcases and associate the param values to the copy
     - < and > in procedure tree (step, parameter or check) may be
       hidden in manual launchers (manual, simple_manual or 
     - SQL errors when generating pairwise TCs (tentative) + add
       new traces in case the bug is not fixed
     - labeling Dataset import change to make it clearer that it
       supports editing
     - Confusing dataset import help
     - Never update the start date of a session when it has already
       been set
     - Consolidate usage of unique CSS in all help and HTML preview
     - Tell the user when a global search did not find any item to
       check there is no filter activated
     - Possible fake-green with Selenium launchers: WARNING: a new
       conf needs to be created

   * More reliable statistics in the progress details, in the
     progress bar and in the results tab
   * All the test cases not executed are now set as not executed
     in the new "finalization" phase (no more any test case with
     no status)
   * Ability to run/pause/resume/stop/finalize sessions dispatched
     in 1 XStudio + N XAgents from XStudio
   * Auto-detection of not-responding XAgents (in this case,
     all the tests can be executed are executed then the session
     is automatically stopped)
   * Ability to execute several tabular manual sessions
     simultaneously on different agents - restore the individual
     agent's previous results on each agent if the same session
     is re-started
   * Removed a few "cursor change" so that it's easier to
     stop/pause/resume a session
   * Additional information in the global progress bar (paused,
   * Added some style to all TBD and ABBR items in the reports
   * [TBD] and [ABBR] are invisible in preview panels but are
     stylized (same style as in reports)
   * Ads engine finished (including impressions tracking)
   * More protection while giving a name to generated/copied/merged
     items so that it fits the max length in the DB
   * Cleanup mail factory
   * Bug-fix:
     - Wrong results when executing several categories, several
       agents and several instances
     - The initial progress details window now reports ALL the
       statistics even the last one (previously, the updating
       thread could be stopped before it actually got the last
       results - even if the results in the DB were actually
     - Manual launchers: Test and testcase names better formatted
       to be more readable
     - Force the font size to 14pt in the HTML preview 
     - Agent notifier never stops (cpu leak)
     - Parsing results JMeter JMX launcher

   * Differentiate email notification from XStudio ([XStudio
     Session Report]) and XAgent ([Agent Execution Report])
   * Framework to add advertising banner on non-registered
     versions of XStudio
   * Bug-fix:
     - Cannot include < and > in param names and values
     - Couldn't set a step or do a tree search on specific
       versions of MacOSX
     - Only the attachment of the last testcase is uploaded to
       the database
     - Manual launchers: Test and testcase names better
       formatted to be more readable
     - Force the font size to 14pt in the HTML preview screens 
     - Campaign session results email notification includes
       only 0 success/failures/etc.. when generated by an XAgent

   * Create default task folder when creating a project
   * Param names must be different case INsensitive
   * New version of the QTP launcher (better parsing + handles
     spaces in script path)
   * Add the TBD and ABBR buttons on the wiki-styled text's
     toolbar to surround ToBeDefined and Abbreviation sections.
   * Refactoring of the build process: only 4 packages now (one
     for each OS + the web package) that includes all the 
   * Removal of xagent.conf and xcontinuousintegration.conf: now 
     using only xstudio.conf and bugtracking.conf for:
     - XStudio
     - XAgent
     - XSubAgent
     - XContinuousIntegration
     - All the manual launchers
   * Share the same Application Settings Screen with all the
   * Bug-fix:
     - Faster scroll with mouse wheel in the Tabular Manual
     - Data-driven import not working
     - Import tests throws exception
     - Manual launcher uses the "smiley" icons for Yes/No
     - Copy test case fails
     - Missing localization for TBD and ABBR tags
     - Task estimation cannot exceed 100 (limit in the DB)
     - Projects I'm managing: show only projects with at least 
       1 not finished sprint 
     - Tasks I'm working on: show only tasks with progress 
       < 100%
     - Merging sessions: truncate the campaign and session names
       if exceeding 128 characters
     - Include param values in generated Session/SUT/Testplan
     - Selenium_html generates MalformedUrlException on Linux


    * Test parameterization !!! including import from CSV
      and Pairwise algorithm
    * Improve performances to retrieve the launchers list
    * Improve performances when selecting a category
    * More empty border in warning for deletion
    * Same icons shared among all the manual launchers
    * New JMeter launcher to run JMX tests
    * QTP launcher includes a few new parameters
    * Exe launcher: attach the log file
    * new API in the SDK:
      - setConfiguration(Hashtable>>)()
      - getConfiguration()
      - Remove setDefaultTestcaseMustBeCreated()
        (by default this is set to true, if you want to forbid
        this, implement the method
        getDefaultTestcaseMustBeCreated() in your launcher to
        return false)
      - printParams(Vector params)
      - modified method run(int testId, String testPath,
        String testName, int testcaseId, int testcaseIndex,
        String testcaseName, Vector params,
        String additionalInfo);
    * Bug-fix:
      - Coverage figures in session's results tab could have
        been wrong in some cases
      - Creation of default testcase not ok since the addition
        of table_testcase_testcase_content
      - JIRA integration doesn't work anymore
      - JUnit launcher: protection against test without
      - QTP launcher: protection against QTP isntalled in a
        path containing spaces
      - Tabular launcher: comment restored when restarting
      - Tabular launcher: icon missing when executed from an
      - Exception when a table exceeds the maximum width of
        all the columns with mouse over
      - Protection against columns size issue...
      - Refresh dashboard when deleting/copying/etc. many
      - Refresh dashboard when changing the authored/developed
      - Additional protection against no selection of failed
        test when creating a bug from the session
      - SUT inheritance read-only

    * Increase size of related URL (128 -> 384)
    * Sandbox cursor when searching on bug, req, spec, ask or 
      test is occurring
    * Batch export session+scripting for failed tests at the
      end of a session
    * Optimization in the test execution engine (run quick
      test faster)
    * Improve reliability of the chart generator
    * Synchronized the following methods to protect against
      concurrent access
      - getCategoryConfNode()
      - insertInstanceCategorySyncId()
      - insertCampaignSessionTestcaseResult()
      - insertCampaignSessionTestResult()
      - all the getXXXEngine()
    * Work only on cloned configuration node to avoid
      conflict under heavy load
    * testcases results -> test results is done using SQL
      each time a new testcase result is sent and not
      manually in the thread !!!
    * Allows to restart stopped manual campaign sessions
    * New "tabular_manual" "excel-like" launcher
    * "tabular_manual" launcher displays previous result
      status if there are some
    * "tabular_manual" launcher sets the results directly
      in the database
    * Do not set testcase results when they were not declared
      as failed or passed except when tests prerequisites or
      description failed
    * Let ALL the manual launchers to stop the session when
      the test operator decides so and not when the last
      testcase is finished
    * If one of the 3 manual launchers is used, do not stop 
      the session when the number of test cases executed is 
      over the total number of test cases int he session
    * Add Sut name + sut version in:
      - test's "Results" tab
      - testcase's "Results" tab
    * Sahi 1.3 launcher: more robust against error/failures
    * Selenium HTML 1.9 launcher: more robust against error
      and failures
    * Remove file browser for canonical path (confusing for 
      people who though it was always an absolute path)
    * setExecutionVector() called before initialize()
    * Pair wise algorithm (not used yet)
    * Increase refresh rate of progress details to every 200ms
    * Increase number max of instances per agent to 32
      (LOAD & STRESS add-on)
    * Remove old version of the XML parser
    * getTestConsolidationStatus() moved to XStudio generic
      function instead of the launcher specific functions
    * Remove useless code about category in generate
    * Remove localization folder in JNLP package
    * Remove the flag "isCompaignSessionDetailsEnabled"

    * Bug-fixes:
      - URLs in form should accept ? = & : characters (i.e. 
        DOORS URLs in test's related URL)    
      - textfields length checked by string verifier using
        the VARCHAR max length in the DB
      - file browser and url fields aligned in height with
        other text components
      - NullPointerException when clicking very fast on root
        node of the Dashboard tree (or testcase subtree)
      - Sahi launcher throw an exception when some traces
        includes & characters in it
      - sahi launchers: again some pretection agains test
        script including some '.' in their name
      - more protection on QTP launcher
      - re-init the completion value to 0% when switching a
        bug to Resolved
      - copy session does not keep the cc emails settings
      - cc emails settings while copying a session must be
      - task and test priority sliders does not move to the
        left when clicking on the left-hand side of the cursor
      - if a user deletes an item just before I select it an
        exception is thrown
      - exception when selecting the root node of the defect
      - never try to reselect highlighted items in dashboard
        tree as it would lead to switching immediately to 
        another tree
      - protection against people living in country with no
      - localization week-end days internationalization
      - Generated from --> Copy of
      - exception when showing/hiding the assigned tasks
      - Selenium html launcher not handling Selenium server's
      - copy campaign does not copy the campaign description
      - copy folder does not copy the folder description
      - empty agent's folder does not delete agents
      - move folder to category (project link lost in some
        rare cases)
      - test run: test operator tab read-only

    * Improved performances:
      - getting category details
      - getting global information (root node)
      - searching for bugs
    * JIRA integration
    * Assignment of some managers to each project
    * Assignment of some developers to each task (opt.)
    * Assignment of some developers to each test (opt.)
    * Tracking of authoring and development of the test cases.
      Use authCompleted and devCompleted to know, depending 
      on the launcher, if the test case can be executed or not
    * Dashboard
      - projects I'm managing
      - sprint tasks I'm working on
      - tests I must author
      - tests I must develop
      - campaigns sessions I must execute
      - bugs I must fix
      - bugs I must verify and close
    * Localization files externalized (everybody can now
      customize it)
    * Continuous integration runner
    * JMeter launchers (SQL and Web)    
    * QuickTest Pro launcher 
    * Batch file launcher
    * Replace categories by folders in:
      - requirements tree
      - specifications tree
      - bugs tree
    * All coverage metrics available from any folder/any tree
    * All traceability metrics available from anywhere:
      - suts related to a requirement, spec, test, bug
      - reqs related to a sut, spec, test, bug
      - specs related to a sut, requirement, test, bug
      - tests related to a sut, requirement, spec, bug
      - bugs related to a sut, requirement, spec, test
      - bugs found in one session
    * Load & Stress (commercial add-on)
      - run session on N agents in parallel
      - each agent running N instances in parallel
      - synchronization between agents
      - session reports supporting N agents & instances
    * Monitoring (commercial add-on)
      - monitoring SNMP devices during testing
      - conf/customization of the monitored feat.
      - generation of all monitored device charts
    * Merge/Consolidation of several sessions
    * Dynamic searches from root node on:
      - requirements
      - specifications
      - project's tasks
      - tests
      - bugs
    * Possibility to create bugs (integrated bug-tracking 
      database) from the session content
    * Display the number of bugs assigned to each failed
      test in the session content tab
    * Create bugs (integrated bug-tracking database) for 
      several failed tests in one operation
    * Links to several bugs (integrated bug-tracking 
      database) several failed tests in one operation
    * Possibility to assign several users to a bug
    * New email factory
    * Optimization performances when searching for bugs
    * Colorize all the priorities/severities/status for:
      - requirements reports
      - specifications reports
      - bug reports
    * Add reporter and assigned to people in the bug reports
      (XML + HTML)
    * Import ALL the progress details charts in reports when
      necessary (commercial add-on)
    * Spanish new localization
    * XQual icon in the Windows title bar, login screen and
      task bar
    * Related URL field on the tests
    * Nicer form: alignment, padding and margin
    * Don't display root node for test cases tree
    * Display the configuration id (useful for the
      continuous integration tool)
    * Bug-fixes:
      - stack overflow while running a campaign
      - typo: UNREGISTRED in title bar
      - wrong refresh when updating defect's suts
      - test name including < or > makes the test search
        feature throwing a NullPointerException
      - requirements report on a category with the
        graph_in_reports add-on: "Tests" not localized in
        the titles
      - wrong test case ids in generated session reports
      - add some padding to cells withing tables
      - protection against having duplicated test cases in
        each test
      - when logging out/login in (without leaving XStudio)
        and if the new user logged in has not the right to
        display the last tab selected by the former user,
        an exception could be thrown or a wrong tab to be
      - default test case index is 1 (instead of 0)
      - import from csv: last test case was not imported
      - close/release the file reader/streams in launchers
        that read files
      - invisible dates in calendar headers
      - integrated defect assignee (wrong rights required)
      - localization missing on a few right entries
      - remove useless checkboxes when displaying:
        . readonly requirement trees
        . readonly spec trees
        . readonly test trees
        . readonly bug trees
      - ix86 missing in the platform list

1.3sp1 (Service Pack 1)
    In some specific circumstances, if some tests included
    special characters in their names, the test/test case
    search function was throwing an NullPointerException.

    * New reports producing format that can be open directly
      in Excel:
      - test plan Excel long
      - test plan Excel short
      - report Excel
    * New offline launcher using test id
      (thx to Yehuda for these 2 changes)
    * New import CSV format
    * Refactored report template naming
    * Bug-fix:
      - Folder created by generated specs and tests were
        not inheritating the categoryId from the destination
      - After pause, the only authorized action is resume
      - Readibility instructions on both manual launchers
      - "null" text in the history panel with manual
      - New trace for CRunner: better readability
      - Python launcher: space in test name prevents
      - Python launcher: attach the logFile
      - "empty folder" displays an error popup at the end
        of the task
      - When changing the sprint taks/resources, calendars
        are not updated
      - BuildproxyLauncher not working
      - Bad display when licenses expired
      - Get nb ENABLED users for license checking	  

    * Add the launcher TestComplete7b to the distribution
    * Better presentation of the support licenses and
      add-ons in help/about
    * When creating/updating the DB, add a warning message
      to NOT interrupt the task
    * Add the localization for "at risk" and "good progress"
    * Change the ID for campaign and campaign sessions:
      - campaign: C_
      - campaign session: CS_
    * Bug-fixes:
      - Sahi launcher default values on standard path
      - Session Progress Details window never exceed the
        screen size and scrollable
      - Optimization image loading
      - Add email in the support info popup	
      - Clock in Manual launcher popups display only seconds
      - Add legend coverage
      - Add legend sprint velocity
      - All legends centered
      - When editing the detail of a requirement and/or
        specification and submitting no change an non-error
        was popuped
      - Without internet connection, image missing in the
        intro page
      - French localization: schedule -> échéancement
      - English localization: defect -> bug
      - On windows, make the menu bar the same color as
        the container panel
      - Document generated are named by default with item's
        name + id + date
      - Authorize deletion and copy of configuration only
        when the combobox is not empty
      - Cannot open test case using TC_ from the
        search box 
      - Simple manual launcher: add border to the table
      - Add test id in the window title and header of the
        right panel of the manual launchers
      - Action request icons changing from red to green 

    * New Sahi launcher
    * New Ranorex launcher
    * Add Chinese localization
    * Graph dependencies: appropriate message when no 
      dependency to display
    * About: including licensing text and support keys
      (including all details: expiration date etc.)
    * JavaMail library: update of license
    * For support licensees:
      - Disabling of information popups
      - Standard intro page instead of the support page
    * CXmlDocumentFactory shared (in the SDK) and refered
      to by TestPartner and Sahi launchers
    * Bug-fixes:
      - Major issue when creating a test without default
        testcase and running it immediately (it was not 
      - Cancel does not exit the application anymore when
        editing the connection and/or bugtracking settings
      - 1.3's anterior session's test/testcase execution 
        are now dated from the session start date 
      - Bad refresh when using the future LOAD_AND_STRESS
        and MONITORING add-ons
      - Add launcher name in the session reports
      - Invalid default report in combobox
      - Test campaign details -> test campaign session details
      - Manual launchers: remove useless traces and
        improve readibility
      - When cycles exists in the dependency tree, 
        exception may be thrown while executing a session

    * Versioning of
      - Requirements
      - Specifications
    * Add Description field (wiki-style) for:
      - Campaign
      - Folder
    * Better tracking of changes on requirements and 
    * New dependency graph using hierarchical layout
      Smaller vertices
      Update jgraph libary ->
    * New improved CSwingWorker class + added to the SDK
    * Downloading attachments to overwrite: "Yes to all"
      and "No to all" button
    * Add test case attachments to generated test plans
      and reports
    * Removes the trick using '_' character to get the
      complete path of a node in report - now using the
      database identifier
    * Completion % now in green+red (and new style)
    * Renaming of all the reports
    * Protection from getting string "null" from the DB
    * Bug-fix:
      - Agent information in session reports
      - Depending on the launcher, the last executed test 
        may have status not executed even if all test cases
      - Test path needed to start with / for CSV import
      - Correct interpretation of logs including backslashes
      - escapeValueStringForDatabase() now handles null input
      - Validation of test procedure
      - Remove duplicates in launchers combobox
      - Detection of Solaris or Opensolaris platforms as
        linux/unix instead of windows
      - Icon missing (LOGICAL_EXPRESSION and VACATIONS)
      - Incorrect "Expand to leaves" icon

    * New image loader + icon caching system (improving 
      drastically the time to start)
    * New TestComplete7b launcher for windows
    * Updated German localization (thanks to Harald Schuh)
    * Session consolidator tool (thanks to Yehuda)
    * Added the skin option commented in jnlp and .sh scripts
    * Increase the initial heap in the .sh (for linux) as for
      Windows (64MB)
    * Add a security in the manual launchers: if postrun is not
      called, terminate() dispose the dialog to avoid freeze
    * GUI for adding new forms dynamically in a configuration
      where one form is tagged as "iterative"
    * Bug-fixes:
      - Import skip all testcases except the first one    
      - 0ms displayed
      - Several export not working (regression due to test 
      - With only 1 manual test with no testcase: freeze
      - Exception while running manual test (getting 
        useDescAsTestplan property) (regression due to test

1.3a6 (preview of 1.3a7)
    * Launchers combobox
    * Tests and test cases versioning
    * Improve perf when selecting a category in the defect tree
    * Prepend time on the keepalive traces (debugging)
    * Specify an estimated execution time while creating a test
    * Add modules support
    * Keepalive every minute to improve resistance to small
      timeout settings in MySql configuration
    * Add the offline launcher to the installer
    * Bug-fixes:
      - Implementation of my own SwingWorker to avoid issues of
        deadlocks (especally in JavaWebStart mode and since
        JRE 1.6.0_15) due to a bug in Java. This was affecting
        very seriously import of data
      - Linux running scripts modified so that java 1.6 is
      - Retrieve testplan sentences correctly (auto-completion)
      - Freeze during auto update of the stats (when using
        integrated bug-tracking database)
      - In JWS, force using the same classloader for loading the
        look and feel to prevent the system using wrong LAF with
        some OS
      - Checking existence of remote files did not work
      - XAgent 1.3a4 does not start (xml-rpc lib missing in the
      - Exception when displying the progress details on a not-yet
        executed session
      - Refresh revisions tab when changing something in the testcase

    * Integration with the external ticket-tracking system TRAC (using
      the XML-RPC interface.
      WARNING: you need to update your bugtracking.conf as there is a
      new entry in it (even if it is not used, the system expects it)
    * Background processes (i.e statistics update) occurs only when
      there is no user activity on XStudio (no more popup at startup!)
    * Import features in a new menu entry Tools"
    * New version of the offline launcher (thanks to Yehuda)
    * Small improvment in all launchers that use "test_completed.txt"
      to improve reliability of the attachments
    * When there is not already a test/session associated to a defect,
      disable the filter and expand both trees (test tab)
    * Rename instances of "testcase" in "test case". Same for
      "testplan" in "test plan"
    * Commercial support information screen
    * Bug-fix:
      - Refresh of campaign session's tabs after session execution
        completely messed!
      - Attributes passed incorrectly to the launchers
      - 1.3a3 was not usable as a web package!	  
      - Cannot associate a defect to some tests of some
        campaign sessions (incl. agent + instance)
      - Add an error message when the user tries to link a bug to a test
        with status "Unknown" because it has not been executed
      - While associating a defect to a test/session, it was possible
        to select a session without selecting a test!
      - All localization files encoded in UTF-8 (native2exe used to
        convert from human edited version to ISO-8859-1 version
        using a Ant task
      - Import from XML when UTF-8 files
      - Import from CSV when UTF-8 files
      - All stream readers switched to UTF-8
      - Encoding set to UTF-8 in exported XMLs

    * New progress details window including
      - Tabbing
      - Stats consolidation
      - Adaptive scale
    * Offline reload of the progress details window
    * UTF-8 support

    * Java JRE requirements are now 1.6 (using now some 1.6 features)
    * "Add Step" button always visible
    * Testcase index visible in the right panel for manual testing
	* Bug-fix:
      - English text for XSV/XML filters
      - Couldn't generate report on Linux
      - Generate specs (or tests) does not create the root folder
      - Remove the default driver from the package
      - Improve the message popuped when the JDBC driver is missing at 
        the first run
      - Images attached are not rendered in the HTML reports when the
        extensions are in uppercase 

    * Add Deutsch language in localization (thanks to Harald Schuh for the
    * Bug-fix:
      - NullPointerException when copying testcase with "useDescAsTestplan"
      - With setTestcaseAsFailedAsSoonAsAStepFails, test is marked as successful
      - Remove setTestcaseAsFailedAsSoonAsAStepFails for simple_manual launcher
      - Squish launcher do add the .exe even on linux
      - Custom JDBC connector deleted during upgrade
      - Custom launcher deleted during upgrade
      - Custom logo deleted during upgrade
      - Custom XSLT deleted during upgrade
      - Generate tests from specs reinitialize the complete affectation of
        the specs when it should only add some
      - Generate specs from reqs reinitialize the complete affectation of
        the reqs when it should only add some
      - When creating a testcase, set by defaut the testcase description as
        the test procedure (but letting the capability to the user to enter
        the detailed procedure at submission time)
      - Treat exception while editing the detailed procedure at testcase
        creation time
      - Cannot import only testcases (when tests already exist)
      - Replace any forbidden character with similar authorized characters
        before importing in CSV or XML (do not treat CDATA fields)
      - All trees with categories are not refreshed when a new category
        is imported
    * Updated spanish translation
    * Squish launcher modifications: add options for squish server and runner
    * Change timeout value to make the stats more precise
    * Changed time-consuming DB operation messages to indicate specifically
      if it is about initialization or update of the database
    * Message to highlight that the stats update task is cancellable/skip-able
    * Add a "Selenium Server Option" field in ALL the selenium launchers
      - Removed "Trust all SSL certificates" and "User extensions" params in
        Selenium HTML launcher as they can be handled through this new option field
    * Bug-fixes:
      - Tests not included in schedules's session reports
      - Empty folder throws an exception
      - Not possible to empty folders in specific trees
      - Removed debugging traces in selenium html launcher
      - GetAgentId() throws exception or drastically slow down the startup time
      - Get the campaign session configuration for reports throws an exception.
      - No clock cursor when
        . Copying campaigns, campaign sessions, folders, requirements,
          specifications, tests or testcases
        . Generating specifications or tests
        . Emptying folders
      - String textfields have the caret position on the last character
        instead of the first one (leading to a wrong alignment)
      - Copy/paste working only on the second try on all the wiki-style fields
      - When overwriting preselected text the first character typed is ignored
      - Crash when selecting a campaign including tests having '<' or '>' in 
        their names
      - Copy test: attributes are not copied
      - Configuration not included in execution reports
      - Copy campaign session: dynamic attributes settings not copied
      - Copy campaign session: cannot modify on the fly the attributes
      - Copy campaign session: tiny memory leak
      - Completion not reset when switching a defect to NEW or ASSIGNED
      - Results icon should have a different shapes to recognize them in balck
        and white printed reports (new icons)
      - "testplan" terms becomes "testplan", "scope" or "procedure" depending
        on where they are used to prevent any confusion
      - Option to include or not the ancestor nodes in the report
      - Import: No error reported when category or folder node is missing
      - Import: No error reported when an SQL failure occurs during import
      - Specific errors should be displayed when the imported file is incorrect
      - Remove useless traces in HTML document parser
      - Include changes entries for the copy of:
        . campaign
        . campaign session
        . requirements
        . specifications
        . test/testcase
        . testcase
      - Include changes entries for the generation of:
        . specifications from reqs
        . tests from specs
      - No refresh when updating the specs associated to a test
      - Cannot use the inheritance feature from the specification to select the tests
      - Exception thrown when the user with not enough rights selects specific items

    * Automatic generation of items:
      - Specifications from requirements
      - Tests from specifications
    * Copy configuration
    * Execution settings:
      - New GUI defining execution options in the configuration panel
      - Logic for execution when parent failed (static settings)
      - Runtime algorithm	  
    * BIG Refactoring of the SQL layer (now common to XStudio and XAgent)
    * Display low-layer information (including credentials) about the SQL connection
      especially when SQL connection fails	
    * Remove deprecated conf fields in tables campaign_session and schedule
    * More protection on attachment content
    * Removal of some dead code
    * Cleaning up promptForRestart()
    * Spaces in all the titled borders
    * Bug-fixes:
      - When prerequisite fails, all testcases are correctly set
      - In some cases, the test or testcases status were empty
      - Missing English Localization
      - Mispelling error "language"	  
      - NullPointerException while setting integer attributes 
      - Wrong label in sprint backlog tree header
      - While searching for test and testcases, force a minimum height for both lists
      - Selenium HTML launcher: browser do not includes "*"

    * sql_compare launcher (will run 2 queries on different DB servers and will check
      that they return the same thing. If not, it's a failure
    * sql_select launcher (will just run one query and expect an empty result)
    * Both SQL launcher allows execute remotely some command to a server (using plink)
	* java launcher (allowing to load dynamically a .class file and execute it)
    * Bug-fixes:
      - Bug preventing from running any test through JUnit launcher on linux platforms	
      - When no requirements/specifications are associated to a SUT, the session's
        results tab is empty
      - Session report shows no defects when failed tests are linked to Bugzilla or 
        Mantis bugs		
      - User's workload not updated in calendar (except avter restarting XStudio - cache
      - Global refresh button does not refresh also the global calendar
    * Coverage on sessions added in the result tab
    * Quote the file path using ' instead of " on linux and only if the path includes
      space character(s)
    * Trim the connection strings before actually use them
    * Executable names with ".exe" or not depending of the OS hosting the program
    * Implementation of TLS and SSL for notification emails (support of hotmail and
      gmail smtp servers etc.)
    * Support of -trustAllSSLCertificates and -userExtensions parameter in Selenium HTML
      launcher if necessary (new configuration)
    * Improved the build scripts (reuse of JAVA_HOME is existing)
    * Add Selenium python launcher in the package
    * Improve the squish launcher (normally no need anymore to force to kill anything)
    * CAgentMain moved to "gui" package (refactoring)
    * Add bugtracking.conf for XAgent
    * Preparation to make XAgent usable through JNLP
    * Bug-fixes:
      - Shortcut link broken
      - Hide the preset inheritance buttons in the specification-tests panel (useless)
      - Launchers: incorrect log in case of timeout
      - Launchers: return RESULT_SUCCESS when the test process is even not executed
      - Session result tab not refreshed correctly
      - Slowlyness to open the intro page without an internet connection on linux.
      - Timeout issue while connecting to internet (huge elapsed time to start XStudio
        in some specific configurations)
      - Include runner in XStudio package
      - JUnit + selenium_java + testNG launcher classpath delimiter = ; or : depending
        on the OS
      - Create or link defects while executing a session only when executed from XStudio
        AND using integrated defect database
      - Small memory leak when linking defect
      - Create schedule, wrong date for the next occurrences
      - Remove path and category information in the test details panel (too confusing)
      - Incorrect build script for python launcher
      - Python launcher: wrong python.xml
      - Incorrect create_22.sql script
      - All the launchers: when the process fails, set the test as failed

    * Create new defect while executing manual tests (manual.jar + simple_manual.jar)
    * Link to an existing defect while executing manual tests
    * Add the new parameter DEFECT_SUBMISSION_ENABLED to enable the feature in the conf
    * add "additional info" field for
      - Tests
      - Test cases
    * Pass the "additional info" parameter to the launcher (WARNING: API change !!!)
    * Reordering the tests in a campaign by
      - Dependencies
      - Priorities
    * History selector (close to the "Back" and "Next" buttons)
    * New Python scripts launcher (thanks Yossi Kimron!)
    * Capability to copy:
      - A campaign
      - A campaign session
      - A testcase
    * Better search in tree; now more permissive (do not have to start with the string)
    * Only admin can Update DB (admin password required during this process)
    * Ordering of the items in reports so that it look more like within XStudio:
      - Testplans
      - Projects reports
      - SUTs reports
      - Specifications reports
      - Requirements reports
      - Defects reports
    * Ordering of the attachements in reports
    * Defect report: add a report only for active defects
    * Sut report:
      - Add defects found on the SUT + stats
      - Add defects fixed on the SUT + stats
      - Add sessions executed on the SUT
	* Nicer copy/create/move/open (overiden) icons	
    * Remember the width of each column in the reorder panel
    * Capability to rename a document
    * HTML Editors/viewers configurable in size
    * Customize sizes wherever it was useful
    * Highlighting of mandatory parameters
    * Alignment of all the forms to the top-left
    * Create test: by default "implemented" is set
    * Refactoring of exception handling of SQL requests 
    * Restart program prompt: pass the localized button's texts
    * Bug-fixes:	
      - Linux startup script (thanks to Harri Porten from Froglogic)
      - Does not try to upload attachment when it does not exist (robustness improvement)

    * Remove Security Warning when using the web package
    * Accelerate the connection to third party MySQL when using the web package
    * Minor perf. improvment when attachments are not viewable
    * Only the admin can delete a bug (they should just be closed)	
    * Add priority and severity indicators in Mantis and Bugzilla defect trees
    * Bug-fix:
      - Bugzilla stats moved to folder and fixed
      - Mantis and Bugzilla Folder names corrected in the "Details" tab
      - Refresh mantis and bugzilla folder stats were wrong

    * Public Demo Environment !!!
    * Add the testcaseName to the SDK API
    * Add the Selenium Python launcher
    * Update the following launchers:
      - Autoit 1.5
      - Beanshell 1.0
      - Exe 1.1
      - JUnit 1.3
      - Marathon 1.2
      - Nunit 1.2
      - PyUnit 1.0
      - Selenium .NEt 1.1, html 1.1, java 1.1 and Python 1.0:
         . give some time to the selnium server to start
         . incorrect default values for selenium server path
         . incorrect default values for junit path	  
      - Squish 1.3
      - TCL 1.2
      - testComplete 1.3
      - TestNG 1.2
      - TestPartner 1.2
      - VisualStudio 1.5
    * Update jarbuilder
    * Remove all the limitation about open a document under MacOSX
    * Disabling sandbox in JNLP mode to:
      - Remove security warnings
      - Accelerate the connection to MySQL server	
    * Bug-fix:
      - MacOS release fixed and tested	
      - Campaign session reports corrupted
      - Do not try to save the last logged user in JNLP	 
      - Delete attachment in the document tree	  
      - Status wrongly retrieved (for email notification) from integrated defect details	
      - crash under MacOSX when editing an document	  
    * Improve notification mechanism fir the integrated BTD

    * Bug-fix: Impossible to install XStudio 1.1 !
    * Ability to set & export xstudio.conf in JNLP Mode to copy to the server
    * Ability to set & export bugtracking.conf in JNLP Mode to copy to the server
    * Enable the menu entries to do so any time from XStudio GUI
    * Add some helpers for the settings screens
    * Vista/Windows7 message in the installer

    * Documentation Management System including:
      - Versioning of the different revision
      - Lock to avoid conflicts	
    * New Document tree	  
    * Patch Engine to run complex DB migration tasks (not achievable by the simple 
      update .sql scripts)	
    * JUnit launcher 1.2
    * NUnit launcher 1.1
    * TestNG launcher 1.1
    * Selenium Java (JUnit + TestNG) launcher 1.0
    * Selenium HTML launcher 1.0
    * Selenium .NET (NUnit) launcher 1.0
    * Improved the CRunner class
    * Bugzilla support tested (no more experimental)
    * Add the "products" folders in Bugzilla defects tree
    * Add attachments tab for category and folders in integrated defect tree
    * Add inherited attachmentd for the defect nodes	
    * Move all SQL scripts in a dedicated folder (to cleanup the bin folder)	
    * Message when an attachment cannot be opened
    * Remove getCurrentUserId()
    * Several code factorizations
    * Updated version of Launch4J to support X64 platforms
    * Set minHeapSize to 64MB in the executable wrapper
    * Attachments in all the reports are using the new document system management
    * Remove the useless report CSS (style.css) and rename style_print.css to style.css	
    * Several bug-fixes including:
      - A couple of memory leaks (SQL connections/statements) when uploading files to DB
      - Incorrect path in inherited attachments	  
      - Add missing terms for localization	  
      - CSS issue in SUT report
      - Test attachments not displayed/available from the testplan
      - Add attachments in defect reports
      - Pre-select only main trees (to avoid glitchy effects)
      - Search by id not working when a specification has been previously searched	  
    * Only a very few bug-fixes:
      - Wrong/incorrect messages when invalid credentials are provided
      - Invalid OS context with MacOSX when using XStudio alone (without XAgent)
      - Manual tests: option to skip the execution when a step is failing not working
    * Only a few bug-fixes:
      - Forbid user to close the manual launcher's popup
      - In some specific case, exception thrown when selecting the root node of a tree
      - Authentication issue in delivering notification email in some specific cases

    * Add SUT reports including a traceability matrix req - spec - test on
      - root node
      - company
      - folder
      - sut
    * New User's Manual including Tutorials for:
      - JUnit
      - Squish
      - NUnit
      - TestNG
    * Add attachments in Requirements and Specifications (in the reports)
    * Display attachments name instead of their physical unique name on disk
    * Factorize Squish launchers
    * Factorize JUnit launchers	
    * Improved TestNG launcher	
    * Make strong/unify all the XSLT to handle anchors	  
    * Unify the anchor mechanism for all reports
    * Refactoring reports library
    * Add the commented include for xslt inclusion
    * Remove 'specifications'/'tests' useless container nodes in XML docs
    * Test username does not access latest.xml etc.
    * Change the sizing of the HTML editors	
    * Several bug-fixes including:
      - Exception rasied while cancel generation of a report/testplan
      - Selecting a node for the first time in ANY tree, takes too much time 
	    as all the calls are duplicated!	  
      - table_weekend not created depending on the default charset of the DB 
      - Defect stats not correctly updated in some conditions	 		
      - Wrong anchors when 2 items have the same name in some specific cases
      - Workaround of Sun's bug that provokes crashes when opening the browser
	    several times in a row sometimes
      - Add ids to XML reports where it was missing
      - Tab to espace conversion
      - Generate a campaign report then a testplan generates wrong reports
      - Reports that support projects with no sprint
      - Anchor problems with projects reports	
      - Wrong css in in the standard reports (not the print)
      - Add missing localization	
      - Remove 'muenchian' commented routines	
      - '[XXX]' -> '[X_XXX] name' in traceability matrix in Req/Spec reports 
    * Several minor bug-fixes
    * History buttons previous/next (browser-like)
    * Attachments on requirements and specifications
    * Attachments inheritance on req, spec and tests
    * Charset for country_id in table_absence	

    * Coverage metrix on campaigns (full and partial)
    * Coverage metrix on campaign sessions (full and partial)
    * Coverage metrix on category (req + spec + test)
    * Coverage metrix on folders (req + spec + test)
    * Automatically create testcases if the launcher is requesting it
    * Progression/Regression metrix on campaign
    * Bug-fix:
      - MAJOR bug preventing from installing 1.0a3 from scatch (without 
        updating from a previous version)	
      - Percentage rounding in coverages
      - Dependency graph modality problems
      - VisualStudio launcher results parsing finally implemented
    I also worked on:
    * New website ( supporting perfectly IE7+, 
      Firefox3+, Chrome and Safari
    * New open-source section (GPL3) on the website containing all the 
    * Initiation of teh development of automated functional tests on:
      - the XStudio NSIS installer (using the AutoIt launcher)
      - the XStudio Java unit testing (using the JUnit4 launcher)
    In addition, I developed a bunch of new launchers for XStudio:
    * Froglogic Squish for Qt
    * Froglogic Squish for the web application
    * Microsoft Visual Studio Team System
    * Jalian Marathon
    * Beanshell
    * JUnit v3
    * JUnit v4
    * PyUnit
    * NUnit (.NET)
    * TestNG

    * Countries management
    * Absences management (per user)
    * Holidays management (per country)
    * Week-ends management (per country)
    * Better presentation of the calendars (new colors, legend, 
      borders etc.)
    * Remember scale + expended nodes when moving in time in the calendars
    * Full implementation of calendars with absences, holidays,
      personalized week-ends (depending on the country)
    * Add several new user profiles:
      - HR Manager
      - Developer
      - Test Operator
    * Add windows7 and snow leopard in OS list
    * Print stack traces each time a "SQL lost error" is thrown
    * For sprint velocity, use the most used week-end settings among 
      all users
    * WeekDaySelect formitems using now Standard identification for days
      of the week (former schedules to review!)
    * Add SUT-Requirement association including:
      - Inheritance of requirements (from SUT)
      - Inheritance of tests (from SUT)
    * Factorization of a LOT of SQL functions (LIST and FIRSTRESULT)
    * Add parameter feature.not_implemented_testcase_notification.enabled
    * Added a couple of launchers:
      - AutomatedQA TestComplete 7
      - TCL
    * Improved security of CRunner class
    * Open-source section on the website including SDK and all sources
    * Bug-fix:
      - Tree retrieval when one single element belongs to the root node
      - Forbid  points outside the sprint dates in the velocity charts
      - Localization fixing
      - Update global hashtables when updating user's country
      - Remove useless logs

    * Report with test ordered like during the execution
    * Complete control over manual tests execution through a control bar:
      - Previous Test
      - Previous Testcase
      - Rewind Testcase
      - Pause execution
      - Resume execution
      - Next Testcase
      - Next Test
    * Timeout setting per test while executing manually (using attributes)	  
    * Bug-fix:
      - Sometimes some element were hidden in the trees when they were
        the only child of their container

    * Custom XSLT
    * Traceability matrix
    * User's profiles
    * User's Guide update
    * Executable launcher	
    * Bug-fix:
      - Cannot export to a shared folder including dollar sign in its path
      - Could not create a project
      - Could not create a task
      - Could not create SUT
      - Problem with SUT tree
      - NullPointerException when executing a manual test locally in 
        web mode
      - Extra spaces in exported XML files  
      - Use temporary folder to store export resources in JNLP
       (to be able to filter only the necessary ones)

1.0a0 (preview)
    * Preview version of the performances improvments on:
      - User tree
      - Agent tree
      - SUT tree
      - Project tree
      - Test tree
      - Campaign tree
    * Closed items filtering on
      - Sprint
      - Tasks
      - Defect  
    * Search tests and testcases	
    * Traceability on:
      - Requirements
      - Specifications	  
    * traceability in reports for:
      - Requirements
      - Specifications	  	
    * Anchors on subtree items	  
    * Items in subtrees selectable 	    
    * Additional checks against NullPointerExceptions	  
    * Bug-fix:
      - Velocity refresh
      - Refresh tree by really getting only the required nodes
      - Link to task does not work
      - Localization	  

    * A few additional minor bug-fixes

    * Email Notification for integrated defects when changing the
      details or the
      - Reporter/assigned to
      - Found_in/fixed_in sut
    * Better error reporting when creating session and when data are 
    * Send all the emails in background to improve performances
    * Hide details of useless folders
    * Reactivate the threads for keep-alives (DB + BTD)
    * Remove useless traces	
    * A lot of bug fixes including:
      - Corrupted "reproducibility" field (form including ???)
      - Lots of memory-leaks profiles and removed:
        . Sprint details
        . Integrated defect category stats
        . Category stats
        . Campaign session details
      - Bad percentage values or NaN
      - Bad escaping of < and > in manual launchers
      - Cannot create folder in a project where another one in 
        another project has the same name
      - Reports:
        . Add systematically global metrics
        . Short defect description with anchors
      - Execute on remote agent even if we do not have ourself declared 
        as an agent
      - Automatically create the current agent if does not already exist
      - Protect against "]]>" in CDATA fields
      - Missing refresh when assigning tasks to sprint
      - Fix a localization issues
      - Must not verify locally the existence of the company logo 
        in JNLP mode
      - Remove backlog edition limitation when not running
      - Imports:
        . Testplans from XML does not work in all cases
        . Requirements from XML does not work in all cases
        . Specifications from XML does not work in all cases
        . < and > characters wrongly rendered  
        . Import only the first category

    * Improvements of all the reports (requirements, specifications, 
      projects/tasks, testplans, campaign sessions and defects)
      - More informations in the statistics and in the summary:
        status, priority, severity, is formal etc.)
      - Improved stylesheets
    * Attachment managements in reports:
      - Include images (jpg, gif, png etc.) in the report itself
      - Add the attached files to the zip and add link to the attachements 
        in the report
    * Give the filename being overwritten to the user for confirmation
    * Simplification of the initial load of the trees
    * Optimization/Refactoring of some code
    * Some bug fixes including:
      - Bad presentation of tables, ul and ol (i.e. included in 
        description) in reports	 
      - Slider not completely visible in the manual laucher configuration
      - NaN in the summary statistics in the campaign session reports
      - Crash when some complete tree access are forbidden to the user
      - Refresh campaign session attachments

    * Sprint backlog editable in RUNNING and IDLE state
    * Remove license.dat file
    * Search requirements feature (from a category node)
    * Search specifications feature (from a category node)
    * Search tasks feature (from the root node)
    * Suppress resources_signed.jar (copy all the sql script + 
      theoretical_integrity.dat in bin
    * Update theoretical_integrity.dat.init
    * Error message when the launcher xml/jar is not found
    * Some bug fixes including:
      - Fix the problem to create and autoupdate the DB if using the
	  - Open attachments uses temp folder
      - Missing localizations

    * Urgent patch on the web package
    * Bugfix: cannot create a configuration or run a compaign session
    * Add the "dynamic" property to attributes ("dynamic" means can 
      be overwritten by the operator when starting the campaign session)
    * Ability to edit attributes
    * New icons for attributes (bool, int and string)
    * Integer/String attribute can now accept ':' and ';' to specify 
      list and range of values (these values can then be used by the test 
      itself to execute code with "sliding" variables)
    * Filtering adapted to work with range of integers and range of 
    * Dynamic refresh of the test tree when necessary to update when 
      some attributes are changed on a specific test
    * Edit dynamic attributes when creating session
    * Display dynamic attributes in session
    * Add a right to enable or not to view the dynamic attributes tab 
      in session
    * Pass all the static + dynamic attributes to the launchers
    * Add the utilities to retrieve the variants (an enumeration of 
      integer, strings) from the launcher etc.
    * Identify tasks (different icons) already assigned to a sprint
      - in the main tree
      - in the backlog panel
    * copy of a requirement
    * copy of a specification
    * copy of folders (req, spec and test)
    * calculate automatically the new names during copies when duplicate
    * Add the Perl launcher
    * Better visibility of tables's rows
    * Add Apache install instruction in the Installation Guide
    * Some bug fixes including:
      - JNLP
         . bug-tracking driver not found
         . in case the settings (xstudio or bugtracking) are 
           incorrect, exit directly
         . while exiting, do not try to save the position/size 
           of the window
      - after editing a specification, cannot copy a test
      - forbidden duplicate folder names in different categories
        and companies

    * Java WebStart distribution for Tomcat/Apache/etc.
	  allowing to use XStudio without having to install it
    * Export reports (requirements, specifications, etc.) in a folder
	  chosen by the user
    * Zip the result of the reports
    * Remember the last download/upload location 

    * Brand new (Scrum-oriented) Project Management module
      - Versioning and stats on projects
      - Graph velocity charts
      - Export in XML/HTML reports about projects
      - New rights to control access to project management features
    * Implementation of users's calendars checking
      - global and/or individual users
      - graphical visualization of the availability of users
    * Capability to graphically display dependencies between tests
    * Some bug fixes including:
      - [218] Previous version shortcut remains upon upgrade 
      - [219] No validation for the email entered 
      - [221] Uncaught exception detected thrown on running test
      - [222] Unable to proceed further - needs to terminate XStudio
      - [223] Email changes not considered 
      - [226] NullPointerException on remote agent exec

    * automatically send email to when an integrity
      issue is found
    * major bugfix about node selection in tree !!!
    * Some other bug fixes including:
      - [213] cannot delete a conf when running a test

    * changes in the integrity checker to be compatible with different
      database servers
    * Some bug fixes including:
      - [202] Can create session without any configuration
      - [203] Can run test without a configuration selected
      - [204] Dots not appearing in the graph during execution
      - [205] Localization: elements.some_tests missing
      - [208] Cannot create schedule

    * Implementation of a Database Schema Integrity checker
    * Major bug-fix on the previous database schema updater
    * A few minor bug-fixes

    * Implementation of the configuration Management Module
    * A few minor bug-fixes

    * Button labelling changes in the manual launcher
    * Behavior of manual launchers when one step fail now 
    * Huge improvements in performances to get defect stats 
	  (integrated BTD)
    * Add information on the resolution rates
    * Report on the integrated defect database on
      - root folder
      - category
      - folder
    * Some bug fixes:
      - Fix database schema corruption introduced by 0.6a1 and 
	    0.6a2 fresh install
      - En/Us Localization: many fixes
      - Data range in defect stats has no effect with Mantis 

    * Defects
      - Stat generation configurable for a specific range
	    (by default last 30 days)
      - Add severity + priority in defect tree
    * Requirements
      - Add priority in requirement tree
    * Specifications
      - Status/State-machine for Specifications
      - Add priority in specification tree

    * Requirements:
      - Implement requirement workflow
      - Display type, priority and status in Requirements report
    * Campaign: order test execution
    * Campaign session
      - Attachments management
      - Add description
      - Display more information in the report
    * Manual Launcher: display descriptions and prerequisites
    * Testplan: display the author of each test
    * Added 'found in' and 'fixed in' in the defect search feature
    * Added AutoIt Launcher (including sources)
    * Import:
      - Requirements in XML
      - Specifications in XML
      - Tests in XML
    * Some bug fixes including:
      - [171] Fix the JFreeChart warning at compilation
      - [162] Scheduling test cases in reports

    * Only some bug fixes:
      - [46] Traceability feature will be very useful
      - [140] Overwriting message not displayed
      - [141] Status's checkbox caption are as '???'
      - [142] Test node: rename 'history' tab in 'results'
      - [144] Incorrect message displayed in an error dialog
      - [145] The GUI of 'defect creation' went shaky
      - [146] Bugs submitted gets deleted if user is deleted
      - [153] Previous date can be assigned for 'Corr. date'

    * Only some bug fixes:
      -  [89] Refresh subnodes - done twice
      - [128] Couldn't add attribute
      - [130] Try to create twice the same bug
      - [131] Localization: element.an_sut missing
      - [135] download attachments - open
      - [136] ClassCastException thrown when clicking preset filter setting
      - [138] Expand the tree and show all leaves before filtering

    * Only some bug fixes:
      -  [16] improved problem reporting
      -  [79] update schema warning
      - [102] add lastmomdified to the bug search panel
      - [111] improve btd search
      - [112] coundn't create sut
      - [113] numberFormatException with NULL dates
      - [114] couldn't create requirement
      - [118] Defect tree should be orderer by status then name
      - [119] tab couldn't be displayed
      - [120] bad id in requirement/specifications export
      - [121] couldn't search testcase in global search
      - [123] wrong message when XML launcher is absent
      - [124] couldn't upload attachment
      - [125] wrong refresh when uploading attachment

    * Some bug fixes including:
      -  [93] defect changes: status/priority/severity should be named
      -  [95] add rights for the integrated BTD
      -  [96] create bug does not use the nice forms with sliders
      -  [97] bug search update does not refresh
      - [104] Possible bug with attachments (create attachments
        folder fails during install)
    * Integrated Bug-Tracking database improvements
      - new graphics
      - new dynamically-enabled status widget
      - dynamic generation of the form depending from the current
      - better change tracking
    * Introduction of new parameters:
      - platform
      - os
      - reproducibility
      - steps to reproduce
      - sut where the bug has been found
      - sut where the bug has been fixed
      - progress %
      - etc.
    * Rights managements for integrated bug-tracking database access
    * Improved search mechanism for the integrated bug-tracking database
    * Query building process redesigned
    * Some bug fixes including:
      - [86] exception when trying to select default tab
      - [84] not the figures on the pie for defects stats
      - [83] resolution rates always 0
      - [78] crash when entering 'commercial and'
      - [76] settings > cancel: kill the client
      - [65] tooltip 'taratata'
      - [64] add a testcase does not refresh the test tree
      - [13] nullpointerException for limited user
      - [12] tests tab gives classCastException
    * Coverage metrics generation on
      - requirements <-> specs
      - requirements <-> tests
      - specifications <-> tests
      - tests not covering any specifications
    * Search/Reporting/Filtering of integrated bug-tracking database
    * Tests attributes are now passed to the launcher
      - WARNING: the API of preRun() has then been modified

    * Bug fixes (submitted by users after delivery of 0.4)
    * Integrated bug tracking database
    * Bug traceability + lots of metrics/graphics on the product quality on
      - Integrated bug-tracking database
      - Mantis
      - Bugzilla (experimental)
    * Developers/Testers performances evaluation tools (tracking of resolved
      and submitted bugs per user) on
      - Integrated bug-tracking database
      - Mantis
      - Bugzilla (experimental)
    * background thread to regularly update stats for tests and defects
      (for the history)

    * pure html and deported home page
    * localized home page
    * added a timeout for automatic check of new version (not yet for 
	  homepage) for users that do not have internet connection
    * added "buy a book" button in home page
    * bug fixes:
      - cancel after downloading an attachment
      - copy init_6.sql in the package
    * improved categories's statistic graph
    * added new graph for the campaign sessions
    * automatic check on the web for new releases at start time
    * agent GUI automatically select the last line of the log
    * improved logging of xagent
    * added cancel on the login page
    * freeing of the resources when cancelling in different dialogs
    * after mofifying a company details, refresh the last edited element
    * file browser added to easy the setting of canonical path
    * updated the about dialog box
    * activated experimental "Generic" interface for bug-tracking system
    * depending on the bug-tracking system selected, enable only relevant
    * added a "hide" button in the campaign session details dialog that
      allows to hide the panel during the execution (a "show" button is
      available on the right panel to display it again whenever the user
      wants to)
    * added a comment text field in "manual" and "simple_manual"
      launchers. Each time a dialog box is prompted to the user, he can add
      a comment that will be inserted in the messages log
    * sort the statistics in the revert order to see first the last data
    * user can choose the destination folder when downloading a file
      attachment (folder "attachments" is still used for temporary storage)
    * new dynamic (content from the web site) home page with donate button
    * several bug fixed including:
      - removed dev. traces in "success" launcher
      - removed last memory leak in xagent
      - wrong data displayed in campaign session details tab
      - wrong escaping of the messages returned by the tests if they 
        included & of \ characters
      - refresh root node of the tree after deletion
      - prevent to writeInOnce() to a file is the file cannot be overwritten
      - bug in naming convention in the MacOSX package
      - dispose dialog box when changing bug-tracking settings
      - "attchments" folder was not created by the installer
      - download the attachments in the "attachments" folder and not in
        the "bin" folder
    * new distribution package for Linux
    * executable stub in the MacOS package
    * implemented all (useful) sub-refresh
    * experimental bugzilla integration (still need access to a real 
      bugzilla db to test
    * better error reporting in the global search
    * enable/disable user
    * removed useless activity icon
    * protect the system against log generated by the tests including
      characters that must escaped
    * when deleting an item in a tree, select the root node of that tree
    * autoupdate of all the stats at each start
	* renamed "getAttachements()" API in "getAttachments()"
    * add "download attachement" feature to all places that handle attachements

    * important bug fix (exception when running campaign sessions
      in certain circumstances)
    * additional memory leak fixes
    * localization add'ons
    * help for the global search feature

    * global search within all trees
    * huge memory leak fix
      - while navigating through campaign sessions
      - run a forced garbage collection every 10 minutes
    * improvement in the auto-update mechanism
    * add a link to the agent executable
    * GUI for the agent
    * fixed a security issue in the tracing system
    * refresh of the testplan tab when setting a testcase as implemented
    * check driver path and company logo while filling the settings
    * handling of autoupdate of the database schema even with multiple 
    * autoupdate bug-tracking conf
    * detect virgin configuration to propose better messaging
    * XStudio forum bugs fixes
      - export testplan: open instead of save

    * keep the settings when upgrading XStudio
    * huge performances improvement when
      - editing/deleting/inserting a new testcase
      - getting/refreshing the test tree
    * completely new agent (windows service not used anymore) !
      - can now run ANY kind of tests - even GUI-based
      - fix the bug: java registry entries not found (need only jre now)
      - fix the bug: installation steps for XAgent (simpler now)
    * capacity to attach file (i.e. screenshots to a testcase execution)
      - new API for the launcher: [addAttachment(File file)]
      - display of testcase execution attachment in the campaign session
    * import data fixed
    * remember the splitpane position for the test tree
    * ordering of SUTs in the tree
    * localization of the action tracking feature
    * remove thread usage for SQL requests (performance improvement)
    * display of estimated time to run for a campaign (incl. probability)
    * testplan generation including description of testcase
    * capability to use the testcase description as testplan; handled by 
      - the new manual launcher
      - the new simple_manual launcher
    * better implementation for the "hourglass" pointer
    * bug fixes including:
      - dual execution of campaign when run remotely
      - classCastException when editing a filter
    * XStudio forum bugs fixes
      - possible bug with  export req/spec
      - possible bug with attachments
      - possible bug with test copying
      - launcher: convert path from java style to windows style
      - action tracking not localized yet
    * implementation automatic tracking including charts generation on
      - nb tests
      - nb implemented tests
      - nb testcases
      - nb implemented testcases
      - implementation ratio
    * per-user change tracking
    * management/storage of attachments for requirements,
      specifications, tests, test cases
    * Italian localization
    * export of requirements and specifications
    * automatic calculation of estimated time to execute a campaign
    * better css for all exported documents
    * possibility to use simplified testplan (just formatted text)
      (handled by all manual launchers)
    * new experimental launchers (including sources) for
      - Microsoft Visual Studio
      - HP/Mercury QuickTestPro
      - HP/Mercury WinRunner
      - Compuware TestPartner
      - SQL
    * numerous bug fixes including
    * remove the very basic defect tracking feature (version 0.4 will
      includes full connection to external databases such as Mantis and 
      Bugzilla and a 100% generic connector
    * some bug fixes
    * XStudio forum bugs fixes
      - no check on special char for step, checks etc
      - invalid SMTP Port makes XStudio to error
      - testplan/test reports borders
    * numerous bug fixes

    * bug fix in test report generation
    * metrics/statistics available for tests as well as for testcases
    * differentiator betwen implemented or not testcases in testplan
    * forbid '&' characters in forms
    * open testplan and report with the default app. when finished
    * icon in testplan/report is now customizable
    * Copying a test
    * XStudio forum bugs fixes
      - NumberFormatEx after network conn failure
      - Poor English grammar in database conn msg

    * Simplified manual testing
    * generation of an additional testplan/report customized for printing
    * Testcase name in the exported testplan 
    * XStudio forum bugs fixes
      - Initial Table setup SQL has an error
      - Exp. SimpleManual Launcher miss result
      - CDialog popup's size in reinitialized
      - Check tables validity at runtime
      - Special characters in passwords
      - When a suggest. list too long popup hidden
      - Localized messages issues
      - Special characters are not supported

    * new Manual launcher
    * better CDialog component
    * added JDBC connector in the distribution
    * lots of internally-found bugs fixes
    * XStudio forum bugs fixes
      - Couldn't import testplan at creation time
      - Subtree not refreshed when changing of dir
      - smtp account password in clear
      - Couldn't stop a crashed session
      - The focus is not set to the textfield
      - testplan export xml: extension not added
      - With the "user edit details" rights...

    * localization
    * filtering capablities
    * java 1.6 migration (generics etc.) 
    * login capability with encrypted password
    * uniqueness of company/category/user/folder names at creation
    * graphics change
    * Xagent introduction

    * java 1.5 migration 

    * first version 
database v85
   * Requirement types
3.2b2, 3.2b3
database v84
   * Test types (unit, integration, functional, acceptance etc.)	
   * External ids on SUTs, integrated requirements, specifications, tests and integrated bugs (for import synchronization)	
database v83
   * SUT's start and stop date
   * Drop test stats on category (keep testcase's)
database v82
   * SUT's stats
database v81
   * Test status and executability
3.1b1, 3.1b2, 3.1b3, 3.1, 3.1sp1, 3.1sp2, 3.1sp3, 3.1sp4, 3.1sp5
3.0b1, 3.0b2, 3.0b3, 3.0, 3.0sp1, 3.0sp2, 3.0sp3, 3.0sp4, 3.0sp5, 3.0sp6, 3.0sp7, 3.0sp8, 3.0sp9, 3.0sp10, 3.0sp11
database v80
   * Introductioon and Conclusion fields on SUTs
database v79
   * e-signature on SUTs, Requirements, Specifications, Tests, Test cases, Campaigns and Sessions
   * increase size of user's email field
database v78
   * Item freezing
database v77
   * Tracks extensions to all major trees
2.4sp8, 2.4sp9, 2.4sp10, 2.4sp11
database v76
   * Ensure all the foreign keys are present (only SQL Server)

2.4sp1, 2.4sp2, 2.4sp3, 2.4sp4, 2.4sp5, 2.4sp6, 2.4sp7
database v75
   * Foreign key issues with SNMP monitoring on SQLServer/Oracle
2.4b2, 2.4
database v74
   * Private tracks

database v73
   * Public tracks
database v72
   * Additional table to store defects stats per SUT
   * Increased size of the procedure fields
   * Renamed the "Manuals" folder to "[Playground]"

2.3b2, 2.3b3, 2.3, 2.3sp1, 2.3sp2, 2.3sp3
database v71
   * Last_user_name column in agent table	
database v70
   * New option of campaign sessions executable on any agent
database v69
   * Extension REST API for the future Hallway Dashboard
database v68
   * Risk analysis on requirements
   * Requirements filters
database v67
   * User's title field
   * SUT description field
   * Inner links

2.2b2, 2.2b3, 2.2, 2.2sp1, 2.2sp2, 2.2sp3
database v66
   * Custom fields support for reusable test cases
database v65
   * Reusable objects
database v64
   * Fix update 60-61 + Ms SQL server bug in case monitored_results have duplicate entries

database v63
   * SMB attachment storage 

2.1b2, 2.1b3, 2.1, 2.1sp1, 2.1sp2, 2.1sp3
database v62
   * Assets management

database v61
   * Add primary keys on ALL the tables for the master-master synchronization support

2.0b3, 2.0, 2.0sp1, 2.0sp2, 2.0sp3, 2.0sp4, 2.0sp5, 2.0sp6, 2.0sp7, 2.0sp8, 2.0sp9, 2.0sp10, 2.0sp11, 2.0sp12,
database v60
   * Only for Oracle:
     . Remove TRIG_category_stat and SEQ_category_stat
     . Optimization all triggers

database v59	
   * All the new tag tables for the Timeshifting feature
   * Rename table_case_exec in table_exec (oracle constraints on name length when adding the timeshifting feat.)
database v58
   * New operating systems in the OS lists

database v57
   * increase max length of param string values to 2000 characters
1.9sp2, 1.9sp3, 1.9sp4, 1.9sp5, 1.9sp6, 1.9sp7, 1.9sp8, 1.9sp9 
database v56
   * <Nothing> (new version necessary to insert a patch for defect stats duplicates)

1.9b1, 1.9b2, 1.9, 1.9sp1
database v55
   * Exploratory testing
   * SQLServer: add an ON DELETE CASCADE

1.8b4, 1.8
database v54
   * add exploratory testing tables (preparation)

database v53
   * add ldap and ldap_dn fields in the user table

1.8b1, 1.8b2
database v52
   * remove useDescAsTestplan

database v51
   * minor change ONLY on SQLServer: remove trigger "trig_folder"

1.7b3, 1.7, 1.7sp1, 1.7sp2, 1.7sp2, 1.7sp3, 1.7sp4
database v50
   * normal values on params and attributes
   * remove output_format
   * params at session/schedule level
   * attributes at schedule level
   * add 2013 US and FR public vacation days

1.7b1, 1.7b2
database v49
   * Migration embedded images (may be time consuming!)
database v48
   * Save and restore search/filters
   * String custom fields as VARCHAR(512) instead of CLOB
   * Add default monitoring conf
   * auto-correct default values custom fields
database v47
   * All fields with type TEXT as utf8
   * All attachment data as LONGBLOB

1.6a7, 1.6b1, 1.6b2, 1.6, 1.6sp1, 1.6sp2, 1.6sp3, 1.6sp4, 1.6sp5, 1.6sp6
database v46
   * Auto-correct coverage

database v45
   * Delete all the day-duplicates from table_def_stat
1.6a4, 1.6a4sp1, 1.6a5
database v44
   * Oracle support
   * parallel vs serial execution

1.5, 1.5sp1, 1.5sp2, 1.5sp3, 1.5sp4
database v42
   * output format on session (for Bamboo)
   * remove duplicate test-execution/bug
1.5b1, 1.5b2, 1.5b3
database v41
   * tracking tests and test cases authored

database v40
   * user profiles
   * cc emails on bugs
database v39
   * user groups
   * attachments on company, sut, project, task, sprint, campaign
   * images in formatted text fields
   * custom fields
   * requirement connector
   * specification tree disabled
1.5a1, 1.5a2, 1.5a3
database v38

1.4b2 + 1.4b3 + 1.4 + 1.4sp1-sp8
database v33
   * tracking of session-agent status for global pause/termination

1.4a3 + 1.4b1
database v32
   * fix the test dependencies foreign keys
database v31
   * test case parameterization

database v30
   * table_param_xxx
database v29
   * increase size of related URL
database v28
   * replace categories by folders in req, spec and bug trees
   * project's managers
   * an assignee to each task
   * integrated bugs: several assignees
   * test url
   * test author + developer
   * test case authCompleted + devCompleted
   * add ix86 in the platform list

1.3b2 + 1.3b3 + 1.3
database v27
   * 1.3's anterior session's test/testcase execution dates set to the
     session start date (and not 1970-01-01) 
database v26
   * Description field on folder and campaigns

1.3a5 + 1.3a6 + 1.3a7
database v25
   * Test and test case versioning

1.3a3 + 1.3a4
database v24
   * Huge refactoring that will allow to make XStudio a load/stress platform
     in the future
   * utf-8 support

1.2a4 + 1.2b1 + 1.2b2 + 1.2
database v23
   * New fields to handle execution options
   * Remove deprecated conf fields

1.2a1 + 1.2a2 + 1.2a3
database v22
   * New additional info fields for tests and testcase

1.1b1 + 1.1b2 + 1.1b3 + 1.1
database v21
   * Convert standard attachments to versionned documents (patch engine)

1.0b2, 1.0b3, 1.0
database v20
   * cleanup table_weekend
   * cleanup table_holiday

database v19
   * requirement attachements
   * specification attachements

1.0a3 + 1.0a4
database v18
   * absences
   * countries
   * holidays
   * week-ends
   * sut - requirement

database v17
   * timeout attribute
0.7a3 + 0.7b1 + 0.7b2 + 0.7b3 + 0.7 + 1.0a0 + 1.0a1
database v16
   * dynamic attributes

0.7a1 + 0.7a2
database v15
   * project management

0.6b2 + 0.6b3 + 0.6
database v14
   * no change (integration of the integrity checker)
database v13
   * no change (integration of the integrity checker)

database v12
   * configuration management

database v11
   * cleanup defect_integrated
   * fixes:
     - table_test_campaign
     - specification state-machine

database v10
    * specification state-machine
database v9
    * requirement state-machine
    * session introduction/conclusion
    * session attachments
    * campaign test order

0.5b1 + 0.5b2 + 0.5b3 + 0.5
database v8
    * table_defect_integrated_sut
	* table_platform
	* table_os

0.5a1 + 0.5a2
database v7
    * table_defect_stat
    * table_defect_attachment
    * all names in VARCHAR(XXX) instead of text

0.4b4 + 0.4
database v6
    * BOOLEAN -> BOOL (compatibility)
    * increase message size to MEDIUMTEXT
	* create table_defect_generic and table_defect_integrated 

database v5
    * user enabled
0.4a2 + 0.4b1 + 0.4b2
database v4
    * attachments to testcase execution
database v3
    * nb tests/testcases implemented tracking
    * attachments
    * change tracking
    * estimated time to execute
    * simplified testplan

0.3b1 + 0.3b2 + 0.3b3 + 0.3b4 + 0.3b5 + 0.3
database v2
    * Database v2 encryption of security data

database v1
    * first version