Install MariaDB

MariaDB is a fork of MySQL demonstrating slightly better performances. It also includes a simplified install procedure and a truly open-source LGPL JDBC driver.

MariaDb 10.0.10 is the minimum version required but more recent versions are preferred.

Install SQLyog community edition

SQLyog community is a free MySql/MariaDb client application allowing to manage your database with a simple interface.

  • Download SQLyog Community Edition from or directly from our own repository:
    SQLyog Community Edition for Windows 32bits
    SQLyog Community Edition for Windows 64bits

  • Execute the setup program (i.e. SQLyog-12.0.9-0.x64Community.exe)

    Choose the default options except when specified.

  • Execute SQLyog and connect to the local Database Server

    Click on the Create a new connection button

    Provide a name for that connection

    Provide the credentials to connect on the local Database Server (i.e. root/rootpwd)
    Test the connection, Save it and Connect

    You're now connected to your local database server and you can manage it.

Create an empty database

  • Keep the SQLyog connection open

    Select the Database > Create Database menu item

    Provide a name for the database: xstudio_db

    You have now a new empty xstudio_db database

    Open the User Manager

    Grant all the rights to root@% on the newly created xstudio_db database

You have now a local Database Server up and running, including an empty xstudio_db database accessible from ANY computer by the user root.
(even if this is not really adapted, you can have several clients connecting to this local database using this account).

Install XStudio windows fat client

  • Download the version of the XStudio fat client package you wish to install (from our download section)

    (i.e. XStudio fat client v3.2sp3 for Windows)
  • Unzip the zip file

  • Execute the setup program (i.e. setup_xstudio_v3_2sp3_win32.exe)

    Choose the default options except when specified.

    WARNING: For the destination folder, use C:\Users\<your account>\XStudio
    (rather than the default C:\Program Files (x86)\XQual\XStudio path).

    Indeed, certain versions of Windows prevent (by default) any program from writing to the
    C:\Program Files (x86) directory. As XStudio maintains its configuration files wherever it is installed (to not pollute the rest of the computer), this location is hence not appropriate.

Generate the settings

  • At the end of the install, XStudio starts and displays a screen indicating that you must enter the settings to connect to the database.

    At the first start, an error message appears complaining about the network settings

    This is not surprising as we have not specified anywhere how to connect to the Database Server.

    Then, the Application Settings appears so that you can provide the database connection information
    Database server type:MariaDB
    Database server:localhost
    Database name:xstudio_db

  • If your settings are correct, the system will then initialize the database

  • After the database is initialized, you will be able to Authenticate to XStudio using the default credentials:

  • A couple of warnings will popup to indicate that you're missing a license and that 2 major features that are enabled in the configuration have been automatically disabled:
    • The test case procedure Grid Editor
    • The ability to use rich-texts in the test case procedures

    It also summarizes the limitations of the community version:

  • XStudio's GUI appears on the screen.

Request a license

At this stage, you have XStudio Community Edition installed (with all its limitations).

If you wish to try one of the commercial editions, please send us an email requesting a trial license key for free and we'll be happy to send it back to you by email.

Your email needs to include:
  • The license type you wish to try (Professional, Business or Enterprise)
  • The IP address (or name) of your server (set in the database server setting)
  • The name of your database (set in the database name setting)

After you install your license key, all the limitations will be removed and all the additional features will be enabled automatically.